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AP Literature Week 5 August 27-31

Week 5

Planning Your Week


M 8/27: Read through ch. 18 of The Awakening before class.

T 8/28: Read through ch.23 of The Awakening before class.

Th 8/30: Read through ch. 33 of The Awakening before class.  ZINC! due at 11:59 p.m. Complete Google form for research choices.

F 8/31: Finish reading The Awakening before class.

ONGOING: ZINC–continue with assignments. Remember your goal is to beat Walter’s class on the Leaderboard! (I mean, your goal is to enhance the sophistication of your writing by expanding your vocabulary. It will also help with SAT and ACT.) You must log in through Clever.


Monday, August 27

Opener: Daily Lines (analyze the passage for thematic connections and literary elements). Review exam structure and FRQ feedback.

Work Session:

  1. Review style analysis and comparison between Poe & Chopin.
  2. Compose a CEI paragraph.

Closer: Review through ch. 16 and read ch. 19-23 of The Awakening. 

Homework: Finish through ch. 23. ZINC!


Tuesday, August 28

Opener: Daily Lines; review elements of setting.

Work Session:

  1. Create symbolic settings maps and body biographies for the women in the novel.

Closer: Review ch. 24-29. 

Homework: Read through ch. 29. ZINC!


Wednesday, August 29 Early Release

Opener: Daily Lines

Work Session:

  1. Complete scholar’s journal peer review.

Closer: Read ch. 30-33 and revise scholar’s journal

Homework: Read through ch. 33. ZINC!


Thursday, August 30

Opener: Daily Lines (justice, tyranny, love, desire, sacrifice, failure to adapt, humor). Watch Modern Family Season 1 Episode 14 “Moon Landing”; make a t chart detailing what each woman has gained and what each woman has lost.

Work Session:

  1. Read Coventry Patmore’s “The Wife’s Tragedy” and complete a dialectical 4-column response (text, me, peer, new).
  2. Analyze types of men in The Awakening. 

Closer: Introduce EPCOT research novel choices.

Homework: Research novel choices and fill out the Google form to make your selections. Finish The Awakening. ZINC!


Friday, August 31

Opener: Daily Lines; View The Gilded Cage; analyze with the Feldman method of art criticism; listen to “A Bird in a Gilded Cage”and analyze lyrics. Discuss the role of the artist in light of all three of these pieces (the novel, the painting, and the song) coming from the same time period.

Work Session:

  1. Create art for themes from The Awakening; add titles to peers’ art, then compose a poem based on the titles you receive.

Closer: Read Paul Laurence Dunbar’s “Sympathy.”

Homework: Read/annotate assigned articles for The Awakening; finish your scholar’s journal and prepare for Socratic discussion. Work on ZINC!

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