End of 1st Grade…Let Summer Fun Begin


Thank you for sharing your children with me this school year. We learned from each other! I loved watching all of them grow into the individuals they are today. Hug them tight. Time flies! I have experienced with my own children. Hayden will be going to Dodgen next year. I am not sure I am ready, even if he is. Hadley will be in third grade.

Thank you so much for making the end of our school year complete! The kids enjoyed field day, Economics Day, the end of the year 1st grade bash on the front playground, and the walk to the East Cobb Park. These last few days we enjoyed working together to organize our classroom, meeting with HIP kids to share our projects, and playing.

Thank you all so much for the kindest notes of appreciation and lovely gifts. I love the potted plant and spending money from our class too! I am truly grateful. Please keep in touch and have a wonderful summer! Can you believe you have second graders now?!

Thank you for your support in and outside of our classroom. You helped make a difference!


Sincerely, Emily Rudolf

Walk to the East Cobb Park

I sent out a Remind earlier but I am covering all bases…

As of now, we still plan on walking to the park. If something changes (due to weather), we will let you know by 7:15 a.m. Parents walking with us, you can meet us outside at the front of the school at 8:00 a.m. or feel free to meet us in the hallway outside of our classroom. No matter what, have your children wear their class t-shirts. Thank you in advance!

Important Reminders About Tomorrow and Next Week


Hi All,

Economics Day Info…

The first grade teachers are all ready for our students to have a fabulous time tomorrow at our Annual Economics Day. PLEASE have your child wear their class t-shirt. This helps us know whose class is whose.

To the parents who are helping us out, you will be traveling with my kiddos from “store” to “store.” The teacher or teachers in each room will need your assistance. Please ask them what they may need you to do for them.

Walk to East Cobb Park…

The weather has been extremely unstable lately. We will let you know by 7:00 Sunday evening whether we’ll be going to the park and our alternate plans. Hopefully, we’ll be able to go. PLEASE have your child wear their class t-shirt once again.

The first grade teachers love these end of the year activities. Please remind your children that school is not out just yet and we expect them to continue to act appropriately; especially visiting other teachers’ classrooms. Each of us are hoping the other first grade teachers have nice things to say about our classes.

Have a great evening,

Emily Rudolf

Retirement Celebration

Please join us on Wednesday, May 23rd to honor our retiring teachers. Families are welcome to join staff and friends from 2:00-4:00 in the learning commons (media center) for snacks and memory sharing! We are going to miss these amazing educators.Principal Mavity celebrating our amazing retirees-Richard Matthews (music teacher for over 40 years!,) Sharon Jubelt (5th grade,) Katrina Slayton (math lab,) and Caroline Williams (5th grade.)

Week of May 14th

I hope everyone had a Happy Mother’s Day! We cannot wait to celebrate you tomorrow (8:30-9:15). The kids will be serving your a few treats and have a few things planned to spend some extra one on one time with you.

The BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) book sale starts today in the media center. You are welcome to walk your child up this morning during our Mother’s Day Celebration to browse & buy books. We will be going as a class on Tuesday from 9:30-10:00 as well.

Reading, Theme, and Writing- Each child has been working on their own animal research. It is amazing to watch them work independently and take ownership over their research. They are all working hard as they become experts on their topics. ‘

H.I.P. (Humanities in Practice) Kids- This has been such a  great experience for everyone. Please ask your child about his/her project. I have seen their ideas turn into plans and now they are being put into action. We will meet with our groups this week to share with everyone.

Friday is one of our biggest days in 1st grade! Economics Day! Except your children to come home with toys and other items that they buy with the money they have been earning. They are going to have a great time! This is also a fun time to volunteer!

STEM Closet Items Needed

Dear Parents- Our last School wide STEM Day is May 15th. We are in need of several items. We need your help! Please send in clean and dry plastic containers (ex. milk jugs, orange juice containers, 2 liter bottles, fruit cup or yogurt containers, etc.) and egg cartons. Please start sending in your recyclables asap! Thank you for your help! -The First Grade Team

Tomorrow- Contraction Surgery

Tomorrow our little surgeons will be performing surgery on words to make contractions. I will be providing all surgical tools, masks, gloves and caps. Your child is welcome add the attire by bringing in a white doctor coat/white button down shirt, scrubs, etc.). Regardless, every child will have the items mentioned above.

*And again, please fill out the newest registration card that came home today and return it by Friday. So sorry…