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Here is the information needed to fill out your “Creation of Israel Writing Plan”Creation of Israel Writing Plan Answers-2g7nkgm organizer…….

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Week of 10/1


SS: Blog assignment due Tomorrow 10/3


Science: Quiz tomorrow over cellular respiration.  Study notes.

Summative 10/8 over:

Cellular transport (active and passive)



Cellular Respiration


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Week of 9/17


Starting Monday Oct. 1st at 8:15, I have designated this time for students to come in to prepare for the week by organizing binders/folders, checking Synergy and finishing up on up-coming assignments (if need be). If you are interested in having your student attend, please email me so I know to gather them from the theater.

Thank you!

 Social Studies

 SS7H2 Analyze continuity and change in Southwest Asia (Middle East). a. Explain how European partitioning in the Middle East following WWI led to regional conflict.

This week we will conclude ITBS testing on Wednesday.  We started history of SWA last week with by looking at European Partitioning.  This week will look at continuing conflict in the area and there will be a formative assessment on Friday the 21st.  The following week September 24-28 will be Fall Break


*Photosynthesis quiz (Friday)

Refer to Mrs. Ramsey’s blog for the Quizizz practice. Quizizz Code- 077699

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Week of Aug. 27th


Social Studies:

SS7G6 Explain the impact of environmental issues across Southwest Asia.

SS7G8 Analyze the diverse cultural characteristics of the people who live in Southwest Asia

Last week’s Oil checkpoint (formative assessment) was moved to this Tuesday.  After that we will begin a short lesson on the unequal access to water in Southwest Asia.  We hope to start ethnic groups by the end of the week, however, with Wednesday being early release we will take each day as it comes.  Later this week we will be going over how to access the online textbook and a homework assignment will be sent home that will not be due until the next week.


Students are making Cell Flip books. This is a great study tool for the check point on Wed.  We will continue to reinforce Prokaryote, Eukaryote, Cell Structure and Function Unit Test.  In addition, any notes that students have are great study tools.  Please refer to Mrs. Ramsey’s Blog for additional study tools.

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Week of 8/20


Social Studies:     This week our focus will be on OPEC.  We will complete a technology performance task to learn about the function of OPEC.  The work from this performance task will be a summative grade.  We will also complete a reading and notes organizer to wrap up the lesson at the end of the week and ending with a formative checkpoint on Friday the 24th.


Science:   Students took notes on Eukaryotic/Prokaryotic cells Tuesday.  Study these notes.  We will have a quiz Thursday.

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Week of Aug. 6-10th


Social Studies

Hello!!!!  I can’t tell you how excited I am for this year!!  Please always reference Mr. Rhodes Blog for a plethora of resources.  He always has a Quizlet and Quizizz going as a review for students as well as work sheets that students may find if they were absent.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me.  [email protected]


Quizizz (Game code 176151)


SS week of 6-10th:  SS7G5 Locate selected features in Southwest Asia (Middle East).

This week we will begin learning where specific physical features and political features are in Southwest Asia.  We will create maps, fly with a genie across the Arabian Peninsula and beyond, and take notes over this area and features.  There will be a summative assessment on Friday, August 10 over the physical and political features.  Students will have to find them on a map as well as answer questions about them.


Science:  No homework, but make sure you are familiar with lab safety rules.  Quiz Friday!! Return lab safety contract if you have not done so.

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Preview for week 3/12


Social Studies:

SS7G9 Locate selected features in Southern and Eastern Asia.

SS7G12 Analyze the diverse cultural characteristics of the people who live in Southern and Eastern Asia.

This week we will have a summative on Tuesday over the political and physical features of Southern and Eastern Asia.  Remediation and retake will take place this week if necessary.  At the end of the week we will look at the ethic and religious groups found in that region.

**Africa Cultural Extension day is planned for March 30th.  A volunteer sign-up genius will go out soon.

The school-wide Social Studies tutoring takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8am in Mr. Rhodes room.  All are welcome.


Summative #2 (solve problems using Punnett Squares/must APPLY vocab from summative 1 to do well)- Next Tuesday!

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Week 3/5


Science: Review the two Punnett Square resource pages I gave you.  We will be having an assessment on this next week.

SS:  PLEASE, review your maps nightly.  We will have an assessment on this the 13th!!!

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Preview Jan. 8-12


Science: Please have students review their notes they took in class Friday.  They were given the levels of organization study guide for our formative coming up.  See attached.  Levels of Organization study guide MOD


Social Studies:

SS7G3 Explain the impact of location, climate, and physical characteristics on population distribution in Africa.

  1. Explain how the characteristics in the Sahara, Sahel, savanna, and tropical rain forest impact trade and affect where people live.

SS7G4 Analyze the diverse cultural characteristics of the people who live in Africa.

  1. Explain the differences between an ethnic group and a religious group.
  2. Describe the diversity of religions within African ethnic groups.


This week we will finish up our “I Survived Activity”. There will be a checkpoint over this on Wednesday (Formative).  On Wednesday and Thursday we will be using video clips to show life and the environment of the biomes and we plan to test over Geography on Friday (Summative).

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Nov. 13-17th Preview


Social Studies:

SS7CG3 Compare and contrast various forms of government. a. Explain citizen participation in autocratic and democratic governments [i.e., the role of citizens in choosing the leaders of Israel (parliamentary democracy), Saudi Arabia (autocratic monarchy), and Turkey (parliamentary democracy)]. b. Describe the two predominant forms of democratic governments: parliamentary and presidential

This week we have a quiz over Modern Conflicts.  We will then begin Government in SWA the rest of the week by reviewing Presidential and Parliamentary Democracy and then with time remaining begin comparing governments of the countries listed in the standard.  Wednesday of this week is performing arts.  If you have not sent in your permission form please bring that in ASAP (donations are accepted NOT required).  Also, our first Cultural Extension will be Friday.

Mondays and Wednesdays, Mr. Rhodes will be holding the LMS 7th grade Social Studies tutoring at 8am and all 7th graders are welcome to attend.


This past week we reviewed microscopes and started learning about cells. It is vital that student’s review their notes daily regarding cell parts.  It can be difficult for them to remember the function of each part of a cell.   More resources will be coming home to help them with this process.

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