Young Poet Project is Due Monday, 4/23.

This week we will finish the Young Poet Project.  It is due on Monday, April 23rd.

Choose five different styles from the list below:

  • Acrostic Name Poem
  • Alliteration Imagery Poem (modeled after Graeme Base)
  • Concrete Poem
  • Diamante Poem
  • Haikus on Georgia (3)
  • Metaphor Family Poem
  • Narrative Rhyming Rap (6 couplets or 3 quatrains min.)

The poems are to be collected in a book that includes a cover, Table of Content page and an About the Author. Visuals should enhance the project.


Cover                                                   ____/5

Table of Content                                 ____/5

About the Author                               ____/5

Poems (possible 10 points each)     ____/50

Visuals and Neatness                         ____/5

Convention                                          ____/5

TOTAL                                           _____/75