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Honors 9th Literature Week 8 9/18-9/22

Honors 9th Lit. Week 8

Planning Your Week


For your required ode in the poetry anthology, you may write a formal Pindaric or Horatian ode and earn up to 10 points. Follow the examples and instructions at Ode At a Glance; make sure you click on the “Related Pages” at the top (Background, Examples, and Make Your Own) in order to understand the required forms more thoroughly.

M 9/18 – Obtain a copy of The Night Circus; bring to class Thurs.

T 9/19 – Bring rough drafts of poetry anthology (poems, annotations & reflections, dear reader letter, visuals, table of contents)

4.0 Reflections and Dear Reader Tips-1ybu8bb

Th 9/21 – Poetry anthology due.

T 10/3 – Poetry Out Loud annotations & TPFASST due for both poems; recitation due for one poem.

Continue practicing grammar/EOC/PSAT concepts through No Red Ink website.  Assignment due Thurs., Sept. 21, 11:59 p.m.

Continue practicing vocabulary on the SpringBoard website through Zinc. The next due date is Friday, 10/6. 


Monday, 9/18

Opener: Create a list of your favorite people, places, and things. View examples of figurative language in modern popular music video.

Work Session: 

  1. Activity 4.8: Read “Ode to My Socks” and “Abuelito Who”; examine the form (from
  2. Compose an ode; use repetition or a refrain for effect; use images, figurative language (recall examples from the video), and vivid verbs to create an emotion; carefully choose line breaks.

Closer: Write a reflection for your ode.


Tuesday, 9/19

Opener: Peer review poetry anthology (students should have at least 6 poems with reflections by now), offering feedback and suggestions.

Work Session:

1. Compile poetry anthology; include the following:

  • “Dear Reader” Introduction: Preface to help your reader better understand your writing process and poetry.
  • Table of Contents: Present list of 7-8 poems that reflect your best writing in a logically organized manner.
  • Reflections/Annotations: Thoroughly reflect to highlight your deliberate and purposeful use of poetic forms and elements. Address all of the bullet points on the reflections tips sheet; use the feedback from the reflection you turned in; annotate your poems to emphasize your purposeful use of poetic elements.
  • Visuals: Enhance the anthology with appropriate visuals to increase appeal and emphasize theme and tone.

Closer: Create a “to do” list of items you need to complete for your poetry anthology.


Wednesday, 9/20

Opener: Wrap up poetry anthologies.

Work Session:

  1. Activity 4.11: Read “In Response to Executive Order 9066: All Americans of Japanese Descent Must Report to Relocation Centers.”
  2. Compose EOC Style Analysis in timed conditions; submit to
  3. Revise poems and reflections/annotations; make sure dear reader letter, visuals, and table of contents are in place.

Closer: Work on ZINC and No Red Ink.


Thursday, 9/21

Opener: Turn in poetry anthologies.

Work Session:

  1. Revisit Poetry Out Loud choices; continue annotating and completing TPFASST charts.
  2. Practice reading POL poem with a partner; mark words to emphasis, places to pause, etc. to prepare to memorize and recite.
  3. Introduce The Night Circus reading schedule. Read article about 19th century circuses.

Closer: Read the opening chapter of The Night Circus and analyze the exposition (setting, characters, conflict) and structure of the novel.


Friday, 9/22

Opener: Gallery walk pictures for inspiration and choose one.

Work Session:

  1. View images Visual Texts and Shakespeare’s Language; Word/Phrase Bank and write poems/prose passages to share: View the images, selecting one that inspires you; Study the picture and construct a hypothetical narrative based on the elements you see; Using a list of Shakespearean terms and phrases, choose lines that relate to the picture and your hypothetical narrative; Without adding ANY words (articles, prepositions, etc.) students must juxtapose phrases and words to tell the story of their painting.
  2. Discuss themes that emerge from the images and poems and create a list for the unit study of The Tempest.

Closer: Continue reading Part I of The Night Circus.

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