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"Ignoring isn't the same as ignorance, you have to work at it." ~Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale

Honors 9th Literature Week 16 May 4-8

All assignments should be completed in Schoology. This blog is just an overview of what you will find there.

Planning Your Week

You will have a few more opportunities for quick grade improvement. If you haven’t already, finish up your ZINC decks to replace that grade. Continue working on the major grade for The Night Circus summative assessment. This will count roughly 20% of your class average, so you have a lot of room to move up! Keep learning!

Continue finishing your ZINC words. For quick access, use this ZINC LINKI will be replacing grades this week. ZINC Timing

I encourage you to continue independently reading as well. Many books are available in electronic versions from Cobb County Public Library  The Libby App works great, too. Best of all, you already have an account! You can also listen to tons of books on


Monday, May 4

  1. Explore the link and find something interesting about Star Wars; post to the discussion board.
  2. Finish your research and begin creating the ad (Bailey), model (Ethan), or design board or cooking video (Poppet).


Tuesday, May 5

  1. Research a bit about Cinco de Mayo and celebrate if you wish! Post an interesting fact to the discussion board.
  2. Continue creating the ad (Bailey), model (Ethan), or design board or cooking video (Poppet).


Wednesday, May 6

  1. Post a detailed explanation of your tent plan and project idea to the discussion board.
  2. Respond to others with constructive criticism, questions, and compliments.
  3. Review students’ comments to your post and apply the feedback to make your project better.


Thursday, May 7

  1. Post questions or concerns you have about your writing (of the rationale and/or Celia and Marco’s letter) to Schoology.
  2. Submit a rough draft of your rationale and/or your letter to Celia and Marco to I will provide feedback on these so you can revise and resubmit final drafts next week.


Friday, May 8

  1. Catch up on anything you’ve missed. Enjoy some independent reading.

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