September 29

Honors 9th Literature Week 9 10/2 – 10/6

Honors 9th Lit. Week 9

Planning Your Week

T 10/3 – Turn in TPFASST for BOTH Poetry Out Loud poems; include a copy of each poem with annotations. Recite ONE of your poems in class.

Th 10/5 – Finish No Red Ink quiz for verbals, parallelism, embedded quotations, and active/passive voice.

F 10/6 – Read through Part I of The Night Circus; use the Night Circus Study Guide Part I to prepare for the in class reading quiz; finish ZINC for this quarter.

M 10/9 – Complete SAT Reading & Writing Domain Tests on USA Test Prep.

W 10/11 – All 9th graders take the PSAT.

Continue practicing grammar/EOC/PSAT concepts and vocabulary through No Red Ink website, the SpringBoard website through Zinc, and USA Test Prep website. Use the ZINC, No Red Ink, USA Test Prep Checklist to keep up with due dates.


Monday, 10/2

Opener: Review exposition of The Night Circus; examine study guide and remind students of the reading quiz for Part I on Friday.

Work Session:

  1. Introduce The Tempest: View images Visual Texts and Shakespeare’s Language; Word/Phrase Bank and write poems/prose passages to share.
  • View the images, selecting one that inspires you.
  • Study the picture and construct a hypothetical narrative based on the elements you see.
  • Using a list of Shakespearean terms and phrases, choose lines that relate to the picture and your hypothetical narrative.
  • Without adding ANY words (articles, prepositions, etc.) students must juxtapose phrases and words to tell the story of their painting.


2. Discuss themes that emerge from the images and poems and create a list for the unit study of The Tempest.

Closer: Rehearse Poetry Out Loud performances in small groups.

Homework: Finish TPFASST and annotations for BOTH Poetry Out Loud poems; prepare to recite ONE poem in class.


Tuesday, 10/3

Opener: Quick rehearsal for POL; turn in TPCASST and annotations for both poems.

Work Session:

  1. Recite POL poems.
  2. Read The Night Circus.

Closer: Review study guide for The Night Circus Part I.

Homework: Read The Night Circus Part I, using the study guide to prepare for the reading quiz.


Wednesday, 10/4

Opener: IAN- Identify a pastime you are passionate about and brainstorm sensory details and comparisons.

Work Session: Set up Nearpod.

  1. Explore Shakespeare’s world: Elizabethan language, the Globe Theatre, culture, history, and overview of The Tempest with Nearpod.
  2. Analyze, rehearse, and perform Act I Scene 1 (pantomime, self-reflection, group discussion; add dialogue).

Closer: Compare/contrast student performances with professional adaptations of the play.

Homework: Read The Night Circus Part I, using the study guide to prepare for the reading quiz.


Thursday, 10/5

Opener: Quick review of The Night Circus Part I study guide.

Work Session:

  1. Complete Q2 touchstone and SRI.
  2. Complete No Red Ink quiz.
  3. Work on USA Test Prep for PSAT and ZINC for Q2 snapshot.

Closer: Continue reading The Night Circus.

Homework: Read The Night Circus Part I, using the study guide to prepare for the reading quiz; finish No Red Ink quiz.


Friday, 10/6

Opener: The Night Circus Part I reading quiz.

Work Session:

  1. Review Part I (characters, setting, sequence of events, conflicts–exposition elements).
  2. Analyze Chandresh, Tsukiko, and Bailey (Lit. Analysis Part I).

Closer: Read The Night Circus Part II, focusing on parallel plots.

Homework: Finish ZINC for Q2; work on USA Test Prep assignments due Oct. 9; read The Night Circus Part II, focusing on parallel plots.

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