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Honors 9th Literature Week 17 May 11-15

All assignments should be completed in Schoology. This blog is just an overview of what you will find there.

Planning Your Week

We are in the final stretch! This week you should finish your project for The Night Circus and submit each part to the correct place. There are no daily checkpoints since you have feedback from your rough drafts and just need to revise the written work and create the product.

  1. Post the 2-3 page rationale with Works Cited page to the REVISION assignment in
  2. Post the 1-2 page letter to Celia and Marco to the REVISION assignment in
  3. Post the ad, model, design board, or cooking video to Schoology.

Continue finishing your ZINC words. For quick access, use this ZINC LINKI will take one last look May 19. ZINC Timing

I encourage you to continue independently reading as well. Many books are available in electronic versions from Cobb County Public Library  The Libby App works great, too. Best of all, you already have an account! You can also listen to tons of books on


Monday, May 11 – Thursday, May 14

  1. Finish your project for The Night Circus; revise your written work based on feedback I gave you and create the product.

Friday, May 15

  1. Friday is a catch up day, but you can preview your final exam and begin working on it as your have time. It is due Tuesday, May 19 at 11:59 p.m.
  2. Check your grades in Synergy and let me know if I have missed anything or made any errors.

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