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AP Literature Week 7 September 10-14

Week 7

Planning Your Week

Obtain a copy of your EPCOT novel and begin reading. 

W 9/12: In class essay for The Awakening. 

ONGOING: ZINC–continue with assignments. Remember your goal is to beat Walter’s class on the Leaderboard! (I mean, your goal is to enhance the sophistication of your writing by expanding your vocabulary. It will also help with SAT and ACT.) You must log in through Clever.


Monday, September 10 

Opener: Daily Lines; QHT for poetry terms.

Work Session: 

  1. Review multiple choice strategies and 1/2 length test.
  2. Analyze Millay’s poem with parts of speech strategy.
  3. Apply strategies to MCM Poetry passage.

Closer: Read the poetry chapter in Pearson.


Tuesday, September 11

Opener: Daily Lines

Work Session:

  1. Read “Tamer and Hawk”; discuss thematic implications
  2. Review compelling introductions.
  3. Compose an introduction for a potential essay on “Tamer and Hawk” and outline body paragraphs.
  4. Intro POL

Closer: Prepare MWDS for The Awakening.

Homework: Read “Desiree’s Baby” and answer the discussion questions on the SG; read EPCOT novels; ZINC!


Wednesday, September 12

Opener: Review peer evaluation sheets for FRQs.

Work Session:

  1. Open FRQ with The Awakening.
  2. Peer review an FRQ.
  3. Discuss “Desiree’s Baby” and evaluate how authors enter into the grand conversation on themes we have seen so far in the semester.
  4. Develop a theme statement for “Desiree’s Baby.”

Closer: Complete Othello anticipation guide.

Homework: Read EPCOT novels. ZINC!


Thursday, September 13

Opener: Daily Lines

Work Session:

  1. The power of subtext; perform modern dramas.
  2. Watch PBS Othello video.
  3. Review Othello anticipation guide responses.

Closer: Read EPCOT novels.

Homework: ZINC!


Friday, September 14

Opener: EPCOT 1st meeting–complete meeting log.

Work Session:

  1. Analyze 1.1 Slightly Cut Script
  2. Audition, cast, and rehearse actors for 1.1, opening scene
  3. Compare/contrast our performance with professional performances

Closer: Summarize 1.1 with “Somebody wanted but . . . so . . . ”

Homework: Read EPCOT novels; work on ZINC!

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