January 13

AP Literature Week 3 Jan. 15 – 19

Week 3


Planning Your Week

T 1/16: Schoology post for In the Lake research/inquiry project

Th 1/18: Schoology post responses to 2 classmates’ posts for In the Lake research/inquiry project; Schoology post links for 2 poems from the Poetry Out Loud website and print copies to bring to class tomrrow.

M 1/22: Bring 2 poems printed from the Poetry Out Loud website.

T  1/23: Summative assessment in class (essay response)


Monday, 1/15  Enjoy your holiday!


Tuesday, 1/16

Opener: Review ½ length multiple choice; complete data sheet.

Work Session:

  1. Complete research for the Literary Theory Research Inquiry Project on In the Lake of the Woods
  2. Investigate film directors for your film project. 
  3. Decide on 2 poems for POL performances. * Reminder that anyone who competes in the school wide performance on January 23 receives extra credit.
  4. Analyze your clip for 30 seconds of Streetcar. 

Closer: Review your feedback on the sticky note assessment for In the Lake; gather the questions you placed on post-it notes to prepare for tomorrow’s discussion.

HW: Post your 2-3 paragraphs response to research on Schoology. Comment on at least two other students’ posts by Thursday night, 11:59 p.m. Review the literary criticism section (pages 1566-88) of your Pearson text; choose two poems from POL website and post links to Schoology Thursday night, 11:59 p.m. and print copies to bring to class Monday.


Wednesday, 1/17 Enjoy your snow day!

Thursday, 1/18 Enjoy your snow day!

Friday, 1/19 Enjoy your snow day!

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