September 1

AP Literature 9/4 – 9/8

Week 6

Planning Your Week


T 9/5–Finish Pearson chapter 12 (diction and syntax).

M 9/11 (next week) – POL recitations due; read the Pearson section “Writing an Explication of a Poem (Essay Length)”p.563-9 and write an explication for the POL poem you plan to recite (due to before class).


Monday, 9/4–Labor Day


Tuesday, 9/5

Opener: Review narrative elements.

Work Session:

  1. Discuss elements of the short story to review “The Other Wife”; analyze POV, shifts in mood, use of paradox to advance themes; complete an explication of the text; compose theme statements. 
  2. Create a web of the texts we’ve read–how do they connect? Consider ITLOTW, ASND, “To a Friend Estranged From Me,” “The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner,” “Dulce et Decorum Est,” “Old Soldier,””The Other Wife,” and “My Picture” in discussion.
  3. Create posters for themes.

Closer: Paraphrase POL poems.

*Homework: Finish paraphrases for POL poems.

Learning Goal(s): Engage in close reading, making careful observations of textual detail and inferences leading to interpretation of the work’s meaning and value; continue increasing your poetry “tool box” and becoming more comfortable with analysis of poetry.


Wednesday, 9/6

Opener: Rehearse POL performances and check paraphrases.

Work Session:

  1. Finish web of texts.
  2. Read/analyze Pearson chapter 12 on diction.”To an Athlete Dying Young” p. 585, ”In the Beginning of the End” p.588, “Latin Women Pray” p.589, “Richard Cory” p.590, “White Lies” p,594, “The Day Zimmer Lost Religion” p.596.
  3. Introduce Othello modern scenes for groups.

Closer: Compose scripts for modern scenes.

*Homework: Read “Writing About Diction and Syntax in Poetry” p.596-603 and post to Schoology. Write an explication for the POL poem you plan to recite, due Mon. 9/11 in class (


Thursday, 9/7

Opener: Review diction/syntax with Schoology posts.

Work Session:

  1. Compose scripts for modern Othello scenes, rehearse and perform.
  2. Debate issues from Othello anticipation guide.

Closer: Prepare for tomorrow’s EPCOT meeting (catch up on reading, prepare agenda, write reading questions).

*Homework: Be prepared for EPCOT meeting.


Friday, 9/8

Opener: Build community with groups (leader brings activity).

Work Session:

  1. 2nd EPCOT novel group meeting (45 minutes) discuss questions established by the reading coach cast member, set action items for next week’s meeting.
  2. Rehearse POL in trios; offer feedback on performances and suggestions for interpretation.

Closer: Read research novel.

*Homework: Be prepared to recite your POL poem, turn in TPCASST for both poems, and submit explication for the poem you recite (