Mrs. Rudick's 8th Grade Science Class

Scientists have become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge. – Stephen Hawking

Physical Science Week of 11/13-11/17


A Request for Supplies: Hi students and parents! We are planning an activity lab that students will use gumdrops for. (We are building molecules and compounds!) If you could send in gumdrops with your student for our use, it would be tremendously appreciated! The lab is planned for when we return from the Thanksgiving break! THANK YOU SO MUCH!



Today’s Agenda:

  1. Ionic and Covalent Bonding Quiz (Grades already in Synergy)
  2. Read Pg. 392-397 (Answer Questions 1-10) Classwork
  3.  Homework: “Name that Molecule” — Due tomorrow Name That Molecule-15efh38




Today’s Agenda:

  1. Formative on Matter (7 multiple choice questions to see if you know what is going on) Preview for tomorrow’s Quiz.
  2.  Finish Foldable for Friday for Classwork Grade– all students who finished received a grade, if they did not, their classwork grade was a zero. (2 days were given for this assignment)
  3.  Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Worksheet (Great Study Guide!)
  4. QUIZ TOMORROW!!!! — STUDY!!!!

Part 4: Column A lists a substance.  In Column B, list whether the substance is an element (E), a compound (C), or mixture (M).  Use Column C for mixtures only.  In Column C, list physical properties you could use to separate the mixture.

(Below is Part 4 from the Worksheet…. we ran out of time in several classes, so I made sure to post it here!)

Column A

Column B Column C
1. Iron fillings and sawdust


Magnetism, density
2. Steam  (H2O) C  
3. Salt Water M Evaporation
4. Pencil lead (C) E  
5. Salt and pepper


Solubility, density
6. Pepsi M Evaporation
7. Silver (Ag) E  
8. Toothpaste M ???  Hard to separate, but possible
9. A burrito M Size
10. Italian Dressing M Density, solubility
11. Chicken Soup M Size, density, evaporation
12. Lemonade M evaporation
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Physical Science Week of 11/6-11/10


From the Counselors:

Coffee w the Counselors
Friday 11/10 @8:15 AM
Art It Out Therapy Center counselors will discuss helping parents recognize anxiety in middle school children.
They will focus on how to talk with children & teens who are anxious and will also teach parents critical coping strategies.

Science Dates to Know:

Quiz- Tuesday 11/4

PBL  Due- Friday 11/17

Thanksgiving Break 11/20-11/24

Test Friday- 12/8



  1. Finish CER- 15 minutes
  2. Note Taking on Ionic and Covalent Bonds:
  3. Two Column Notes Ionic and Covalent-1-267o6h9




Class Agenda:

  1. Review Last night’s homework on particle compounds elements and mixtures.
  2.  C.E.R on Observation Lab from yesterday. Listed below is the RUBRIC for the CER.

Claim–  According to the observations all substances are pure. (You could write something different, it doesn’t have to be the same, but should be one statement and without using “I” or “we”  — 5 POINTS

Evidence– DISCUSS EXPERIMENT– List the materials and steps that were taken… talk about how you came to this knowledge and information that you found to lead you to your conclusions (Hint: The evidence portion of your chart.)– 15 points

Reasoning—RE-state Claim/ Refuted/Supported or Partial? (5 Points)

Science Evidence- Discuss Mixtures, elements, compounds, which are pure? How do you know? What are the formulas? (20 points)

Conclusion- “According to the data… etc”     (5 Points)                   [50 TOTAL]



Today’s Agenda:

  1.  Students worked in groups of 3-4 to complete the Matter Observation Lab (Download it here: Matter Observation Lab OL-23igggd
  2.   HW: Compound Practice: Elements Compounds and Mixtures WS V1-zpqweg


Tuesday: Election Day– No School for Students



Today’s Agenda:

  1. Unit 6 Overview and dates to know
  2.  Read Pgs. 90-100  Complete 2 column notes Two Column notes Compunds and Mixtures-1jhp6gd
  3.  HW: Complete Questions 1-7 on Pg. 93 AND Questions 1-6 on Pg. 97 (13 Questions Total)

Don’t forget, no school for students tomorrow 11/7!! 🙂


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Physical Science Week of 10/30-11/3


Important Dates to Know:

Thursday 11/2– Unit 5 Test (Study guide Given on Tuesday)

Friday 11/3– PBL (Element Resume Due)



Today’s Agenda:

  1. Students did an activity to help them REVIEW for the test tomorrow on the Periodic Table.
  2.  Download it here: Color Coding The Periodic Table-y3ezev
  3. Jeopardy Review: Jeopardy – Atoms and the Periodic Table-1f1ek65



Happy Halloween!

Today’s Agenda

  1. WORK DAY for PBL.
  2. I reserved the Laptop Carts and Students were given the class period to work on their Element Resume PBL.
  3.  Here is the RUBRIC: Element Resume Score Sheet-1x92hau     and the TEMPLATE: for the PBL (again) ResumeOfElement (2)-1rskjpl
  4.  REMEMBER PBL’s are DUE FRIDAY!!!!!



Today’s Agenda:

  1. Read 364-367
  2. 2. Please take Notes on those pages; the 3 Main Ideas are: Combining Atoms Through Chemical Bonding/ Electron Number and Organization and To Bond or Not to Bond (These are the RED topic headings from your text)
  3. Answer Questions 1-7 on Pg. 367


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Science Week of 10/23-10/27


FYI from the Counseling Department:

Learn about growing issues in the East Cobb Community:
Parent Information Night
October 26th at 6:45 PM in the HTMS Theater
Please join us for an interactive discussion with Jeff Dess the coordinator of the Prevention Intervention Center of Cobb County Schools. Additionally, he is an author and inspirational speaker for young people and adults alike. He has been effectively working with kids, teens, and adults for over 25 years.
He will be at HTMS to address current trends facing our teens and to answer questions from parents on topics such as:
  • Bullying Behavior, Cyber-Bullying and Violence Prevention
  • Music and the Media   
  • Stress     
  • Suicide and Depression     
  • Healthy Relationships           
  • Drug Prevention       
  • Internet Safety/Social Media


Atomic Structure Quiz: Friday 10/27

Unit 5 Test- Thursday 11/2

Element Resume PBL Due- Friday 11/3



  1. QUIZ TODAY!!!!
  2.  Complete Classwork on Pg 351 #’s 1-11 (Hand in for a grade)
  3.  Students can work on researching their ELEMENT for the PBL. The PBL is DUE Next Friday 11/3!!!!

Here is the template and rubric (again) if you need it: ResumeOfElement-1h0a4uu

Element Resume Score Sheet-1x92hau


Today in class we reviewed Bohr Models and completed a classwork activity on the Periodic Table.

Here is the Periodic Table chart Students did in class. Understanding groups on the Periodic Table of Elements OL 13-zo2b7e

Afterwards students read pages 344-350 and answered questions 1-11 for a classwork grade.  (This can be completed in class tomorrow.)

HW: Study for Atomic Structure Quiz


Today in class we learned about Bohr Models and reviewed the structure of an atom.

We watched a BrainPop on atoms:

We also saw a powerpoint on Bohr Models:  you can access it below:…/Drawing%20Bohr%20Models.ppt

Together as a class we did some examples of Bohr Models:  Atoms and the Periodic Table WS 13-126cu9w (Please finish for HW if needed)


Today’s Agenda:

  1. Read 318-325
  2. Complete 2 Column Notes on Atoms Two Column Notes Atoms-1nxt3u6
  3. All students were given their ELEMENT today for their PBL. I wrote it down for each student and have a list on my roster. Please let me know if you lost your paper or need to know your element for the PBL. Remember that this is DUE on Friday 11/3!!
  4.  Use this template for your PBL Element Resume: ResumeOfElement-1h0a4uu  

Students may complete their resume online using the template above OR they may create their own on construction paper following the template and rubric. The Rubric is attached below under Monday’s assignments.



Today we watched a Bill Nye Video Clip to introduce us to our next Unit.

Students answered 5 Questions about the video and handed it in for a classwork grade.

  1. What is an atom?
  2.  How are atoms different from each other?
  3. How are similarities and differences reflected on the periodic table of elements?
  4. What are elements?
  5. What are molecules?


Afterwards I introduced students to our new PBL: An Element Resume

Here is the Powerpoint/TEMPLATE/RUBRIC for the PBL:

POWERPOINT Element Resume 

Element Resume Score Sheet-1x92hau


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Physical Science 10/16-10/20 (Conference Week- Early Release)


FYI: All students will take the PSAT 8/9 on Wednesday, 10/18, starting promptly at 9:15. Due to the College Board return procedures, there will be no make-up testing for this test, so please ensure your student is present on testing day. Contact Joni Myler if you have any questions: [email protected]



Today students took Part 1 of the Unit 4 Test. (19 Multiple Choice Questions) Each Question was worth 3 Points

THURSDAY will be part 2 of the Unit 4 Test. (Short Answer and Extended Response) Here are the questions below so that you can prepare!!!

Short Answer: (6 points each)

  1. A container is filled with water at 5°C. When energy is added, what happens to the following? (Use the proper scientific terminology in your answer.) A. Particle Motion                 B. Temperature                 C. State
  2. There is a .5 liter sample of HOT coffee and a block of water ice which is the size of the classroom. Respond to the 3 prompts below.
    1. Which has the greatest temperature?
    2. Which has the greatest thermal energy?
    3. Explain your answer to “2”.


  1. Draw a diagram of the particles of a substance in its solid, liquid, gas and plasma state/phase. Describe the particle motion at each phase. (16 points)

2. Use words and pictures to explain conduction, convection and radiation from a particles perspective. (15 points)





  1. LAST DAY FOR PBL BUSINESS PROPOSAL. Please see last week’s post for the template and information regarding this project.
  2.  Tomorrow: PART 1 of Unit 4 Test: Multiple Choice  Here is a study guide to review: Study_Guide_PARTICLE_MOTION_&_HEAT_TRANSFER-1-1fa0pvs
  3.  WEDNESDAY is PSAT 8/9 Test in Homeroom.
  4. THURSDAY- Short Answer portion of Unit Test 4.


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Physical Science Week of 10/9-10/13


FYI: All students will take the PSAT 8/9 on Wednesday, 10/18, starting promptly at 9:15. Due to the College Board return procedures, there will be no make-up testing for this test, so please ensure your student is present on testing day. Contact Joni Myler if you have any questions: [email protected] 


Thursday and Friday:


Reminder: PBL’s are DUE on Monday 10/16 at the END of the period. (I have reserved the laptop carts, HOWEVER be mindful that we have early release. There will only be approx. 30 minutes per class.)

Here is the template: Business Proposal Template OL 14-15-23fhj9t

Some Helpful Information for you to use when writing your PBL:


  1. ICE CREAM LAB DAY!!!!! (Thank you Hovarth Family for sending in plastic spoons! It was so appreciated!)
  2.  Here is a copy of the lab Dry Ice vs Water Ice Lab OL – Student Format 17-psj31z
  3. LABS ARE DUE ON FRIDAY 10/13!!!


Monday 10/9 and Tuesday 10/10:

Class Agenda

Today we worked on PARTICLE DRAWINGS for the 3 types of heat transfer. Conduction / Convection / Radiation

Here were the directions and information given to each student:


You are to create 3 diagrams showing each of the three types of heat transfer as it pertains to your ice cream. (conduction, convection, & radiation)

Use paper that is 8 ½ X 11 inches only.


  • dry ice temp is -78.5°C
  • ice cream is at -13°C when it is put in the ice cream cart
  • the water ice is at 0°C
  • air temperature is 30°C
  • heat transfer goes from the warmer substance to the cooler substance


Your diagrams should show what is happening with the particles as the energy moves from one substance to the other.  It should be obvious what is happening to the particles as the heat transfer occurs. Include arrows to show the direction that the particles are moving and/or energy is being transferred. To clarify your diagrams, add captions as necessary.   Be sure it is clear why the particles are moving and/or the energy is transferring in your drawing or captions.  You may NOT use images of these events from the Internet.

You need to have one page for conduction, another page for convection and another page for radiation.

***Remember, these will be part of your proposal and should be a quality that will impress the CTO!!***


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Physical Science Week of 10/2-10/6



Science Quiz– Thurs 10/5

PBL Due Date (Business Proposal)– Mon 10/16

Unit 4 Test- 10/17 & 10/19

PSAT 8/9– on 10/18

EARLY RELEASE SCHEDULE: (Students dismissed at 1:30) Monday 10/16-Friday 10/20!

Please join us for Coffee with Counselors on October 6th, 2017 @ 8:15 AM.  
Our presenter will be Huntington Learning Center and they will be discussing tips to help your child with Study Skills and Organization.


Class Agenda:
1. Formative on Phases of Matter
2. Read Pages 280-287 in the text
3. Complete Foldable: 2 Choices
Tri-Flap Foldable:    
Barn Door Foldable: 
The 3 topics you should include are: (These are the RED topics within your text)
1. Transferred Thermal Energy
2. Conduction, Convection and Radiation
3. Heat and Temperature Change
Include the BLUE subtopics and hi-lighted vocabulary terms.
Please complete Questions 1-8 on Textbook Page 287.  Answers need to be in complete sentences.


Class Agenda:

  1. Review of  Forms of Matter (Formative tomorrow… Quiz Thursday)
  2.  Understanding TEMPERATURE. READ 274-279
  3.  Students should create 3 column notes on: Temperature/Thermal Energy/Kinetic Energy

Search Quizlet for:  Matter – states, phases, energy


Today’s Agenda:

Examining Changes of State. Chapter 3 Section 3 (Text Pgs. 74-79)

1.READ FIRST- Read Pages 74-79

2.Complete Vocabulary Terms: change of state/ melting/ evaporation/ boiling/ condensation/ sublimation

melting point/endothermic/exothermic/freezing point/ vapor   pressure/ boiling point

  1. Please answer questions 1-10 on Pg. 79. Answer in complete sentences.


(FYI- Ice Cream Homework due tomorrow) — Please see my Post from Thursday 9/21 when this assignment was given if you need clarification.

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Physical Science Week of 9/18-9/22



Today in class we worked on Particle Drawings for the 4 States of Matter.

Here is the paper if you missed class: (This is important because you will hand in your particle drawings with your Business Proposal at the end of the PBL.) States of Matter Diagrams 13-21lpeix



Today students began their research on our next PBL. We will be looking at the 4 States of Matter.

  1. Take NOTES…. Include the following vocab terms: states of matter, solid, liquid, surface tension, viscosity, gas, atoms, molecules, crystalline, amorphous (these words are within the reading in Italics… look carefully.)
  2. Take notes on the states of Matter. LIQUID, SOLID, GAS, PLASMA. Be sure to include: particle position, motion/speed, volume and shape.
  3.  Don’t understand PLASMA? Here is a good overview:


Research for PBL for unit 4

  1. Measure the temperature of your freezer.
  2. Place a scoop of ice cream (from your freezer) into a bowl and measure the temperature of the center of the ice cream scoop. (If you need to use sorbet or almond milk ice cream etc; please do)
  3. Eat all of the ice cream except for one spoonful. Measure the temperature of the last spoonful.
  4. Describe the consistency of the ice cream as it first came out of the freezer, and of the last bite.




Today we introduced ourselves to our Unit 4 PBL!

Melting ice cream problem PBL Statement OL-1lhln6u



All students were given the opportunity to re-write their Chemistry in a Bag Lab from 9/8.

Here is the Rubric for the grading and some tips for writing in the CER method.


10 pts

Clearly stated                           10 pts

Unclear                                        5 pts

Missing or unrelated                  0 pts




40 pts


Specific color change                10 pts

Temp changes (up & down)     20 pts

Gas production                           10pts



50 pts

Restatement of claim w/ supported, refuted or inconclusive                                                     10 pts

Summarized all evidence collected:  color change, temp changes, gas production                 15 pts


Evidence suggests statement                                                                                                              10 pts


Connection of scientific fact                                                                                                                15 pts


CLAIM: (10) Do not use “I” or “our” A claim is a simple 1 sentence statement. However, be sure you are specific. (Especially if you are using chemicals)

EVIDENCE: (40) Be sure to follow the ORDER of the lab. It does not make sense when you are just jotting random things down. Also, be sure to write the chemicals you are using “BB” makes no sense.

REASONING: (50) There should be no “I” or we” Be sure that you have re-stated your claim and said if it was supported or refuted. Summarize your evidence in paragraph form.  “The data suggests a chemical change occurred because…” CONNECT TO A SCIENTIFIC FACT (Use the info GIVEN to you on the back of the lab)

DO YOU NEED THIS LAB?  Chemistry in a Ziploc Bag OL 2016-26oxtm2

CHEMICAL NOTES SHEET_ziploc bag lab-uxzx0h


Class Agenda:

  1. Students were given the entire class period to work on their PBL Banana Poster.
  2.  Please see my previous post on FRIDAY 9/15 for the powerpoint, rubric and requirements for the PBL poster or pamphlet.
  3.  ALL Banana PBL posters are due tomorrow. 10 points off per day for late submissions unless there was an absence.
  4. TOMORROW– I am holding an AMNESTY DAY in Science. Many, many students need to fix, or re-do C.E.R labs that they have handed in. Tomorrow will be a day to re-do and improve their LAB grades. Students are not using their time wisely or their resources to write their labs, therefore I am allowing this class day of work time to improve their Lab averages. Please come prepared to work independently.
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Physical Science Week of 9/11-9/15


FYI- Our originally scheduled Test on Physical and Chemical Changes will STILL be on Thursday 9/14


Banana PBL Work Day– PBLs are DUE on Tuesday at the beginning of class.  There will be a 10 point (per day) deduction for late submissions.

Here is the RUBRIC for the posters/pamphlets

Rubric FDA Poster ol 2015-1-2h66qqm

Download PowerPoint that discusses the PBL here: PBL unit 3 FDA OL 2017-2018-1naeqb9


Class Agenda:

  1. Unit 3 Test Today (24 Questions… 16 multiple choice and 8 stations questions)
  2. Students took their tests using i-Respond, and immediately received their scores. (They are also in Synergy)
  3. After all students were finished with their tests, we went over each question to address any issues, misconceptions or additional questions.
  4.  Tomorrow and Monday will be a PBL Work Day for the Poster/Pamphlet Project. Students will receive TWO work days in class to complete this project. Any additional work that needs to be finished will need to take place at home.



Class Agenda:

  1. Be sure Chemistry in a Bag C.E.R is handed in.
  2.  FYI-  PBL Poster work time has been moved to Friday 9/15 and Monday 9/18.
  3. Review for Test:
    • physical and chemical change review-1z5t8l7
      1. Know the evidence that indicates a physical change has occurred
      2. Know the evidence that a indicates chemical change has occurred
      3. Given an example of a physical or chemical change and evidence that occurred with the change, indicate if the change is physical or chemical (Hint: Think about the 8 Physical Stations Activities and 4 Chemical Stations we did in class)
      4. Understand what happens to the identity of a substance during a physical or chemical change
      5. Understand what happens to the properties of substances when they undergo a physical or chemical change
      6. Recognize changes as physical or chemical given an example of a change
      7. Be able to see a physical or chemical change that is occurring, or has already occurred, and indicate if the change is physical or chemical and the evidence that supports your claim. This part will occur at stations.

FYI- Our originally scheduled Test on Physical and Chemical Changes will STILL be on Thursday 9/14

Monday & Tuesday: No school due to Inclement Weather

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Life Science Week of 9/5-9/8


FYI-  Any Student who scored lower than a 70% on their Ch. 2 Test can come in for a RE-TEST on

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON 4:15-4:45pm OR FRIDAY MORNING 8:15-8:45AM. This is a way to

improve your grade on a test!!!


Class Agenda

  1. Last Day of banana observations (Throw your banana away!)
  2.  Chemistry in a Bag LAB
  3. CHEMICAL NOTES SHEET_ziploc bag lab-uxzx0h
  4. Chemistry in a Ziploc Bag OL 2016-26oxtm2
  5.  All labs should be written up in the C (Claim) E (Evidence) R (Reasoning) format.
  6. Labs due by Monday (All students were given time in class to work on this.)




Class Agenda

  1. Banana Observation
  2.  Physical and Chemical Changes QUIZ
  3. Chemical Changes Lab Part 2: Today we looked at Bromothymol Blue and Vinegar and Corn Starch and Iodine to discuss unexpected color change as a type of chemical change.



Class Agenda

  1.  Banana Observations
  2.  Formative on Physical & Chemical Changes (This is NOT a grade, but an assessment to allow students know how well they know their physical and chemical changes.)
  3.  REMEMBER QUIZ tomorrow!!!!!!
  4.  Chemical Changes Lab. Today we completed a large group Chemical Changes Lab using Calcium Chloride and Water and Baking Soda and Vinegar.


Class Agenda:

  1. Observe Bananas from our Banana Lab that we began last week.
  2.  Study Jams Video on Physical and Chemical Changes
  3. Stations on Physical Changes in Matter Physical Changes in Matter Stations-1-tes3bh



NO SCHOOL!!! Happy Labor Day!

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