January 19

AP Literature Week 4 Jan. 22-26

Week 4


Planning Your Week


M 1/22: Bring 2 poems printed from the Poetry Out Loud website.

T  1/23: Summative assessment in class (essay response)


Monday, January 22

Opener: Set up skinny notebook; read chapters from How to Read Literature Like a Professor and How to Read Novels Like a Professor.

Work Session:

  1. Microlab: review your section from How to Read Literature Like a Professor (summarize, connect to In the Lake and Streetcar; create a group poster of your responses during a silent conversation.
  2. Complete a gallery walk of each group’s discussion poster, commenting on the other two posters.
  3. Reread/review/analyze sections from chapters of ItLotW; gather your question post-its from the text and add them to the parking lot poster.
  4. Examine horse and cart metaphor for AP essay writing; compose claim statements from ItLotW and A Streetcar Named Desire.

Closer: Compose claim statements for the summative assessment questions for In the Lake and Streetcar.


Tuesday, January 23

Opener: Draw the novel/prompt for SA.

Work Session:

  1. Summative Assessment: In the Lake and Streetcar.
  2. Evaluate research novel choices.

Closer: HW: Complete textual lineage and post to Schoology; prepare 30 seconds of Streetcar presentations; memorize chosen poem for Poetry Out Loud due Tuesday, February 2.


Wednesday, January 24

Opener: Share textual lineage and present 30 seconds of Streetcar.

Work Session:

  1. Read “An Occurrence at Owl Creek bridge” and illustrate a scene with a storyboard.
  2. View The Twilight Zone episode and compare/contrast with storyboards.

Closer: Select novels for research.

HW: Memorize chosen poem for Poetry Out Loud due Tuesday, February 2.


Thursday, January 25

Opener: View Hitchcock montage and interview; discuss the significance of “assembly” and the parallel with composing narratives (like “Owl Creek”) (3 types of montages; elements that repeat).

Work Session:

  1. Read “A Rose for Emily”; analyze structure, point of view, and mood.

Closer: Respond to the prompt to analyze how Faulkner develops theme.

HW: Memorize chosen poem for Poetry Out Loud due Tuesday, February 2.


Friday, January 26

Opener: Place poetry handout in SN; small groups complete QHT for poetic devices.

Work Session:

  1. Review “Old Soldier” with poetry handout.
  2. View war film clips.
  3. Read “Dulce et Decorum Est” aloud with war sounds; analyze structure, point of view, and imagery.

Closer: Compose theme statements for “An Occurrence,” “A Rose,” “Old Soldier,” and “Dulce”

HW: Memorize chosen poem for Poetry Out Loud due Tuesday, February 2.


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