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Honors 9th Literature 12/4 – 12/8

Honors 9th Lit. Week 17

Planning Your Week

W 12/13 – submit all written portions to before class Thursday.

Th 12/14 – The Night Circus presentations due in class; all written portions should be submitted to before class.


Monday, 12/4–2nd period will finish the EOC in class; 3rd period will complete the plan below.

Opener: Review the EA2 and  Activity 2.3 “Analyzing Writer’s Style” p. 101; connect to film analysis/review of Tim Burton’s style (review p.93d-3).

Work Session:

  1. Review Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado” from Activity 2.8; complete “Style Analysis” p.147 in Activity 2.10.
  2. Complete Activity 2.11 (manipulative with rolled up construction paper to simulate camera angles); analyze commercials (1 per group; 10 commercials); compose paragraph to explain effects created in the assigned ad.

Closer: Revise the paragraph to incorporate at least two cinematic techniques and use a semicolon and conjunctive adverb.

Homework: none


Tuesday, 12/5

Opener: Review The Night Circus project rubric.

Work Session: 

  1. Research in the learning commons.
  2. Compose rationales.

Closer: Reconnect with your group and plan for tomorrow’s research.


Wednesday, 12/6

Opener: Review The Night Circus project rubric and group goals for the day.

Work Session: 

  1. Finalize research and finish written portions of the project.

Closer: Reconnect with your group and create a plan for finishing the projects.


Thursday, 12/7

Opener: Review graphic organizer format (web organizer for key subjects/points and influences discussed in the biographical essay.Watch the short “Vincent” by Tim Burton.

Work Session: 

  1. Complete Activity 2.12 “Film in Context: An Authorial Study”; read the biographical essay “Tim Burton: Wickedly Funny, grotesquely Humorous” and answer the text-dependent questions and the main idea statement under “Working from the Text.”
  2. Begin Activity 2.13 “Setting the Mood and Understanding Tone: Wonka Two Ways”; read the excerpt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Read the excerpt and complete the table identifying mood and the stylistic elements that contribute to it.

Closer: Distinguish between tone and mood.


Friday, 12/8

Opener: Continue Activity 2.13; read passage 2 from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and complete the text-dependent questions.

Work Session: 

  1. Complete the tone chart on p.158 and “The Language of Style Analysis” p.159.
  2. Watch the beginning of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; jigsaw the cinematic techniques to take film notes on Burton’s style.
  3. Groups share findings from the “close viewing” then discuss Burton’s style.

Closer: Groups compose responses to one of the questions on p.160 (teacher assigned; differentiated).


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