October 27

Honors 9th Literature Oct. 30 – Nov. 3

Honors 9th Lit. Week 13

Planning Your Week

Th 11/2 Submit The Night Circus Part III reading questions to Turnitin.com.

W 11/8 – Finish reading The Night Circus Part IV-V; prepare for an in class reading quiz.

Th 11/9 – ZINC 3rd quarter deadline; learn 213 words by this deadline.

Continue practicing grammar/EOC concepts and vocabulary through No Red Ink website, the SpringBoard website through Zinc, and USA Test Prep website


Monday, 10/30 

Opener: Finish “I Remember You” presentations and review The Night Circus through Part III.

Work Session:

  1. Review The Tempest through Act II Scene 1. Compare/contrast with film adaptation.

Closer: Read The Tempest Act II Scene 2, filling in character trackers.

Homework: Complete The Night Circus Part III literary analysis prompts (choose 2 of the 5). You will need a hard copy in class Wednesday for revision.


Tuesday, 10/31

Opener: IAN: Craft “Somebody Wanted, But So” statements for Parts I, II, and III of The Night Circus.

Work Session:

  1. Visit the lab to compose literary responses for Part III questions over TNC
  2. Read and answer multiple choice questions over Zinc articles; practice vocabulary.
  3. Independent reading to complete part IV of TNC.

Closer: Print hard copies of literary analysis prompts for Wednesday’s revision work.

Homework: Print hard copies of literary analysis prompts for tomorrow’s revision work; read The Night Circus Part IV, V.


Wednesday, 11/1

Opener: Read over literary analysis prompts and review the rubric for EOC constructed responses.

Work Session:

  1. Introduce the concept of “clocking” revision
  2. Complete 12 cycles of peer review concentrating on specific content, style, and convention improvements to make our literary analysis papers “magical.”
  3. Review peer notes from the clocking collaboration and plan for changes to your final response to address suggestions and edits.

Closer: IR: Read The Night Circus Part IV-V.

Homework: Revise literary analysis prompts for The Night Circus Part III; submit final drafts to Turnitin.com. Read The Night Circus Part IV-V.


Thursday, 11/2

Opener: IAN: Ponder and Respond: Defend, challenge, or qualify: Using examples from The Tempest or The Night Circus argue whether it is better to live a sheltered life but a safe one than to live in the company of others but be exposed to danger, pain and the woes of humanity. Review vocabulary for  claims, counterclaims, refutations, reasons, and evidence.

Work Session:

  1. Turn in final copies of literary analysis papers.
  2. Read “How Helicopter Parents are Ruining America’s Children” & “For Some Helicopter Parenting Delivers Benefits”; Identify claims, reasons, and evidence in the articles and evaluate which article makes a more compelling point and why. 
  3. Respond to the EOC style writing task (argument stimulus).

Closer: IR: Read The Night Circus Part IV-V.

Homework: Read The Night Circus Part IV-V.


Friday, 11/3

Opener: Review brainstorms on utopias. IAN: ponder and respond: What makes for an ideal world? How are Gonzalo’s ideas naive? What complications do these ideals bring about?

Work Session:

  1. Continue reading The Tempest Act III. Complete scholar’s journal entries for Act III.

Closer: Collaborate with island families to complete character and theme trackers.

Homework: Read The Night Circus Part IV-V.

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