Mrs. Rudick's 8th Grade Science Class

Scientists have become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge. – Stephen Hawking



Hi guys! Holy inclement weather days!!!!!  Hope you are all warm and safe.


Here are the test reviews— I am looking to move our test to MONDAY 1/22, please use the Jeopardy and Study guide to review as needed!



study guide for unit 7 test-2h8ygg6

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Physical Science Week of 1/15-1/19






  1. Speed Quiz (Students took a 5 question quiz on Calculating Speed.)
  2.  Energy Transformation Worksheet (From Friday) We went over Energy Transformations and gave examples of each. Download the sheet here: Energy Transformation Worksheet-1181ln8
  3.  Overview of this week and next with dates to remember!
    1. QUIZ on Thurs 1/18— This quiz was originally set for Wednesday 1/17, due to inclement weather and testing it will be Thursday.
    2.  Unit 7 Test (Energy & Motion) is STILL scheduled for its original date FRIDAY 1/19– Here is the study Guide: study guide for unit 7 test-2h8ygg6                Energy_and_Motion_-_Jeopardy_Review-v9ysri
    3.  SPEED & ACCELERATION PRACTICE: Speed and Acceleration-2jhymfe (THIS IS HOMEWORK) Use Textbook Pages 119-123 to help with the information. (Formulas are on the sheet)
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Physical Science Week of 1/8-1/12


Monday: No School Inclement Weather Day

Tuesday: Project Initiation Lab Day 1

1.Students must READ and take GOOD notes on Pgs. 118-123. (You will need these terms and formulas for your Lab)

2.Concepts that NEED to be included: motion, reference point, calculating average speed graphs, velocity, calculating average acceleration, recognizing acceleration graphs, circular motion

3. AFTER your notes are complete… Come see me for a marble, lab sheet and materials!!!

Download Lab here: Project Initiation Lab-1k71kfp


Wednesday: Project Initiation Lab Day 2

Students will continue to work with their Capstone Group Members, this will also include calculating Speed and graphing GPE, KE, SE, and TE.

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Physical Science Week of 1/4-1/5


WELCOME BACK!!!! You are now halfway finished with 8th grade, and halfway to High School!!!!


As I told you before break we will be spending the month of January working on our Roller Coaster PLB and the Capstone Project.




We began our lesson with a look at Jake Brown’s epic wipe-out in the 2014 X-Games. (Spoiler alert- He was ok, and walked off the arena)

Today’s Agenda:

  1. read and discuss pages240-246
  2. VOCAB: potential energy, kinetic energy, mechanical energy, thermal energy
  3. Follow up with Phet Skate Park Simulation— HANDOUT- Skate Park Energy-1w5hucj (This belongs in your capstone binder)
Today’s Agenda:
1. Re-visit Skate Park Simulation and discuss Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy and Thermal Energy .
2. Be sure Skate Park Handout has been finished and put into Capstone Notebook.
3. FIRST Classwork Grade of the Quarter!!!
          Please Read 253-257 Complete Questions 1-9 on Pg. 253 and Questions 1-6 on Pg. 257. (This is HW if you do not finish) Students will be given the entire class period to work on this. Use your time wisely!
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MIDTERM REVIEW SHEET– (All students were given a printed copy of this on Tuesday 12/12) Mid-term study guide-27e6r6w

Midterm Jeopardy:  


Past Units Jeopardy Review and other Videos and Information you can study!

Jeopardy – Atoms and the Periodic Table-1f3o0e0– UNIT 5

Jeopardy Review – Properties of Matter-x3zujd– UNIT 2

Test_Review_Jeopardy_-_Particle_Motion_and_Heat_Transfer-1d5e3i7— UNIT 4

Compounds and Mixtures Jeopardy Review R-1df7wlv— UNIT 6



Video on Elements:



Dear Parents and rising 9th grade Pope Students,
This is a friendly reminder that the application deadline for the Academies @ Pope is quickly approaching. Pope High School is pleased to offer challenging and enriching career pathways in Global Connections, STEM, and Culinary Arts. We look forward to receiving your applications by December 21st.
  • Dec 21st Applications Due
  • Feb 16th Acceptances Announced
  • Mar 18th Letter of Intent Due
  • Week of Mar 19th Registration for Academy Courses


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Physical Science Week of 12/11-12/15




Social Studies and ELA– FRIDAY 12/15

Science & Foreign Language/Origins/Literacy– MONDAY 12/18

Math- TUESDAY 12/19


EARLY RELEASE: Tuesday 12/19 Wednesday 12/20 (Students Dismissed at 1:30pm)

Monday: No School– Snow Day!   
Tuesday: Unit 6 Test– all students will finish and add their answers to i-respond, and complete their short answer and essay question. (All students began working on their Midterm Study Guide after completing their test)
Wednesday: Chemistry of Baking Lab! Lava Cakes YUM!
Thursday: Roller Coaster PBL Intro–
coaster PBL-y0w3ot  (Powerpoint)
Friday: Midterm Review!– Study this Weekend!
(The Midterm will be counted as a test grade for Quarter 2)
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Physical Science Study Guide and Jeopardy


Don’t forget to Study Tonight!

Elements Compounds and Mixtures

Study Guide for Unit 6 Test-2l26tk1

Compounds and Mixtures Jeopardy Review R-1df7wlv

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Physical Science Week of 11/27-12/1



Unit 6 Test— Friday 12/8– Download Study Guide NOW: Study Guide for Unit 6 Test-2l26tk1

Chemistry of Baking LAB— Monday 12/11 and Tuesday 12/12 (More yummy information to come!) 🙂

Science Midterm— Monday 12/18 (We will have a study guide and review days built into class to review this information.)



Today in class we continued to practice with understanding balanced equations. We did a few examples together on the SmartBoard.

Students completed Counting Atoms a timed worksheet to see if they truly understood balancing equations. Here is the worksheet: How_to_Count_Atoms_Worksheet-15xtq9v

HOMEWORK: Balanced or Not? Balanced or Not – Chemical Equations-1goepug


WELCOME BACK!!!! 18 Days until Winter break, and 18 days until the end of the 2nd Quarter!!!!!

Monday and Tuesday:

We spent the last 2 days looking at Chemical Reactions and the Law of Conservation of Mass (We used Gumdrops and Jelly beans as manipulatives)

This was a difficult concept so I would review the information again and again to be sure that you understand it.

Check out this video:

Lab Sheet from Day 1 (Monday) Gum Drop Reactions – Quick Lab p.400 (3)-vlemvt

Lab Reactions from Day 1– We went over this today. DIRECTIONS-1gudh2k



1. 2 Cu + O2 –> 2 CuO
2. 4Cr + 3O­2 –> 2Cr2O3
3. Ca + 2HCl –> CaCl2 + H2
4. BaCO3 –> BaO + CO2


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Physical Science Week of 11/13-11/17


A Request for Supplies: Hi students and parents! We are planning an activity lab that students will use gumdrops for. (We are building molecules and compounds!) If you could send in gumdrops with your student for our use, it would be tremendously appreciated! The lab is planned for when we return from the Thanksgiving break! THANK YOU SO MUCH!



Today’s Agenda:

  1. Ionic and Covalent Bonding Quiz (Grades already in Synergy)
  2. Read Pg. 392-397 (Answer Questions 1-10) Classwork
  3.  Homework: “Name that Molecule” — Due tomorrow Name That Molecule-15efh38




Today’s Agenda:

  1. Formative on Matter (7 multiple choice questions to see if you know what is going on) Preview for tomorrow’s Quiz.
  2.  Finish Foldable for Friday for Classwork Grade– all students who finished received a grade, if they did not, their classwork grade was a zero. (2 days were given for this assignment)
  3.  Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Worksheet (Great Study Guide!)
  4. QUIZ TOMORROW!!!! — STUDY!!!!

Part 4: Column A lists a substance.  In Column B, list whether the substance is an element (E), a compound (C), or mixture (M).  Use Column C for mixtures only.  In Column C, list physical properties you could use to separate the mixture.

(Below is Part 4 from the Worksheet…. we ran out of time in several classes, so I made sure to post it here!)

Column A

Column B Column C
1. Iron fillings and sawdust


Magnetism, density
2. Steam  (H2O) C  
3. Salt Water M Evaporation
4. Pencil lead (C) E  
5. Salt and pepper


Solubility, density
6. Pepsi M Evaporation
7. Silver (Ag) E  
8. Toothpaste M ???  Hard to separate, but possible
9. A burrito M Size
10. Italian Dressing M Density, solubility
11. Chicken Soup M Size, density, evaporation
12. Lemonade M evaporation
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Physical Science Week of 11/6-11/10


From the Counselors:

Coffee w the Counselors
Friday 11/10 @8:15 AM
Art It Out Therapy Center counselors will discuss helping parents recognize anxiety in middle school children.
They will focus on how to talk with children & teens who are anxious and will also teach parents critical coping strategies.

Science Dates to Know:

Quiz- Tuesday 11/4

PBL  Due- Friday 11/17

Thanksgiving Break 11/20-11/24

Test Friday- 12/8



  1. Finish CER- 15 minutes
  2. Note Taking on Ionic and Covalent Bonds:
  3. Two Column Notes Ionic and Covalent-1-267o6h9




Class Agenda:

  1. Review Last night’s homework on particle compounds elements and mixtures.
  2.  C.E.R on Observation Lab from yesterday. Listed below is the RUBRIC for the CER.

Claim–  According to the observations all substances are pure. (You could write something different, it doesn’t have to be the same, but should be one statement and without using “I” or “we”  — 5 POINTS

Evidence– DISCUSS EXPERIMENT– List the materials and steps that were taken… talk about how you came to this knowledge and information that you found to lead you to your conclusions (Hint: The evidence portion of your chart.)– 15 points

Reasoning—RE-state Claim/ Refuted/Supported or Partial? (5 Points)

Science Evidence- Discuss Mixtures, elements, compounds, which are pure? How do you know? What are the formulas? (20 points)

Conclusion- “According to the data… etc”     (5 Points)                   [50 TOTAL]



Today’s Agenda:

  1.  Students worked in groups of 3-4 to complete the Matter Observation Lab (Download it here: Matter Observation Lab OL-23igggd
  2.   HW: Compound Practice: Elements Compounds and Mixtures WS V1-zpqweg


Tuesday: Election Day– No School for Students



Today’s Agenda:

  1. Unit 6 Overview and dates to know
  2.  Read Pgs. 90-100  Complete 2 column notes Two Column notes Compunds and Mixtures-1jhp6gd
  3.  HW: Complete Questions 1-7 on Pg. 93 AND Questions 1-6 on Pg. 97 (13 Questions Total)

Don’t forget, no school for students tomorrow 11/7!! 🙂


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