May 4

AP Literature Week 17 5/7 – 5/11

Week 17

Planning Your Week

W 5/9–AP Literature Exam! Good luck!

M 5/14–Film director project presentations


Monday, May 7

Opener: Review FRQ open questions; choose 3 to respond to with Death of a Salesman

Work Session:

  1. Finish Act II of Death of a Salesman 

Closer: Compose a claim and theme statement for 3 open FRQs

HW: Work on film director projects; AP Exam review


Tuesday, May 8

Opener: MCM on a Tuesday

Work Session:

  1. Review MC strategies
  2. FRQ speed dating

Closer: Prepare two novel cards for the exam (major characters, plot elements, tone, shifts, author’s style, motifs & symbols, claim statement).

HW: Work on film director projects; AP Exam review.


Wednesday, May 9

AP Literature Exam! Good luck!


Thursday, May 10–Friday, May 11

Opener: Review examples of film director projects.

Work Session:

  1. Film analysis of samples of representative directors.

Closer: Review stylistic techniques for film analysis.

HW: Work on film director projects.

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