FREE Six Flags Tickets!

FREE Six Flags Tickets!

Believe it or not summer is just around the corner! Every student at Nickajack has an opportunity to earn a FREE ticket to Six Flags. Students must complete 6 hours of recreational reading by February 26th to earn a FREE ticket.

Students will log their reading using Biblionasium, our digital reading log.

Access Biblionasium Reading Log.pdf
Biblionasium – How to log reading.pdf

Curriculum Updates

Good Afternoon,

The students are starting new units in both Social Studies and Language Arts.

Next week in Social Studies, the students will be studying the Roaring ‘20s. Students will describe the cultural developments and individual contributions in the 1920s of the Jazz Age (Louis Armstrong), the Harlem Renaissance (Langston Hughes), baseball (Babe Ruth), the automobile (Henry Ford), and transatlantic flight (Charles Lindbergh). One activity next week includes the students researching a song, poem or work of art created during this time and answer the following questions? What is the title of your artwork and who is the creator? Describe what is happening in your piece. Use plenty of adjectives. What is the overall message of the work? What emotions do you feel while listening to, looking at, or reading this work? How does this art relate to the Roaring ‘20s? The students will create a visual and verbally share with their classmates. The students will continue to have Georgia Weekly objective assessments. At the conclusion of the ‘20s unit, the students will study World War II, then the Cold War before going on to the Civil Rights era. Each unit has an assessment.

In Language Arts, the students are reading Promises to Keep by Sharon Robinson. In this unit, students will build their background knowledge about the importance of sports within the American culture over time. They will read informational articles as well as the photographic biography on Jackie Robinson. Students will also be reintroduced to reading and writing arguments. They will begin to explore how to read opinion pieces. For the end of unit on-demand assessment, students begin to practice citing evidence to support an opinion. The students will also complete a biographical research project for a major civil rights contributor or inventor in American Society. Students will be given rubrics beforehand for the writing assignments. This unit will take us to the end of the quarter.

Dates to Remember

August 29th – Early Release (12:15 p.m.) August 31st – Football Friday
September 3rd – Labor Day, No School
September 24th – 28th – Fall break, No School
October 11th – Early Release (12:15 p.m.)
October 15th – 19th – Conference Week, Early Release (12:15 p.m.

Welcome 5th Grade Parents and Students

Dear 5th Grade Parents and Students,

Welcome to back to the Jack, and if you are a new family, welcome to the Nickajack community. We had a wonderful first three days of school. Parents, thanks for sending your child with the necessary materials and supplies for a smooth start. I also thank you for filling out all the critical forms that the school needs.  18 of 25 parents are registered to our ClassDojo account. If you have not registered yet, please do so soon. It will be my most frequent form of communication to relate class news and events as well as individualized post.  I will use my blog, Rugon Review, to communicate general information. It will be updated about twice a month. I look forward to seeing you at Back to School Night, August 9th. Have a fabulous week!

Young Poet Project is Due Monday, 4/23.

This week we will finish the Young Poet Project.  It is due on Monday, April 23rd.

Choose five different styles from the list below:

  • Acrostic Name Poem
  • Alliteration Imagery Poem (modeled after Graeme Base)
  • Concrete Poem
  • Diamante Poem
  • Haikus on Georgia (3)
  • Metaphor Family Poem
  • Narrative Rhyming Rap (6 couplets or 3 quatrains min.)

The poems are to be collected in a book that includes a cover, Table of Content page and an About the Author. Visuals should enhance the project.


Cover                                                   ____/5

Table of Content                                 ____/5

About the Author                               ____/5

Poems (possible 10 points each)     ____/50

Visuals and Neatness                         ____/5

Convention                                          ____/5

TOTAL                                           _____/75

Early Release Information

Dear Families-

Cobb County School District released to the media the following statement today at 2:00 PM:

Please be advised that, for safety reasons, no visitors will be allowed on campus at Cobb County schools on Wednesday, March 14, 2018.

Only scheduled appointments/meetings will be allowed into the building tomorrow. For tomorrow, any special class events, classroom visitors, classroom volunteers, etc. will be rescheduled.
We will not be able to allow visitors for breakfast or lunch tomorrow.

The Front Office will need IDs prior to entry into the building.

Please don’t forget tomorrow is an Early Release Day and students will be dismissed early at 12:30 PM.
Students may be checked out early (prior to 11:45 AM). No check outs after 11:45 AM.

As we have just received this information from the District this afternoon, we are attempting to communicate this change with all our Nickajack Families.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation with this matter and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Early Dismissal

We will be dismissing early today.  The schedule is as follows:


High School:  11:30

Middle School:  12:30

Elementary School:  1:30


We will begin dismissing K bus students, 1st load bus students, car and day car riders at 1:20.

1:25 – We will dismiss 1st – 5th bus students.

Buses are leaving campus at 1:30. 



Save the Dates

October 16th – 20th – Conference Week; Early Release (12:30 p.m.)
November 7th – Student Holiday; Staff Workday
November 20th – 24th – Thanksgiving Holidays
December 19th & 20th – Early Release days (12:30 p.m.)
December 21st – January 1st – Winter Break

February 19th – 23rd – Mid-Winter Break