January 5

AP Literature Week 2 Jan. 8 – 12


Week 2


Planning Your Week

ASAP: Please sign your syllabus here.

Thursday, 1/11: Streetcar rhetorical precis due w/Socratic discussion

Friday, 1/12: In the Lake sticky notes due


Monday, 1/8

Opener: Review precis requirements and rubric along with Cobb Digital Library access and search tips.

Work Session:

  1. Complete tech menu.
  2. Locate an article on A Streetcar Named Desire from CDL; print and annotate, then compose a rhetorical precis.

Closer: Review sticky note assessment for In the Lake of the Woods.


Tuesday, 1/9

Opener: Review exam structure; complete ½ length multiple choice.

Work Session:

  1. Review precis structure.
  2. Read annotated article (In the Lake) and compose a class precis.

Closer: Review sticky note assessment for In the Lake.


Wednesday, 1/10

Opener: Review pre-course assignment for sticky notes: characterization, setting, literary elements, summaries, questions.

Work Session:

  1. Sort range finders for sample sticky notes.
  2. Read/analyze sections from the opening chapters of ItLotW; compose sticky notes for group discussion, placing them on the posters

Closer: Respond to randomly drawn discussion questions for A Streetcar Named Desire.


Thursday, 1/11

Opener: Gather materials for Socratic discussion.

Work Session:

  1. Participate in Socratic discussion of A Streetcar Named Desire.

Closer: Reflect on your performance and expand your thinking, adding to your response to the discussion question.


Friday, 1/12

Opener: Turn in sticky note assessment for ItLotW.

Work Session:

  1. Introduce pop up museum assignment for ItLotW
  2. Groups work in lab 113 to research and plan pop up museums.

Closer: Exchange contact information, set up Google doc for collaboration, and plan homework for pop-ups.


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