August 17

AP Literature Week 4 Aug. 20-24

Week 4

Planning Your Week


M 8/20: Quiz on literary theory application to “A Rose for Emily.” Bring The Awakening and your textbook to class. HW: Finish reading chapters from HTRLLAP HTRNLAP. ZINC!

W 8/22: Read through ch.11 of The Awakening before class. HW: Post textual lineage quilt square to Schoology. ZINC!

Th 8/23: Read through ch.15 of The Awakening and complete scholar’s journal entries for ch. 1-15 before class. HW: Research novel choices and fill out Google form with your selections. ZINC!

S 8/26: Finish reading The Awakening and submit completed scholar’s journal to ZINC!

ONGOING: ZINC–continue with assignments. Remember your goal is to beat Walter’s class on the Leaderboard! (I mean, your goal is to enhance the sophistication of your writing by expanding your vocabulary. It will also help with SAT and ACT.) You must log in through Clever.


Monday, August 20

Opener: Daily Lines (analyze the passage for thematic connections and literary elements). Complete literary theory quiz with application to “A Rose for Emily.”

Work Session:

  1. Review storyboards and film connection to literary analysis.
  2. Review structure and symbol (from “A Rose for Emily” and A Streetcar Named Desire).
  3. Complete textual lineage chart and plan your quilt square.
  4. Introduce The Awakening with anticipation guide and scholar’s journal assignment.

Closer: Read the symbol chapter from HTRLLAP and ch.19 “Who Broke My Novel?” from HTRNLAP.

Homework: Create textual lineage square and finish reading the symbol and structure chapters. ZINC!


Tuesday, August 21

Opener: Daily Lines; review scholar’s journal assignment and apply HTRLLAP and HTRNLAP to The Awakening ch.1.

Work Session:

  1. Read through ch.6 of The Awakening.
  2. Complete scholar’s journal on ch.1-6.

Closer: Review FRQ feedback notes from last week’s essay on Streetcar. 

Homework: Read ch.7-11 of The Awakening. ZINC!


Wednesday, August 22

Opener: Daily Lines; review thematic concepts discussed so far in Daily Lines (justice, tyranny, love, desire, sacrifice, failure to adapt, humor).

Work Session:

  1. Compose a response to the FRQ prose prompt.

Closer: Read ch.11-15 of The Awakening. 

Homework: Finish scholar’s journal through ch.15 of The Awakening. Post quilt square to Schoology. ZINC!


Thursday, August 23

Opener: Daily Lines; build SN in composition notebook with poetry handout.

Work Session:

  1. Complete poetry analysis with nouns, verbs, modifiers activity for “Now Goes Under.”
  2. Read Coventry Patmore’s “The Wife’s Tragedy” and complete a dialectical 4-column response (text, me, peer, new).

Closer: Introduce EPCOT research novel choices.

Homework: Research novel choices and fill out the Google form to make your selections. ZINC!


Friday, August 24

Opener: Daily Lines; review ch.1-15 of The Awakening. 

Work Session:

  1. View sitcoms through the ages featuring women; chronicle how women have “gained and lost.”
  2. Read ch.16-26 of The Awakening.

Closer: Complete scholar’s journal entries for The Awakening.

Homework: Finish The Awakening and your scholar’s journal. Work on ZINC!

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