January 3

Honors 9th Literature Week 1 January 1 – 5

Honors 9th Lit. Week 1

Planning Your Week


F 1/5  Complete Tech Menu S18 and sign your syllabus/survey here.

M 1/8  Mini Me Character Strength STEAL due, cut out and colored; bring an independent reading text to class (print only)

T 2/6 – ZINC vocabulary due




Continue practicing grammar/EOC concepts and vocabulary through No Red Ink website and ZINC via the SpringBoard website


Monday, 1/1 – Wednesday, 1/3 Winter Break!

Thursday, 1/4

Opener: Introduce syllabus and semester overview (independent reading notebook, IAN).

Work Session: 

  1. Read “Making the Grade” and annotate according to the directions.
  2. Teacher will review TRSS forms.
  3. Introduce mini-me with a focus on building character and voice with the STEAL method along with the idea of coming of age/self-defining incidents: STEAL method of characterization.
  4. IAN: Review STEAL handout.
  5. Watch VIA Character Strengths/Growth Mindset video.

Closer: Brainstorm ideas for STEAL elements for your mini me.

HOMEWORK: Mini me due Monday; bring an independent reading text (print only).


Friday, 1/5

Opener: Review mini-me requirements and independent reading choices.

Work Session–Computer Lab:

  1. Complete SRI.
  2. Complete VIA character strengths survey for mini-me.
  3. Complete Tech menu, including syllabus signing.

Closer: Work on ZINC vocabulary practice.

HOMEWORK: Mini me due Monday; bring an independent reading text (print only); first set of ZINC due Feb. 6.


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