January 3

AP Literature Week 1 Jan. 4 – 5

Week 1


Planning Your Week

Friday, 1/5: Please sign your syllabus here.

Thursday, 1/11: Streetcar rhetorical precis due w/Socratic discussion

Friday, 1/12: In the Lake sticky notes due


Monday, 1/1 – Wednesday, 1/3 Winter Break!


Thursday, 1/4

Opener: 1940s music, including “Paper Moon”, lemonade & cookies

Work Session:

  1. Poker Night—A Streetcar Named Desire; simulate Mitch and Stanley’s poker night with Spit in the Ocean, Seven-card Stud, lemonade, and 40s music, including “Paper Moon.”
  2. Welcome & introductions; read & discuss classroom management plan & syllabus; complete TRSS forms.

Closer: Answer questions on Pre-Course Reading assignment (Streetcar due tomorrow w/Socratic discussion Thursday, 1/11 ; In the Lake sticky notes due Friday, 1/12).


Friday, 1/5

Opener: Introduce literary theory.

Work Session:

  1. Compete in a literary lenses race: match descriptions with titles of literary lenses and time periods.
  2. Review Streetcar reread in small group “Fouray” into Streetcar discussion (divide paper into 4 sections; jigsaw questions; pass around group, adding to the response).

Closer: View opening scene of A Streetcar Named Desire, analyzing the director’s choices in emphasizing Blanche’s characteristics.


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