April 4

AP Literature Week 13 April 9 – 13

Week 13

Planning Your Week

W 4/11: Group meeting for research.

W 4/18: Group research paper due at 11:59 p.m. to Turnitin.com; hard copy due in class Thursday, 4/19.

T-Th 4/24 -26: Group presentations for EPCOT.


Monday, April 9

Opener: Review exposition and rising action.

Work Session:

  1. Read/analyze 3.1, 3.2; begin 3.3 and perform the “Temptation Scene” Lesson 16.
  2. Read & analyze 3.4 (Lesson 18: “Ocular Proof”).

Closer: Review TWIST graphic organizer for style analysis and research requirements.

HW: Prepare for research Wednesday/Thursday.


Tuesday, April 10

Opener: Analyze the politics of casting of Othello (Lesson 18: “The Moor Is Far More Fair than Black”) and the gender issues (Lesson 19 “There’s Magic in the Web”).

Work Session:

  1. Read Act IV, Scene 1; discuss “The Slap” & Othello’s fall Lesson 20 “Is This the Noble Moor?”
  2. On Your Feet reading of Act IV, Scene 2; performance of Willow Scene (Act IV, Scene 3) Lesson 21 “O These Men, These Men!”; write a short poem, using one of Shakespeare’s lines from Act IV, Scene 2 or 3  
  3. Select two volunteers to read Act IV, Scene 3

Closer: Compare/contrast film adaptation with script.

HW: Prepare for research Wednesday/Thursday.


Wednesday, April 11 and Thursday, April 12

Opener: Review research requirements.

Work Session:

  1. Research in the library.

Closer: Discuss topics with group and decide final focus of research.

HW: Prepare for research Wednesday/Thursday.


Friday, April 13

Opener: Review research requirements and EPCOT presentation requirements.

Work Session:

  1. Assign green-eyed monsters; analyze Iago’s & Emilia’s comments about jealousy and create an artistic rendition of the abstract concept.
  2. Assign final casting call for Act V.Lesson 22 “Murder’s Out of Time”
  3. Final conclusions Lesson 25 “Here Is My Journey’s End”
  4. Review Othello Acts IV-V
  5. Review word search and Iago’s bestiary for Othello test; create infographic to illustrate your findings.

Closer: View film adaptation for Act IV and evaluate the director’s choices.

HW: Finish research papers and project requirements.

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