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Honors 9th Literature Week 4 Jan. 22-26

Honors 9th Lit. Week 4

Planning Your Week

S 1/21 – No Red Ink practice for parallelism and voice due 11:59 p.m.; No Red Ink diagnostic for phrases and clauses due 11:59 p.m.

T 1/23 – Bring your typed, complete interview transcript to class.

W 1/24 – Bring a draft of your narrative interview to class.

Th 1/25  Submit your complete narrative interview to Turnitin.com by 11:59 p.m.; complete parallelism quiz by 11:59 p.m.

F 1/26  Bring a printed copy of your narrative interview to class.

M 1/29  Complete phrases and clauses practice on No Red Ink.

T 2/6 – ZINC vocabulary due by 11:59 p.m.

Th 2/8  Independent reading project written portion due to Turnitin.com by 11:59 p.m.; bring the completed project to class tomorrow.

F 2/9 – Independent reading project due in class (written portion should already by in Turnitin.com).


Continue practicing grammar/EOC concepts and vocabulary through No Red Ink website and ZINC via the SpringBoard website


Monday, January 22

Opener: STEM STUDENTS will set up boards for science fair.

Work Session:

  1. Analyze the sample interview transcript and article with SOAPSTone strategy.
  2. Number interview questions and correlate them with where they appear in the article.
  3. Assess the narrative with the EA rubric.

IAN: View the sample interviews, noting effective strategies and ineffective strategies.

Closer: IR: Review interview plan p.59-60 and revise questions.

HOMEWORK: Interview someone you know who has post-secondary experience (an adult who went to college, entered the workforce, or joined the military; someone who has been out of high school at least four years), and bring the typed, printed interview transcript to class; read IR book (due Feb. 9); first set of ZINC due Feb. 6.


Tuesday, January 23

Opener: SB: Lesson 1.4 Parallel Structure: Grammar & Usage section–compound sentences p.13 (clauses, gerunds, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions) and “Check Your Understanding” p. 15.

Work Session:

  1. Brief review of narrative elements & sensory details
  2. SB: Lesson 1.5 Review imagery and voice; read “Marigolds,” marking ! for interesting imagery, highlighting voice; circling unknown words and phrases.
  3. SB: Reread the story; answer the text-dependent questions.

Closer: IR: Find examples of parallel structure in your IR book.

HOMEWORK: Compose narrative interview and bring a draft to class tomorrow; final draft of narrative interview due Thursday evening to Turnitin.com; read IR book (due Feb. 9); first set of ZINC due Feb. 6.


Wednesday, January 24

Opener: SB: Activity 1.11 Pairs should read the two excerpts and complete “Working from the Text” and “Check Your Understanding.”

Work Session: 

  1. SB: Peer review the EA1 (your narrative interview).
  2. SB: Revise your narrative based on peer and self-assessment.

Closer: IR: Enjoy!

HOMEWORK: Submit EA1 (narrative interview to Turnitin.com and bring a printed copy to class Friday. Read IR book (due Feb. 9); first set of ZINC due Feb. 6.


Thursday, January 25

Opener: SB: Activity 1.13 (p.64): unpack EA2 and review elements of argument (p.91-2). Complete a stoplight self-check IAN.

Work Session: 

  1. SB: Review interview transcripts and discuss advantages and disadvantages of a post-secondary education. Include quotes from your interviewees.
  2. SB: View the “Why go?” presentation from College Board; take notes in the table p.65. Rank the reasons and evidence for level of persuasion.
  3. SB: Compose a paragraph explaining the central claim of the “Why Go?” presentation and the way the author presents and supports that claim.

Closer: IR: Enjoy!

HOMEWORK: Submit EA1 (narrative interview to Turnitin.com and bring a printed copy to class Friday. Read IR book (due Feb. 9); first set of ZINC due Feb. 6.


Friday, January 26

Opener: IAN: Compare and contrast informational and argumentative writing. How do you analyze persuasive elements?

Work Session: 

  1. SB: Activity 1.14: read the article and answer the text-dependent questions.
  2. SB: Complete “Working from the Text” and “Check Your Understanding”; share with the class.
  3. SB: EOC prompt p.68

Closer: IR: Enjoy!

HOMEWORK: Read IR book (due Feb. 9); first set of ZINC due Feb. 6.

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