March 23

Honors 9th Literature Week 12 March 26 – 30

Planning Your Week

Th 3/29: Complete USA Test Prep Benchmark test online.

F 3/30: Finish reading Part II of The Night Circus.

Continue independently reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern; we will review portions in class, but it is your responsibility to finish Part II and Part II, using the Night Circus Study Guide Part II-III.

We will be reading The Tempest in class; we will use a class set of books at school, and you may read/review online using the Folger edition of The Tempest.


Monday, March 26

Opener: Set up USA Test Prep accounts within this class; take the EOC review benchmark.

Work Session: 

  1. Review “The Betrayed Duke Prospero” (PBS video); review the primary conflicts introduced in Act I of The Tempest (Somebody Wanted But So).
  2. Preview The Tempest Act II with film.
  3. Read/analyze Act II Scene 1 and Act II Scene 2, making note of quotes for your scholar’s journal and developing deeper analysis of your motif.

Closer: Continue reading The Night Circus Part II-III.

HOMEWORK: Read The Night Circus Part II-III.


Tuesday, March 27

Opener: Review motifs in literature.

Work Session:

  1. Read and summarize the information texts on circles, clocks, trees, names, and magic.
  2. Analyze motifs in The Night Circus and The Tempest, comparing and contrasting how and why each author uses the motifs.

Closer: Add to scholar’s journal; read The Night Circus Part II.

HOMEWORK: Read The Night Circus Part II-III.


Wednesday, March 28

Opener: Read the Act II summary; review Act II Scene i, and analyze Gonzolo’s world view vs. Sebastian and Antonio’s remarks. Focus especially on Gonzalo’s lines (II, i, 152-161) (Says, means, matters individual response).

Work Session:

  1. Finish analysis of Act II Scene 1 and Act II Scene 2, making note of quotes for your scholar’s journal and developing deeper analysis of your motif.

Closer: Draw parallels between the two texts.

HOMEWORK: Read The Night Circus Part II-III.


Thursday, March 29

Opener: Respond to the parallel plots prompt for The Night Circus. 

Work Session: 

  1. Review expositions with Reading Art and narrative structure for EOC prompts.
  2. Compose an EOC narrative response, developing an exposition to a story.
  3. Share narrative responses.

Closer: Read The Night Circus Part II.

HOMEWORK:  Read The Night Circus Part II-III.


Friday, March 30

Opener: Explore how tempests form: ingredients needed for development, steering mechanisms, phenomena that slow/stop them (informational text).

Work Session:

  1. Review Act I and II, focusing on elements of fiction; sort elements into metaphorical parallels with storm development, movement and intensification, and dissipation.
  2. Create an illustration, chart, or map to organize your metaphorical components.
  3. Introduce The Night Circus projects (something to think about as you continue reading over the break).

Closer: Review The Night Circus Part II (group prompts).

HOMEWORK:  Read The Night Circus Part II-III.

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