November 10

Honors 9th Literature November 13-17

Honors 9th Lit. Week 15

Planning Your Week


S 11/12 – Submit The Tempest scholar’s journal to

M 11/13 – The Tempest Socratic discussion; scholar’s journal and article due in class (scholar’s journal should be submitted to before class).

M 11/27

Link to The Tempest full text from MIT.

Watch these videos to solidify your understanding of the play:

PBS Learning Media Parent-Child Relationships in Shakespeare’s Works Scroll down to watch three videos: “Prospero and Miranda,” “Parenting and Gender Roles in The Tempest,” and “Miranda’s Disobedience”

PBS Learning Media Shakespeare and the Evolution of Character Scroll down to watch two videos: “The Betrayed Duke Prospero” and “I’ll Drown My Book.”


Continue practicing grammar/EOC concepts and vocabulary through No Red Ink website, the SpringBoard website through Zinc, and USA Test Prep website


Monday, 11/13

Opener: Turn in printed article with citation, printed scholar’s journal, and typed questions for Socratic seminar.

Work Session:

  1. Participate effectively in collaborative discussion of character and theme development in The Tempest.

Closer: Compose a reflection for the discussion.

Homework: Complete USA Test Prep practice for the EOC.


Tuesday, 11/14

Opener: Introduce The Night Circus project and begin brainstorming ideas for a 21st century tent.

Work Session: 

  1. Complete EOC prompt (individual assignments based on past performance to check off narrative and analytic responses.

Closer: Review results from EOC argument prompt; create a plan to improve performance based on the rubric.

Homework: Complete USA Test Prep practice for the EOC.


Wednesday, 11/15

Opener: Work with Night Circus groups to continue planning for project.

Work Session:

  1. Compose a response to the EOC informational prompt.

Closer: Peer review EOC responses with rubric.

Homework: Complete USA Test Prep practice for the EOC.


Thursday, 11/16

Opener: Learning Commons visit: lesson on informational writing/EOC prompts.

Work Session:

  1. Collaborate with Night Circus groups to plan projects.
  2. Develop a plan and timeline for completing the project.

Closer: Review EOC skills with USA Test Prep.

Homework: Complete USA Test Prep practice for the EOC.


Friday, 11/17

Opener: Create individual EOC plan for studying over the break and before the exam

Work Session:

  1. Practice EOC skills with USA Test Prep.

Closer: Collaborate with Night Circus groups.

Homework: Complete USA Test Prep practice for the EOC.

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