October 13

Honors 9th Lit. Week 11 10/16 – 10/20

Honors 9th Lit. Week 11

Planning Your Week

M 10/16 – Complete EOC Benchmark on the USA Test Prep website.

W 10/18 – “I Remember You” typed, labeled poem and multimedia presentation due. Be sure it is in mp4 or mov format. Email the file, bring it on a flash drive, or drop it into your Google Drive or Office 365.

F 10/20 – Read through Part II of The Night Circus; use the Night Circus Study Guide Part II-III to prepare for the in class reading quiz.

M 10/23 – Complete Clauses & Combining Sentences on No Red Ink website.

Continue practicing grammar/EOC concepts and vocabulary through No Red Ink website, the SpringBoard website through Zinc, and USA Test Prep website. Use the ZINC, No Red Ink, USA Test Prep Checklist to keep up with due dates.


Monday, 10/16

Opener: Finish analysis and rehearsal of The Tempest 1.1 in small groups.

Work Session:

  1. Perform Act I Scene 1 (pantomime, self-reflection, group discussion; add dialogue): Full Text

Closer: Compare/contrast student performances with professional adaptations of the play.

Homework: Finish EOC Benchmark on USA Test Prep website; “I Remember You” final typed, labeled poem due Wednesday with final video presentation.


Tuesday, 10/17

Opener: Review opening scene and characters in The Tempest.

Work Session:

  1. Prepare group scenes for Act I, Scene 2; focus on blocking, stage directions, physical gestures, and voice inflection: annotate the scene, write the actions that your groups need to complete, prepare props and timing, perform the scene.
  2. Learning Commons: polish “I Remember You” poem presentation.

Closer: Prepare a plan for finishing “I Remember You” poem presentation.

Homework: “I Remember You” final typed, labeled poem due tomorrow with final video presentation.


Wednesday, 10/18

Opener: Finish rehearsal for 1.2 of The Tempest.

Work Session:

  1. Perform 1.2 scenes from The Tempest.
  2. Analyze characters and themes introduced in Act I (using the character & theme tracker graphic organizers).
  3. Review elements of exposition Art & Reading ppt; summarize the exposition of The Tempest.
  4. Compose an exposition (Art & Reading ppt); EOC narrative review of STEAL elements and narrative structure; revisit punctuating dialogue correctly.


Closer: Share narrative expositions, reviewing STEAL elements, narrative structure, and punctuating dialogue; Review “The Betrayed Duke Prospero” PBS video.

Homework: Read The Night Circus Part II.


Thursday, 10/19

Opener: Wrap up discussion of exposition.

Work Session:

  1. Present “I Remember You” poems.

Closer: Discuss The Night Circus Part II.

Homework: Read The Night Circus Part II.


Friday, 10/20

Opener: Compose leveled questions for group discussion.

Work Session:

  1. Analyze rising action (Part II) of The Night Circus in small group discussions..
  2. Compose a response to Lit. Analysis Part II EOC prompt.

Closer: Read The Night Circus Part III.

Homework: Complete Clauses & Combining Sentences on No Red Ink websiteread The Night Circus Part III.

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