November 2

AP Literature Week 14 November 5 -9

Week 14

Planning Your Week

F 11/9: ZINC due by 11:59 p.m.

Continue working on EPCOT novel project requirements.

ONGOING: ZINC–continue with assignments. Remember your goal is to beat Walter’s class on the Leaderboard! (I mean, your goal is to enhance the sophistication of your writing by expanding your vocabulary. It will also help with SAT and ACT.) You must log in through Clever.


Monday, November 5

Opener: Review Death of a Salesman questions/images.

Work Session:

  1. Continue reading Death of a Salesman Act One; complete guided reading questions and study guide.

Closer: View the film adaptation, comparing and contrasting with the play.

Homework: Complete EPCOT requirements; ZINC due Friday!


Tuesday, November 6 Teacher Workday/Student Holiday



Wednesday, November 7

Opener: Review EPCOT research requirements.

Work Session:

  1. Compose a response to the novel prompt.
  2. Conduct research for EPCOT novels.

Closer: Work on green-eyed monsters.

Homework: ZINC; complete EPCOT requirements.


Thursday, November 8

Opener: Daily Lines

Work Session:

  1. Mine group essays for similar themes, overlapping content, shared analysis points: what commonality exists in the individual essays that should be further explored in a group essay?
  2. Conduct research for EPCOT conversation paper.

Closer: Plan for tomorrow’s group meeting.

Homework: ZINC; complete EPCOT requirements.


Friday, October 9

Opener: EPCOT meeting–discuss research topics.

Work Session:

  1. Fun Friday activity to explore convergent thinking parallels
  2. EPCOT Meetings
  3. Read notes on the comedic ladder and theater of the absurd
  4. Begin Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Closer: Analyze the film, considering literary lenses that could be applied.

Homework: ZINC; complete EPCOT requirements.

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