December 8

Honors 9th Literature December 11-15

Honors 9th Lit. Week 18

Planning Your Week

W 12/13 – submit all written portions to before class Thursday.

Th 12/14 – The Night Circus presentations due in class; all written portions should be submitted to before class.


Monday, 12/11– Snow day! No school!


Tuesday, 12/12

Opener: Review rubrics for The Night Circus projects and EA 2 assignment and rubric p. 185-6 (Tim Burton style analysis essay).

  1. Begin Activity 2.13 “Setting the Mood and Understanding Tone: Wonka Two Ways”; read the excerpt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Read the excerpt and complete the table identifying mood and the stylistic elements that contribute to it.
  2. Complete the text dependent questions, the tone chart on p.158 and “The Language of Style Analysis” p.159.
  3. Watch the beginning of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; jigsaw the cinematic techniques to take film notes on Burton’s style.
  4. Groups share findings from the “close viewing” then discuss Burton’s style.

Closer: Groups compose responses to one of the questions on p. 160.


Wednesday, 12/13

Opener: Groups jigsaw cinematic techniques then view scenes 10-12 in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Work Session: 

  1. Quickwrite response: What effect does Burton want to create in the scene at home and in the scene in front of the factory? What choices does Burton make to create these effects?
  2. Analyze style as you view scenes 14-16 p.163, filling in the graphic organizer p.164 with observations.
  3. Compose leveled questions and answer within your group.
  4. Complete the interpretation section of the chart p.164

Closer: Compose a response to the “Writing to Sources: Explanatory Text” prompt p.165.

HOMEWORK: Submit all written portions of The Night Circus projects to by 11:59 p.m.


Thursday, 12/14

Opener: Review peer evaluation sheets and The Night Circus project rubrics.

Work Session: 

  1. Present the 21st century Night Circus.

Closer: Complete peer evaluation sheets.


Friday, 12/15

Opener: Outline notes for style analysis essay; include techniques from “Vincent” and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Work Session: 

  1. View Edward Scissorhands, completing film analysis notes and discussing opening credits and the frame story.

Closer: Complete outline for essay, noting any additional information needed to complete the essay.


Monday, 12/18

Opener: Finish watching Edward Scissorhands.

Work Session: 

  1. Complete style analysis essay.

Closer: Review requirements for final exam.


Tuesday, 12/19 and Wednesday, 12/20–Final Exams

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