March 2

Week 9 AP Literature March 5 – 9

Week 9

Planning Your Week

T 3/6: Scholar’s journal due to before class; bring annotated article to class; prepare for the in class Socratic discussion on The Awakening.

W 3/7: Post to Schoology before class: select a piece of art (photograph, painting, sculpture, etc.) that connects to The Awakening. Add a short paragraph explaining the features of the art work and how it connects thematically to the novel.


Monday, March 5

Opener: MCM prose: compose multiple choice questions for the assigned passages from The Awakening.

Work Session:

  1. Review How to Read Literature Like a Professor (“Yes, She’s a Christ Figure Too,” “If She Comes Up, It’s Baptism,” and “Nice to Eat With You: Acts of Communion”).
  2. Complete literary lens prompt.
  3. Preview literary criticism articles for tomorrow’s discussion.

Closer: Prepare major works data sheet for The Awakening.

HW: Prepare items for tomorrow’s Socratic discussion (scholar’s journal, scholar’s article–annotated) and submit to; read research novels; select art work for Schoology post.


Tuesday, March 6

Opener: Organize Socratic Seminar materials/deliverables (scholar’s journal); respond to your assigned question on The Awakening.

Work Session:

  1. Participate in Socratic Seminar; have collegial discussion with your peers about literary elements, themes, and literary lenses as they relate to the novel.

Closer: Write a seminar reflection, adding to your initial response.

HW: Post art to Schoology; read research novels and prepare for Friday’s group meeting.


Wednesday, March 7

Opener: Review Schoology posts, discussing connections to The Awakening.

Work Session:

  1. Read “Tamer and Hawk” by Thom Gunn.
  2. Write a claim statement for a possible essay; organize paragraphs of support.

Closer: Connect themes from The Awakening to release AP open prompts.

HW: Read research novels and prepare for Friday’s group meeting.


Thursday, March 8

Opener: Review themes from the novels and poems we have read in this unit.

Work Session:

  1. View Pleasantville.
  2. Assign mural.

Closer: Ticket out the door–connect themes in Pleasantville to The Awakening.

HW: Read research novels and prepare for Friday’s group meeting.


Friday, March 9

Opener: Meet with research novel groups; complete the required elements for the project (handout).

Work Session:

  1. Finish Pleasantville. 

Closer: Complete anticipation guide for Othello. 

HW: Finish research novels and work on EPCOT project requirements.


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