Mrs. Rudick's 8th Grade Science Class

Scientists have become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge. – Stephen Hawking

Monday 4/24


Today we took our test over Electricity and Magnetism! I after taking a quick glance at some of the test I feel that you guys did great!

We will begin our PBL Project tomorrow so please bring in poster boards!


-Mr. Tanner


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Monday 4/23


Welcome back from a short lived weekend!

Today we reviewed for the test on Tuesday (tomorrow) 4/24!!!!

Here are the review games we played along with a copy of the study guide!

HW: Study for the test!!!

Study Guide electricity magnetism (2)-ztpu0z electricity_and_magnetism_review_game-vz5hic

-Mr. Tanner

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Thursday 4/19


Today we compared and contrasted series and parallel circuits. Students started a lab where we built different series and parallel with different loads. Students answered questions based on their observations. I have attached the handout below if you need to print this again to answer the questions. Comparing and Contrasting Series and Parallel Circuits (1)-1gnjbll

We also used the Phet simulator to build series and parallel circuits using the SmartBoard. If you would like more practice on building circuits click the link below and it will take you to the Phet sim.

HW- None

Study for Test on 4/24

-Mr. Tanner

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Wednesday 4/18


We are back to a normal schedule today, and that means we are getting back to electricity.

Today we read and discussed pages 494-498. We took notes on the vocabulary and created some visuals to aid in studying. We also watched some great videos that aided in our understanding, they will be linked below!


Vocab: Energy source, wire, load, circuit, parallel circuit, series circuit, switch

HW: SR pg. 499 1-7

TEST 4/26 Study guide will be posted soon!

-Mr. Tanner


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Tuesday 3/17


Final Day of Testing!!!!

Today we completed our discussion on Electric Motors, and we completed the 5 analysis questions. If you were absent Monday or Tuesday look at Monday’s Blog to get the handout, the 5 questions are located there.

No HW!


-Mr. Tanner

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Monday 4/16


Welcome back from a much needed weekend! We will be finishing up EoG testing today and tomorrow, then back to a normal schedule the rest of the week.

Today we explored electric motors, students worked in pairs to construct an electric motor using: Wire, battery, paperclips, and electrical tape. I have attached the document I used in class so you all can have a copy.

-Mr. Tanner


Building Electric Motors-1q1rvgz

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Friday 4/13


Happy Friday!!! We are almost done with testing, just science on Monday and Social Studies on Tuesday. We have been reviewing all this week for the science EoG and the students should have plenty of questions from the PowerPoint to study over the weekend. I would also look over old notes, assignments, and this blog to review as well!

Parents/Students: Below is a great resource to help you understand what the EoG is and how to be successful come Monday!

Milestones_StudyGuide_GR08_Science and Social Studies (2)-237t5wh


Have a Great Weekend!


Mr. Tanner

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Thursday 3/29


Hello all! Hope everyone had a great Thursday!

Today we learned about magnetism from electricity. We read and discussed pages 518-523.

Vocabulary: Electromagnetism, Solenoid, Electromagnet, Electric Motor

For extra practice complete Section Review on page 523!

Below are some of the videos we watched today that can help you study for your test!


-Mr. Tanner

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Wednesday 3/28


Here is what we did today!

We started off by reading and discussing pages 510-516. We took notes over the text and had a great classroom discussion about magnets and magnetism.

Vocabulary: Magnet, Magnetic poles, magnetic force

Homework: SR pg. 517 #’s 1-10

Below are some helpful links and videos on magnets! Use these to study and review.


-Mr. Tanner

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Hi Guys! :)


Hi kiddos!

Hope you all are doing great! Just thought I would check in and let you all know I was thinking about you, and hope you are doing awesome! Hang in there, it’s almost SPRING BREAK!!!!


Here is an updated picture of my little guy. He hopes you have a great Spring Break too! 

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