February 23

AP Literature Week 8 Feb. 26 – March 2


Planning Your Week

Th 3/1: Finish The Awakening for class; complete scholar’s journal and article for Socratic discussion.

F 3/2: Read the scheduled section of your research novel; prepare for in-class group meeting.


Monday, February 26

Opener: MCM poetry; fill in data sheet

Work Session:

  1. Read The Awakening ch.16-26; complete scholar’s journal entries.
  2. Review bird and house imagery (handouts).

Closer: Continue reading The Awakening.

HW: Read research novels.


Tuesday, February 27

Opener: Review types of men (Robert, Alcee, and Leonce)

Work Session:

  1. Read The Awakening ch. 27-31; complete scholar’s journal entries, discussing comparison of houses, types of women, and bird imagery.

Closer: Review the novel in terms of narrative elements and Chopin’s potential themes; consider literary lenses.

HW: Read research novels and prepare for Friday’s group meeting.


Wednesday, February 28

Opener: View The Gilded Cage; analyze with the Feldman method of art criticism; listen to “A Bird in a Gilded Cage”and analyze lyrics. Discuss the role of the artist in light of all three of these pieces (the novel, the painting, and the song) coming from the same time period.

Work Session:

  1. Create art for themes from The Awakening; add titles to peers’ art, then compose a poem based on the titles you receive.
  2. Read The Awakening ch. 32-39; complete discussion questions.

Closer: Paul Laurence Dunbar’s “Sympathy”.

HW: Read research novels and prepare for Friday’s group meeting.


Thursday, March 1

Opener: Review The Awakening with final quotes.

Work Session:

  1. Read “Yes, She’s a Christ Figure Too” and apply to scenes from The Awakening.
  2. Complete literary lens prompt for interpreting The Awakening.

Closer: Prepare MWDS for The Awakening.

HW: Read research novels and prepare for Friday’s group meeting.


Friday, March 2

Opener: Meet with research novel groups; complete the required elements for the project (handout).

Work Session:

  1. FRQ #4 Poetry
  2. Analyze sample essays; self assess according to the rubric.

Closer: Read your research novel.

HW: Read research novels.


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