Holiday Party

All helping hands are welcome to join us tomorrow between 11:00-1:00. You do not have to sign up on Shutterfly to attend. We had 4 amazing parents (or more) plan this party for our kids. We will need help with clean up at the end (12:30) while I take the kids outside to play before they head to specials. Use the ticket I sent home on Friday as a fast check-in tomorrow. No need to sign in at the computer if you show the front desk your pass. See you tomorrow! Emily Rudolf

Week of Dec. 10, 2018

Wow! December is flying by too fast! Take a look at our week ahead..and more!

Theme- Thomas Jefferson

Math- We are playing several games this week to focus on our fact fluency. To name a few: Doubles,, number bonds, and more!

Writing- This week the kids will add a table of contents to the books they are writing. We are writing to teach! We will have our books published and ready to share with our classmates by next week.

Reading- We will be comparing and contrasting different informational texts on the same topic. Ex. two different books on polar bears

Spelling- We are coding (breaking words up into their syllable type) “rabbit words” this week! Rabbit words is a neat way to remember the VCCV (vowel/consonant/consonant/vowel) pattern. We divide between the “chocolate chips” (the consonants). Rabbit words are 2 syllable words where each syllable has a short vowel sound in it. Each syllable follows the CVC pattern. Examples: napkin, muffin, nutmeg

I will not be at school this Tuesday. I will be helping my dad.

Last week we….

*learned about using -es vs. -s at the end of words to make them plural or to change their meaning

*worked on our “All About” books to teach others

*took tests: word problems, addition strategies, author’s purpose

*made a wish tree for our class

*learned character traits and contributions about Thomas Jefferson

Next Week-See our class calendar. I will be adding a few updates later this week about next week. Stay tuned!


Weekly Progress Reports, Field Trip Form and More!

Yesterday we enjoyed hearing about everyone’s Thanksgiving break! The kids were so excited to see each other. We dove right into our nonfiction unit in reading and we are working on new addition and subtraction strategies. If you come to Parent Math Night, you will learn too!

A field trip form came home yesterday. Please fill it out and return the form. Notice that you can pay for this field trip online!

Please be sure to read, sign and return the BLUE weekly progress reports that come homes each week. *It is coming home today! Sorry, I forgot to send it home yesterday. Please return it prior to this Friday.

Have a great week!

Weekly Update

Our pumpkin babies arrived this week! The kids have been busy naming them, reading to them, and working on their baby books. All baby pumpkins will come home sometime this week.

Fall Centers are today! The kids will be measuring distance (of how far their pumpkins can roll) the pumpkin circumference, will it sink or float, and more! We have 9 fun, hands-on centers planned for today. A lot will be coming home. They are excited!

Math- We are focusing on the equal sign. We are working on true /false equations- basically looking to see if the number or equation on each side of the equal sign is equal to each other. For example: 4 + 4 = 9 –  1 (This is true.) However… 8 + 1 = 5 + 5 (This is false.) ****The kids will here me say, “is the same as”, every time I refer (point) to the equal sign.

Writing- “How to” is under way on our room. Everyone is in a different place with their writing. We are using warnings, labeling our pictures to teach more, transition words to show the order of steps, and more.

Reading- We have dived into nonfiction books, using text features to learn more.

*Check out the updated pictures on our Shutterfly account!

Week of Oct. 22

Parents, Thank you for a wonderful conference week! I truly enjoyed speaking with each of you about your children.  Open communication is key!

The Fall Festival was a hit! It was fun seeing a lot of your there!

This week we will….

Writing- Students will be teaching others how to do different things through the books that they write. We brainstormed plenty of ideas last week. Then, on Friday, the student created graphic organizers “think pages” to help them label their steps. I modeled three books. This week the students will be writing their own “How to” books.

Reading- We will identify and use text features in the books we red to learn more about a topic. (examples of text features- table of contents, bold words, index, pictures, labels, captions, maps, glossary, index, title page)

Math- We will compose and decompose numbers between 20-99 using place value. The kids will draw tens and ones for different numbers. They are already doing great with this skill!

*Be sure to check out the pictures posted on our Shutterfly page!


50 Cents, Signed Permission Slips and Payments

Quick Reminders:

  1. Make sure your child has earned 50 cents at home and that he/she bring it in no later than Wednesday. Ideally, I would like to have everyone’s money by tomorrow so that we are set for Wednesday morning.
  2. The Xdrenaline Field Trip Form is due by Friday. Please be sure you go online to fill out the online waiver. This is Xdrenaline’s policy in order for your child to attend.

On another note- The kids are all working on their reading fluency. Today we played a form of Chutes and Ladders to read phrases and sentences. The kids are working to “scoop up words” instead of reading word by word. Ask your child to practice reading aloud this week so you can also monitor progress at home.

East Side’s Foundation Rocks!

Dear Parents,

We are so fortunate to have a Foundation here at East Side. As you may know, the Capital Campaign fundraiser is happening now!

The Foundation gives us the ability to request materials and trainings to make East Side Elementary THE place to teach and learn! The first grade team would like you to know how much we appreciate your donations and support. Your generosity makes all the difference!

What has the Foundation already funded? Here are a few!

*       First graders have personal dry erase boards, Ozobots for coding activities, QuickWord resource books for writing, and educational apps for iPads.

*       Our teachers have received amazing trainings including: Orton-Gillingham, Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, and Greg Tang Math.

*       The Foundation funds two collaboration days during the school year for grade levels to plan instruction.

*       Our students love the Maker Space which is funded by the Foundation!

*       Flexible seating in the media center that allows for students to work in different spaces.

Click to access the Foundation website for more information and to make a donation! The Foundation is asking each family for a donation of $75 per child; however, any donation amount gets us towards our goal.

As a bonus, the Foundation is even offering class rewards for participation rates. Oooh la la! J

Thank you,

             The First Grade Team