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Honors 9th Literature Week 15 April 29 – May 3

Planning Your Week

M 4/29 – W 5/1: EOC; brush up on your skills with USA Test Prep. Get plenty of rest!

W 5/8: The Night Circus projects due in class (submit all written materials to

Bring your copy of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern to class each day.


Monday, April 26 – Wednesday, May 1

Please report to lab 304 during our normal class period for End of Course Testing. The bell schedule is slightly altered to allow enough time for testing, so please be present and on time each and every day.


HOMEWORK: The Night Circus projects due May 8; ZINC due May 15.


Thursday, May 2

Opener: Review The Night Circus project requirements and due dates.

Work Session:

  1. View Tim Burton’s Movie Montage (1982-2005); list stylistic techniques characteristic of Burton. Watch “What If Tim Burton Directed Frozen?”  and discuss stylistic changes
  2. Dr. Seuss Read Aloud; analyze style.
  3. Review “The Cask of Amontillado” for style.

Closer: Complete Activity 2.12 “Film in Context: An Authorial Study”; read the biographical essay “Tim Burton: Wickedly Funny, grotesquely Humorous” and answer the text-dependent questions and the main idea statement under “Working from the Text.”

HOMEWORK:The Night Circus projects due May 8; ZINC due May 15.


Friday, May 3

Opener: Review graphic organizer format (web organizer for key subjects/points and influences discussed in the biographical essay.Watch the short “Vincent” by Tim Burton.

Work Session:

  1. Begin Activity 2.13 “Setting the Mood and Understanding Tone: Wonka Two Ways”; read the excerpt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Read the excerpt and complete the table identifying mood and the stylistic elements that contribute to it.
  2. Watch the beginning of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; jigsaw the cinematic techniques to take film notes on Burton’s style.

Closer: Groups share findings from the “close viewing” then discuss Burton’s style.

HOMEWORK:The Night Circus projects due May 8; ZINC due May 15.

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