Mrs. Rudolf’s News

Good afternoon- The kids are working hard to write their small moment stories. We have been talking about adding more details to paint a better picture of the beginning, middle, and concluding events. We love writing! Reminders are being given to start each sentence with capital letters. End punctuation is also being emphasized.


Math- We are working with related facts. The kids are starting new math games with week! Check out for fun math games!


Relay for Life

Some of you might already have season passes to Six Flags.  This is different and I do not think it is for a season pass. Just passing this along.

When you purchase tickets through the website listed below, Six Flags will make a donation to our Relay for Life Team.


Week of Sept. 10th

We are ready for a new week! Students will start bringing home books to read each evening. We call this Overnight Express. See our weekly newsletter for more information.

Theme- Patriotic songs (We will start our poetry notebook this week! Students will be able to build their fluency and reading stamina by reading poems to a partner or by themselves.) We will also discuss being a good citizen. We will unveil our Social Studies poster and discuss the different components on it.

Math- We will learn different strategies to solve equations. The big focus will be on addition. Fact fluency is key. We will work on fact fluency to 10. Eventually, we want to build out fluency of numbers (mentally) to 20. We will learn how to solve word problems and show our work.

Reading- We will work on asking and answering question before, during, and after we read different books. We will also review the difference between fiction and nonfiction books.

Writing- Students will be working on their narratives. We are all working on writing stories, our stories. The focus is writing about small moments in our lives.


Have a great week! -Emily Rudolf

Updates of the Week

Tomorrow is early release day!

Today we explored with water and ice. We discussed evaporation and precipitation. We went outside to work with sleet (made in the classroom), water, and hail. ask your child about it.

Writing Workshop- We will be reading The Night of The Veggie Monster this week. We will use this as our mentor text. Today we read Ralph Writes A Story. Then, the kids started their idea pages of all the things they could write about. Tomorrow we will set up our writing workshop folders.

Kid Snippits- Weather

Good morning! Yesterday we had our introduction into weather. With your child, google “kid snippits weather team”. We watched this video yesterday…twice. It will make you laugh! We also talk about some misconceptions about weather and discussed what a real meteorologist studies to report the weather. Next week we will make weather predictions, study and record data, and leanr about different weather tools. Our STEM project next week will center around weather tools. Happy Friday!


It’s Friday! What a week!

Parents, Our class was very busy this week.

In spelling, we worked on tapping out CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words and we practiced our sight words with a variety of activities. S.O.S. sight words will be done at least 2x per week in class. The kids all did very well on our spelling test today. Some of the sight words were a review from last week. We started differentiated spelling groups this week.

Grammar and Handwriting- Everyone is doing a great job spacing between words in sentences. We all need reminders to start each sentence with a capital letter and end each sentence with correct end punctuation. It is only the beginning of the year but you will hear me talk about this a lot.

Reading Workshop- We continued to practice expectations during Daily 4. We worked on Work on Writing, Work with Words, Read to Self and Partner Reading. We were introduced to our new reading partners that the kids will have for the rest of this 9 week period.

Writing- We are working on writing sentences. This week students interviewed their new reading partners. They wrote questions, interviewed each other, then wrote sentences to answer their questions. These will come home next week.

Read Sheets- A new “Read Sheet” will come home on Monday. I will write “Read Sheet” at the top of the next one so that you can identify it more easy this week. It is for you and your child to review as we will learn new spelling rules each week. This is for you to keep at home. I do want the kids to read the words to you and review the spelling rule.

Weekly Progress Report (Pink sheet) Please sign and return this form each week.

We ended our week with a STEM challenge. Ask your child about the Marshmallow Challenge. Everyone now has their own STEM journal.


Jackson’s family for the hand soap!

Charlotte’s family for the golf tees!

Greyson’s family for the golf tees and pool noodles!

Whitten’s family for the bags of Legos!

Heads up for next week:

Sight Words for Next Week: get, he she was, my

Spelling Rule- Open and Closed Syllables

Math- We started differentiated math groups this week. These groups can change weekly or every few weeks. Next week we will work with the teen numbers- “ten and some more”.

Have a great weekend! -Emily Rudolf


A great birthday!

Thank you so much for the birthday cards, homemade crafts, and special goodies! I am very grateful. I had a great birthday with my new firsties! They were all so sweet and excited to wish me a happy birthday today! Thank you- Emily Rudolf