May 15

Cobb County Public Library: Summer READING Adventure 2020


Dear Parent/Guardian:
The Cobb County School District Library Media Education Department is partnering again with Cobb
and Smyrna Public Libraries for our Summer Reading Adventure 2020. We challenge all students to
read 20 minutes each day for a total of 20 hours this summer using a fresh, new program: Beanstack!
Reading throughout the summer for at least 20 minutes a day helps students maintain learning gains
made in school and starts the upcoming new school year off right.


The 2020 Summer Reading Adventure begins June 1st! Sign up at
and read 20 minutes a day for a total of 20 hours this summer.

These resources can help:
CCSD Library Media Education: Visit for reading resources,
ebooks, reading suggestions, and links to learning resources, such as Cobb Digital Library.

Cobb and Smyrna Public Libraries: Visit to sign up for
the Summer Reading Adventure, where students can log summer reading activities and
minutes using Beanstack. City of Smyrna residents may also participate through the City of
Smyrna Public Library.

Beanstack: Students use Beanstack to log minutes, earn badges, and win prizes! Sign up for
the Summer Reading Adventure in Beanstack at Beanstack
is available online and as a free app.

Sora: Cobb students can read ebooks and e-audiobooks all summer long with Sora. With
hundreds of great titles, you’ll have plenty to choose from! Additionally, the “Sweet Reads”
collection makes it easy to read the same books with friends. Visit or download
the free app on your device.

Keep reading and have a great summer!

May 15

4th Grade Finale…Enjoy Your Summer!!

Congratulations on completing fourth grade!  This will always be the year that we made history. We should be proud of our determination and efforts, because we proved that no obstacle will stop us from success.

Now it’s time to Slide into Summer!  We strongly recommend that you continue learning this summer.  Here are some summer challenges:       

  1. Read a minimum of 3-4 books this summer and practice your reading strategies. Continue with your class ReadWorks, ReadTheory, or Scholastic for reading comprehension practice.
  2. Make sure that you know all your multiplication and division facts before you enter 5th Play DreamBox.  Practice calculations and problem solving.
  3. Write narrative, opinion, and informational essays.
  4. You will have access to Clever all summer, so continue to use this resource.

Of course, summer is a time to relax and have fun too.  Here are just a few ideas your family can do this summer:

  1. Make an ABC booklet about what you did this summer:

Think about all that you will accomplish over the summer and make a book about it.  First, you will need to make a plan: ABC Planning Page.  Use this attached organizer to start planning out the details for each letter of the alphabet. For this ABC book you can decide to do one out of paper or make a digital option using PowerPoint or Adobe Spark!  The options are endless and we cannot wait to see what you created!

  1. Make a DIY slip & slide:
  2. Make frozen yogurt popsicles:

  1. Rainy Day Activities:

Possibilities are endless!  Enjoy your summer!

May 11

Class Slideshow & Other News…

Class Photos

Hello Parents and Students,

Click on the “Class Photos” link above to download the slideshow.  We worked hard and learned so much in 4th grade! I’ve included some of the highlights from our year together. I hope you enjoy looking back on the good times we shared as a class!!

This is our last full week of Digital Learning; work has been posted on the 4th Grade Blog (and emailed to you). We will have our “Farewell Zoom” on Thursday at 10:00 am. Ms. Stanley will have her final Zoom Read Aloud on Thursday at 11 am. I will send out the information for these Zoom meetings on Remind.

17 Awesome Ways to Celebrate the End of the School Year ...

For the last 3 days of school (May 18th-20th), feel free to read a good book and complete activities on Dreambox. Clever will be up and running throughout the summer for you to access educational activities.

End of Year Report Cards:  Parents MUST use ParentVue (Synergy) to view the digital copy of the report cards (the same platform that you used to view grades all year). No hard copies will be printed as of this moment.  😊  Please email our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Sandra Alford, if you need your access code to ParentVue (Synergy).  You will need to send her a copy of your driver’s license when you contact her, so that she can immediately send you the access code.

Semkeville » Blog Archive » Thank You For An Unforgettable Year!


Mrs. Rutherford


May 3

Procedures for Pick Up of Student Belongings

Paoli Public Schools

Dear Parents and Students,

Due to the lifting of shelter-in-place, teachers will be able to go in their classrooms intermittently to gather students materials to be distributed. Everything in your child’s desk will be bagged, labeled, and placed in alphabetical order for pick-up. Unfortunately, I do not have time to clean out the unnecessary materials.

We will need to cancel our Monday Zoom meetings. I will be at school during that time to gather student materials (this week and next week).

I will send out more information as I receive it.

May 4-15th Library book drop off. A Library box will be out front of the main entrance Monday- Thursday from 9-12pm. Parents can drop off library books daily.

May 18th -19th

Parents will drive into the bus port for pickup at designated times. Pick up Stations will be spread out and marked under the Canopy. No one will be allowed out of their cars or into the building

Pick up for Student Belongings at Station 1.   Student Medicine Pick up at Station 2. Library book drop off at Station 3.  Yearbook pick up at Station 4.

Monday May 18th                                 Tues May 19th

9-10am- Last name A-F                           9-10am- Last name Q-U

10-11am-Last name G-K                         10-11am- Last name V-Z

11-12pm Last name L-P                          11-12pm- Final Pick up , Yearbook Sales,

April 26

Week of April 27th

Digital Learning Days - Factory Shoals Middle School

This week, during our Zoom meeting, we will have a visit from Dr. Hosey and Mrs. Robinson. I will finish reading our whole group novel, Dear Levi. We’ll find out if Austin makes it to his Pa’s claim and if his brother Levi joins him.


I must say that I’ve enjoyed reading all of the opinion essays and fractured fairy tales that were submitted on Office 365. Many of you are impressing me by implementing everything that you’ve learned during our writing lessons. You are using hooks to grab your reader, adding transitions, changing paragraphs, and writing meaningful opening and closing paragraphs. I have commented on all of the work that I have received by either emailing your parents, or by leaving comments on your work on Office 365. I’m so proud of you- KEEP IT UP!! 🙌


In addition to the reading assignments posted on the 4th grade blog, please continue to read for 20-30 minutes each day. 📚


In addition to the math assignments posted on the 4th grade blog, don’t forget to practice your skills on You should be completing 5 lessons per week.

I love and miss you guys❣❣

Mrs. Rutherford


April 12

Cobb Schools 4-Day Digital Learning Schedule

As we enter the fourth week of digital learning across Cobb County, we have been actively listening to the experiences of our students, parents, and teachers. In an environment that has changed much in our day-to-day lives, we have heard many examples of an entire community that is supporting learning in exciting, creative ways. We are also committed to listening and learning from those experiences so student learning can best continue for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year.

Beginning Monday, April 13, 2020, for all Cobb County students, and for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year, digital learning will occur on a Monday through Thursday schedule.

Each Friday will be an opportunity for students to independently review their progress from the previous week and to catch-up on assignments as needed. No new work or assignments will be presented to students on Fridays.

March 28

March 30th-April 3rd —>STEM WEEK

This week, you will choose to complete activities on the STEM BINGO choice board posted on our the 4th grade blog. You may choose one activity from one column that you’d like to complete each day. You may also choose to do more than one activity- the choice is yours.

Reading: You will independently read for 30-40 minutes each day. You will then write a brief summary (5-6 sentences) about what you’ve read or you may write a new ending for what you’ve read. Also, if you are in READ 180, Mrs. Robinson wants you to continue to login. She will be joining us this week during one of our Zooms.

Scholastic is offering free online learning experiences during school closures- Copy and paste the link below into your browser:

Math: You may continue to do Dreambox,, or any other online math games that you prefer. You may also create division flashcards for the facts that you do not know. At the end of the week, your parents should give you a timed quiz (5 minutes).

March 26

I enjoyed seeing you today!

Our first Zoom meeting was a success! I really enjoyed seeing your smiling faces (and we missed many other smiling faces). It warmed my heart to see you guys connecting and chatting with each other again!! Most of you want to Zoom twice a week, so we will Zoom on Mondays and Wednesdays for anyone that is available to join us at 10:00 am on those days. I’ll send the invite out to your parents.


March 26

Ms. Stanley Zoom Read Aloud

Ms. Stanley is inviting you to her ZOOM meeting this week.  She will showcase at least one book each Friday for her “Friday Read Aloud Favoritesbooktalk.   

Topic:  showcasing the books, My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza & The Three Cabritos by Eric A. Kimmel.  Both books are trickster tales and perfect for all age groups. 

  Donna Stanley is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. 

Topic: Ms. Stanley’s Friday Read Aloud Favorites  

Time: Mar 27, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 

Join Zoom Meeting 

  Meeting ID: 419 618 5446 


March 23


Image result for zoom app

I’d like for us all to connect and see each other’s faces at least once a week. If I set up ZOOM meetings, our whole class could join our SKYPE like meeting. I was planning to start morning meetings at 10 am on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

If you would 100% join, could you please email me?  If there is enough participation, we could start having ZOOM Morning Meetings this week!

I’d like to SHOUT OUT Kaden Perez for posting his Flip grid videos to the 4th grade blog page. I’ve enjoyed watching you tell us about what you’re doing at home. Miss you!!

March 22

Digital Learning for Pitner 4th Graders

Please click on the link below to access our Digital Learning Resource or copy the link and paste into your web browser:

Pitner’s fourth grade team has provided digital resources and lessons that you will be able to do at home. There is a new 4th grade Pitner blog that will have a weekly menu of items. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen your skills while you learn from home. I will be on my computer each day from 9:00-10:30 am for any support you may need with these online lessons. Please email me with any questions. If your child forgot their agenda at school with all of their logins and passwords, or if you do not have access to a home computer, please choose from the Home Lessons list of ideas below.

The Home Lessons list does not require the use of a computer. You may choose any or all resources given so that you continue to learn. It is my hope that you use your time wisely and not spend most of your day playing video games, but instead, you choose to do something academic.

Each child should have their library books with them to read over this break.

Whenever we return, please bring whatever you have  completed, so we can celebrate all of your hard work!

Take care and stay well!

Mrs. Rutherford

Home Lessons for March 16th – ???

Writing Lessons:

  • Pretend you are a journalist and you have been assigned to cover the news about the Coronavirus. Research about the virus and gather many facts. Write a script of what you will say. Use Flipgrid to film your news segment.
  • Write a narrative story in first person.
  • Write a narrative story in third person.
  • Write an opinion essay on a subject that you feel strongly about.
  • Choose a fairy tale or a Disney show. Change the ending to the story and write a new ending.
  • Keep a journal each day you stay home during this time and write what happens during the day at your house. (Think of Lewis & Clark on their expedition and how they kept a journal for people to understand what happened on their trip)

Reading Lessons:

  • Everyone took a book home that you will be able to read over break. When you have finished reading this book, please write a summary.
  • Visit Read Theory- This is my favorite website for reading comprehension. Do at least 3 -4 of these passages each week.

Specials Lessons:

          Get some exercise, listen to music, and create some art!

P.E. has added a Flip Grid to their blog .  It includes exercises for each grade level for students to do while at home.


STEAM Activity:

       Challenge: The Easter bunny has been sick and is so behind. He needs to hide the eggs quickly this year so the children will enjoy their Easter Day. Design a device that will help the Easter bunny hide the eggs quickly. Use any item around your house that could make a machine that spreads the eggs quickly. How many eggs could your machine spread at once?

(Hint…It doesn’t need to be real eggs. You could pretend to use candy eggs or jelly beans.)

Use the Engineer Design Process for this activity. Take a picture of it and bring it to school when we return!


Math Lessons:

  • Visit DreamBox. I will assign some lessons for you to complete.
  • Practice fractions by cooking at home.
  • Pretend you are having a dinner for your family and friends. You will need to double the recipe. Write the new fractions for this recipe.


Social Studies Lessons:

  • Visit Choose some BrainPop videos to watch about subjects that interest you.
  • Research a president and write a biography about that president.
  • Pretend you have been hired to draw graffiti on a downtown Atlanta wall. Research an historical event that happened in Georgia. Draw a picture of what your graffiti wall would look like.
March 9

News for the week of 3/9/20


Image result for march

Image result for cupcakes


This week is our State Fair Celebration.  Our entire class made it in, so we will be celebrating together.  We are in need of someone who can purchase or make 25 cupcakes for our cake walk (due on Friday).  If that is something that you can do, please let me know.  Thank you!

SHOUT OUTS: Thank you to Annabella and Tristan for purchasing books from the Book Fair and donating them to our class! Thanks to Mrs. Sparks and Mrs. Colquitt for volunteering to run games at Friday’s State Fair. You are appreciated!


  • 3/11 – Early Release Day at 12:30pm
  • 3/13 – State Fair Celebration (25 cupcakes needed), End of the nine weeks
  • 3/15 – Mrs. Rutherford’s birthday
  • 3/17 – Lunch forms due for Sparkles trip
  • 3/18 & 3/19 – Spring Pictures
  • 3/20 – Report cards go home
  • 3/30 – Registration form and envelope are due back

What we’re learning this week:

Writing – We are learning how to write a constructed response with text evidence.

Reading – We are finishing up paired passages and integrating knowledge from 2 texts.

Grammar – We are reviewing all types of figurative language (similes, metaphors, idioms, personification, hyperbole, alliteration, and onomatopoeia.

Science – We are continuing to learn about Ecosystems and Habitats.

Math – We are continuing to work with multiplying fractions by whole numbers, within word problems.

March 2

Bedtime, Books, and Brownies 3/5/20

Image result for reading books clipart        BEDTIME, BOOKS, AND BROWNIES

March 5, 2020 from 6:00-8:00pm
Pitner Elementary School

Image result for brownies clipart
Kindergarten Performance Cafeteria
Frank’s Fire Truck Room 005
Green Eggs and Ham Room 006
Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus Room 105
Meet the Chick-Fil-A Cow and Hear a Story Room 110
Storytime with Ms. Dobbs Room 109
Ninja Story and Martial Arts Demo Room 106
The Gingerbread Man Room 007
Little Owl’s Night Room 209
Poetry Café Room 207
Snowmen at Night Computer Lab 111
K9 Partners and Officers Gym 012
Share a special evening with your family!
Please join us for an evening of laughter, entertainment, and sweet treats!

February 24

News for the Week of 2/24

Welcome back! I hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful Winter Break!

READING: All students are expected to read nightly for 2o-30 minutes and fill in agenda. I will do a log check every Friday; this is a part of their homework.

We will wrap up our whole group reading novel entitled: Dear Levi (social studies integration with our Westward Expansion unit). As we read the novel, we will focus on determining the point of view (1st person/3rd person) and determining the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in text (context clues). We will also work on these skills during our grammar lessons.

Image result for dear levi

MATH: We are still learning to add and subtract fractions. Today we have also learned about multiplying a fraction by a whole number.

WRITING: Students will continue to practice informational / explanatory writing.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will conclude our Westward Expansion unit by the end of the week; test on Friday.




Image result for yearbook

If you’d like to order a yearbook, you can click on the link below:

The link to the yearbook order site is



We are learning about the following:
MATH: NF.1 Students will be able to explain how different fractions name the same amount (equivalent fractions). They will also be able to explain why fraction a/b is equivalent to a fraction (nxa) / (nxb) by using visual fraction models, with attention to how the number and size of the parts differ even though the two fractions themselves are the same size. NF.2 Compare two fractions with different numerators and denominators.
READING: RI.6 Students will be able to compare and contrast two different accounts (1st hand and 2nd hand accounts also known as primary/ secondary sources) of the same event or topic.
Story Book Quilt Projects are due next week Monday, 2/10. This counts as a reading grade. 

Story Quilt Book Report       Story Quilt Directions:

-Find a fiction book that interests you and is at an appropriate reading level for you. It needs to be at least 100 pages.

– Your teacher will give you a sheet of white construction paper to use. You are welcome to use any other materials you would like, but your quilt must measure 12” x 18.” Please do not make it any smaller or larger. You can add fabric or other color paper to the top of the construction paper. Please make your quilt vertical.

-Measure and draw light lines to divide your paper into thirds across and fourths lengthwise. All of the sections should be the same size.

-Label each square with a title from the list below. Then, draw a picture and use words that symbolize the events and characters from the story. Squares can be created in any order. We have included a couple of examples in the boxes.


Peter Hatcher, the main character, lives in a high rise apartment with his family in New York City.Image result for new york city clipart"

Title & Author Characters- You don’t need a picture of every character. You can list characters and their traits.
Problem Solution Cause & Effect

This playground symbolizes when Fudge fell from the swing set. The effect was that he lost his two front teeth. Image result for playground clipart"


Meaningful  Quote Connection Unfamiliar  Word





Short summary. No picture needed

Simile or Metaphor Idiom

Writing/Grammar: W2 Informative/Explanatory writing;  ELA4.L.4b. Use common Greek and Latin affixes and roots.

SOCIAL STUDIES: SS4H3 Explain the westward expansion in America. Describe the causes and events of the War of 1812; include the burning of the Capitol and the White House and the writing of the Star Spangled Banner.

February 1

Important Dates in February


Image result for february"

Mark your calendars…

  • 2/7   Sweetheart Dance 7-9pm
  • 2/10 Story Quilt Book Reports are due- No Exceptions
  • 2/12 Progress Reports
  • 2/14 4th grade State Projects are due (all done in school)
  • 2/14 Valentine Exchange in our classroom; 24 students (10 girls / 14 boys)
  • 2/17- 2/21 Winter Break – No School

Image result for valentine boxes

Please Note: students may bring individually wrapped treats only; not peanut products due to allergies.

Optional: Please have your child to decorate a box of any kind (shoebox, tissue box, cereal box, etc.) and bring it to school before the 14th. They will keep all the Valentines that they receive in their box.



January 21

News for the Week of 1/20/20



On Saturday, January 18th, I had the pleasure of supporting our very own Christion Jordan at the Cobb County District Spelling Bee! As the winner of  Pitner’s 4th/5th grade Spelling Bee, he represented us well…WAY TO GO!!!!!

Grammar: For the next two weeks, we will learn the order of adjectives; please see the correct order below:

Image result for ordering adjectives"

Writing: We are continuing to focus on informational writing. Students will be completing their first informational writing piece this week as we take it through the writing process: drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. In addition, all 4th graders will be working on their State Project (all done in school). It will be due on February 14th.

Reading: Continue our lessons on text structure of non-fiction text – how is the passage/book written.  

Image result for text structure"

Also, don’t forget that your child’s Book Quilt Project will be due on February 10th. The directions, rubric, and the large white construction paper were sent home last week. Everyone has checked out an approved book and should be reading every night in order to complete the project. It will be used as a reading test grade. Have fun and be creative!

Science: We will wrap up our weather unit by working with weather maps, including high pressure fronts, low pressure fronts, cold fronts and warm fronts.  

Math: We are moving right along into our third week of long division. I was very pleased with the amount of students that are grasping this skill. Remember to use to review math skills. Parent letters along with usernames and passwords were sent home prior to the holiday break. We will be using this fun and interactive math program in the classroom. 

Mark Your Calendar

Thursday, 1/30/20 International Night  6:00 – 7:30 PM – fourth grade students will be performing! Please return the slip that went home last week indicating if your child will be able to make it to the performance. 

Image result for international night"

January 6

Happy New Year…Welcome Back!

See the source image

Welcome back to all! Today was a very busy day back to school. I enjoyed listening to everyone share their stories about the break with the class. We had a few sleepy friends, but I know that we’ll be ready to rock and roll on Tuesday.

See the source image

MATH: NBT.6 Whole number quotients and remainders (long division)… Students will be able to find whole number quotients and remainders with up to  four digit dividends and one-digit divisors using strategies based on place value.

Please continue to have your child work on if they still struggle with their multiplication/division facts. They must know their facts through 12 by memory. We will also be using which covers all of the 4th grade math state standards. This website is great for review and helps to give students the extra practice needed on the standards that they may struggle with. All students have their username and password glued on the inside of their agenda. For more information, please read the parent letter that went home prior to break.

READING: RI.5 Describe the overall text structure of a text (compare/contrast, cause/effect, problem/solution, description, and chronological order.

Writing/Grammar: W2 Informative/Explanatory writing;  ELACC4L1a. Student will be able to identify and use relative adverbs and relative pronouns.

  • Relative Adverbswhen, where, why, how, whatever, wherever
  • Relative Pronouns: that, which, whom, who, whoever, whomever, whichever

Spelling News: please click on the Spelling and Vocabulary List (orange tab) to the right for more details.

SCIENCE: S4E4 Identify and explain how various weather instruments are used to measure and predict the weather.

December 20

Holiday Party Fun of 2019!

We’d like to thank Emma’s mom, Kristin, for organizing and facilitating a well-planned, fun-filled Holiday Class Party!! We’d also like to thank Bella’s mom, Brittany, for supplying the materials needed for the ornament craft! Special thanks to Mrs. Armstead and Mrs. Farmer for stopping by to help out; extra hands were definitely needed. I believe the children had a great time!!


December 9

News for the Week of 12/9/19 and 12/16/19

What we’re learning up until Christmas Break…

Writing: W.1 Use reasons and information to support an opinion

Grammar: L1.g Spell and use the correct frequently confused words such as: to, two, too, there, their, they’re…

Reading: RI.9 Integrate information from 2 texts on the same topic in order to write/speak about the subject knowledgeably

Math: MD.3 Review area and perimeter;  MD.8 rectilinear figures- use formulas to find the area and the perimeter of rectangles

Science: S4E3 Explain how water moves across the earth and how the changing states of water contribute to the water cycle

See the source image

Holiday Shop: Our shopping day / time is Tuesday, Dec. 10th @ 8-8:30 am or they can shop this week Mon.-Thurs. 7:15-7:45 am.

See the source image

We wanted to send a HUGE shout out to all of the parents that donated money to our Braves themed raffle basket. We also want to give a special THANK YOU to Emma’s mom, Mrs. Colquitt, for putting our basket together! I appreciate all of your contributions!!!

See the source image

The following students will represent our class in the 4th and 5th grade school Spelling Bee on January 10, 2020. Way to GOOOO!!!

  • Christion Jordon- Classroom Winner
  • Paris Johnson- Classroom Runner-up

Image result for december dates to remember

Important Dates to Remember:

  •  12/13 STEAM Day
  •  12/16 Holiday Character Day
  •  12/17 Holiday Hat Day
  •  12/18 Holiday Socks Day
  •  12/19 Holiday Sweater Day, Class Party 9:30-10:45 am, Early Release Day
  •  12/20 Pajama Day, Sing Along, Early Release Day
  •  12/23/19 – 1/3/20 Vacation
December 3

International Night Information

Image result for international night at school"

The School Culture Committee is looking for volunteers to represent countries at this year’s event on January 30, 2020. To sponsor a country, you put together a table display that can be simple or elaborate. Most displays include posters, artifacts, books, music, or videos, etc. Some hosts bring small food items or giveaways for students.
• Are you from a different country and would like to share your background?
• Have you traveled abroad and would like to share your experience?
• Would you like to research another country as a family?
If you said “YES,” you could be one of this year’s country sponsors!  You do not have to be from that country to put together a display! Some classrooms, Girls Scout or Boy Scout Troops, or just groups of families put together a display for fun as an extra learning project. Some families put together displays about places where they have lived and traveled for work.


December 2

News for the Week of 12/2/19

Image result for december"

What we’re learning:

Math – Multiplication comparisons and we will continue to focus on the same strategies (area model, distributive property, algorithm) but with larger numbers.

Reading – We are continuing with non-fiction text and will focus on referring to details and examples in a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text. Students will explain how visuals (text features) support a text and help readers better understand the subject.

Writing – We are going to analyze examples of opinion writing and determine the characteristics of good writing.

Grammar – We will be learning about complete and compound subjects and predicates.

Science – Students will differentiate between the states of water and how they relate to the water cycle.


December 2

Dinner with Santa & Raffle Basket

Image result for dinner with santa"

Our class is putting together an Atlanta Braves Basket for the Dinner with Santa raffle! Our room mom, Mrs. Colquitt (Emma’s mom) is getting everything together to make our basket one of the best, but she needs your help! A flyer with detailed information went home prior to the break. We are asking that each family donates $5-$10 dollars to go towards the cost of our basket; however, any amount would be very helpful.  Donations are due by December 5th. Thank you in advance for making a donation!

Dinner With Santa is this Friday from 5 – 8pm!! 5 – 5:30 is reserved for students and families with special sensory needs. The deadline for dinner orders has been extended through Monday (12/2) at 6pm. The event is free to attend even if not ordering dinner. We’ll have several free activities like games and crafts. We’ll be selling tickets that can be used for the basket raffle and to purchase coffee, cocoa, desserts, and a few special activities. We also plan to have the grand opening of our Holiday Shop (class shopping will take place the following week – more info to come).

Details and online ordering:

We are in need of some donations and lots of volunteers. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!

Volunteer Sign-Up:

Donation Sign-Up:

We also need the following items for crafts:


-Scraps of fabric (plaid or holiday colors/patterns)

-Old puzzles (it’s ok if pieces are missing)

November 19

Quick Reminders…

Image result for reminders"

  • Cobb Youth Museum trip on 11/20/19…Please wear your red 4th grade t-shirt.
  • 11/20/19 Progress Reports (please sign and return)…Be sure to view your child’s grades weekly on Parent Vue. Keeping abreast of your child’s grades, will help you to avoid surprises. 
  • 11/21/19 American Revolution Test
November 12

American Revolution Test on 11/21/19

Image result for american revolution clipart"

American Revolutionary War

Study Guide Test Date: Thursday – 11/21/19

  • The colonists were upset about the new taxes because they didn’t have representation in parliament to help decide the taxes.
  • “The shot heard ‘round the world” took place at Lexington.
  • General George Washington and his troops spent the winter of 1777 at Valley Forge.
  • King George III taxed the colonies.
  • Benedict Arnold began fighting for the Patriots and later switched to the British side for money and a higher ranking.
  • Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense.
  • Boycott– the refusal to buy, sell, or use certain goods.
  • Quartering Act– colonists were forced to provide food, housing, and supplies to British soldiers.
  • Sugar Act– placed on many goods; the first tax placed on the colonists.
  • Intolerable Acts– this law closed Boston Harbor until all the money from the tea dumped into the harbor was paid.
  • Boston Massacre– Crispus Attucks and 5 other colonists were killed.
  • Tea Tax– British East India Co. sold tea at a low price, although the tax was very high.
  • Boston Tea Party– colonists dressed up as Native Americans and dumped British tea chests in the harbor.
  • Townshend Acts– taxed lead, paint, glass, and tea.
  • Stamp Act– taxed most paper goods.
  • The Declaration of Independence– was a document that freed the colonies from British rule.
  • Treaty of Paris– was a document that ended the Revolutionary War.
  • Yorktown– Gen. Cornwallis surrendered at this battle.
  • The first fighting began at Lexington and Concord.
  • The first major battle of the Revolutionary War was at Bunker Hill.
  • Battle of Saratoga- was the turning point of the war.
  • Trenton– was where Washington crossed the Delaware River and surprised the Hessians.
November 8

News for the Week of 11/11/19

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  • Nov. 11th – Veteran’s Day
  • Nov. 15th – PTSA Dance Sock Hop
  • Nov. 20th- Cobb Youth Museum Field Trip 11am – 2pm
  • Nov. 20th – Progress Reports
  • Nov. 25th-29th – Thanksgiving Break

Here’s what we’re learning…

Reading: RI.1 I can use details and examples from a text to explain and draw inferences. Please be sure that your child is reading every night for 20-30 minutes and that their agenda is filled out each night with the book title, minutes, and your signature.

ELA and Writing: 4.W.1a I can organize my writing to support an opinion. I can write using reasons and information to support an opinion.

Math: NBT.5 I can use strategies to multiply large numbers. I can illustrate and explain the calculation by using rectangular arrays and areas models to solve multiplication. Your child should know their multiplication and division facts to 12. If they are still struggling with these, please have them to practice each night using flashcards, memorizing, writing them down, or use

Social Studies: SS4.H.1 I can explain the causes, events, and results of the American Revolution.


November 1

News for the Week of 11/4/19

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Important Dates:

  • Nov. 5th – NO SCHOOL / Teacher Work Day
  • Nov. 7th – Day of Awesomeness
  • Nov. 15th – PTSA Dance Sock Hop
  • Nov. 20th – Cobb Youth Museum Field Trip…Please return your permission form and $20 fee.
  • Nov. 25th – 29th – THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY

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Reading: We’ll be reading  fiction and nonfiction text in guided reading groups. Students will  summarize a text and tell the main idea, using key details to support it.

ELA and Writing: Students will learn to use a comma before a conjunction in a complete sentence. We will also continue writing opinion pieces. Students will state their opinion on topics/texts and support their point of view with reasons.

Math: Multiplying a whole number up to 4 digits by a one digit number using strategies based on place value. Illustrate and explain the calculation by using rectangular arrays and areas models to solve multiplication.

Social Studies: Explain the causes, events, and results of the American Revolution.

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We’d like to send a HUUUUGE thank you to Tristan’s mom for being our Mystery Reader on Halloween! She read Sulwe by Lupita Nyongo and also gifted us the book. We all enjoyed her visit! 

We’d also like to thank Caden Burgos for bringing in Halloween goodie bags for all of his classmates!


October 18

News for the Week of 10/21/19

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I’d like to take this time to thank you all for meeting with me this week to discuss your child’s academic progress. I enjoyed our discussions and I look forward to continuing our working relationship. 

Here’s what we’re learning…

Reading: RI2- Determine the main idea of a text and explain how it is supported by key details. We’ll also learn how to summarize nonfictional text during our guided reading groups. We will focus on these reading standards for the next 3 weeks.

Writing: W2- Opinion Essays

Math: OA4 and NBT5 – Students will use multiples and number patterns to multiply. They will determine the difference between prime/composite numbers and factors vs. multiples.

Social Studies: We are learning about the causes of the American Revolution.

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October 21-25 is Red Ribbon Week (flyers were sent home)

Spirit Days

  • Monday: Red-y to Live a Drug Free Life –  Wear Red
  • Tuesday: We Can Live Drug Free & Hats Off to Being Bully Free – Can Good Drive & Wear favorite hat
  • Wednesday: I’m Too Bright For Drugs – Wear bright or neon colors
  • Thursday: From Head to Toe I’m Drug Free – Crazy Hair & Socks Day 
  • Friday: TEAM UP Against Bullying & Drugs – Wear your favorite team shirt

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We will have a Mystery Reader opportunity on Thursday, October 31st! You can bring your own favorite book, but I’ll have books here for you to choose from if you need it. If you are interested in reading to our class, please let me know. You can send me an email or message me on REMIND with the time slot that works for you. The time slots are first come, first served. Here are the available times that you can read to us:

  •  9:45-10:05
  • 10:10-10:30
  • 10:35-10:55
  • 11:00-11:20
  • 11:25-11:45




October 14

News for the Week of 10/14/19


This week is Early Release and Parent – Teacher Conference Week. I look forward to meeting with all of you.  See you soon!


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We will focus on the following skills and standards for the next two weeks:

Reading: Determine the main idea and details of a text by using specific details.

ELA: Students will write opinion essays with reasons and examples to support their view.

Math:  We’ll begin our unit on multiplication with  factors and multiples. Please have your child to practice their multiplication and division facts to 12.

Social Studies : We have begun our unit on the  American Revolutionary War. We’ll identify the causes and how it shaped our country. We’ll integrate our reading and social studies with a novel entitled: The Fighting Ground by Avi. We’ll examine character, setting, point of view, mood, theme, main idea, and details.


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October 12

Just a few of Our 1st Quarter Highlights…

October 2

October is Here…

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Welcome back to all! I hope that everyone enjoyed their break. October is going to be a busy month filled with activities, field trips, and parent/teacher conference week.

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CONFERENCES: Conference Week is October 14th-18th – All students will come home with their conference letters on Wednesday. Please sign and return by next week Monday, Oct. 7th. If the assigned time does not work for you, I will do my best to accommodate your schedule.

Note: Report Cards are given during this time.

Mark your calendars:

  • Cereal Box Projects are Due Friday, October 10th 
  • WellStar Lesson: “Temper Tamers” on October 4th
  • FALL FESTIVAL & Chili Cook Off: Oct. 5th 10:00am – 1:00pm…Please visit the Pitner website for further details.
  • Fire Safety Village Field Trip October 8th
  • EARLY RELEASE – Thursday, October 10th
  • End of the 1st Quarter – October 11th
  • Early Release and Conference Week 10/14 – 10/18

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I’d like to thank two more students, Annabella and Emma for each purchasing a book from the book fair (prior to the break). We’ll be adding these books to our classroom library. THANK YOU!!!!!



September 16

Updates for the Week of 9/16/19

Happy Monday to all! The boys and girls are very excited about working on their 1st quarter book project (Book in a Box Project). Information, guidelines, and rubrics for this project were sent home on Sept. 9th. Please make sure that your child does not wait until the last minute to begin their project. They must read the entire chapter book that was chosen. I’ve extended the deadline; it is now due on Friday, October 4th.

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Field Trip: October 8th  is our trip to the Fire Safety Village; please return your signed permission slip ASAP. Thank you.

Here’s what we’re learning:

Writing: W3– We’re writing fictional narratives about imagined experiences.

Reading: RL2–  Students will learn how to determine theme in a text.

Science: SCI.4.S4E2 Students will learn to identify and demonstrate the Phases of the Moon. Study guides for the Earth and Space unit test went home today; test is on Friday, 9/20. Please study a little each night.

Math: 4.NBT.4 Fluently add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.

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We’d like to give a HUGE Shout Out to Tristan, Kylie, and Easton for buying books from our class wish basket at the Book Fair. We are very grateful for your donations to our classroom library!

We’d also like to thank Emma’s mom, Mrs. Colquitt, for doing our copying and laminating when needed. You ROCK!!!

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  • 9/18 Star Lab/Planetarium (lesson on the constellations)
  • 9/19 Last Day of Book Fair
  • 9/20 Earth and Space Test
  • 9/20 80’s Dress Up Day
  • 9/23 – 9/27 FALL BREAK – No School



September 9

BOOK in a BOX PROJECT is due on Friday, October 4th

  • Students will be responsible for reading a chapter book on their level in order to complete the Cereal Box Book Report. I am sending home the directions and rubrics for the Cereal Box and for the Oral Presentation this week. Your child will earn two summative grades for this project (oral report – ELA & completed cereal box – reading). This project isn’t optional. It is due on Friday, October 4th. Late projects will be deducted 10pts. for each day it is late.

***Please note:

  1. Do not choose books that have been made into a movie.
  2. Do not choose graphic novels (comic book type novels).
  3. Do not choose books that I have read aloud to the class.

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*Please return your signed Progress Report by 9/10

*Please return Fire Safety Village / field trip forms by 9/11

* Scholastic Book Fair 9/12 – 9/19

September 3

Week of 9/2/19

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  • 9/2 Labor Day – No School
  • 9/6 Progress Reports 
  • 9/6 Deadline for 4th grade t-shirt orders ($6) 
  • 9/9 Step it Up Fundraiser Assembly
  • 9/12 Curriculum Night 6:00pm – 7:30pm
  • 9/13 College Shirt Day
  • 9/20 80’s Dress Up Day
  • 9/23 – 9/27 FALL BREAK – No School


Here’s what we’ll be learning about for the next few weeks:

Writing: W3– We’re still working on writing personal narratives about real or imagined experiences.

Reading: RL2–  Students will learn how to determine theme in a text.

Science: SCI.4.S4E2 Students will learn to identify and demonstrate the Phases of the Moon.

Math: 4.NBT.4 Fluently add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.

Image result for theme anchor chartImage result for phases of the moon anchor chart

August 21

Related imageYour child will be working on their multiplication and division facts using the following website:   Parent letters with directions can be found in your child’s HW Folder. Also, they have pasted their personal Pin# on the front page of their agenda. Please make sure that your child is practicing their multiplication and division facts daily. I will be checking student usage each week. Thanks for your support!

August 19

Week of 8/19/19

Reading: RL3 We have started our whole group novel study entitled Lemonade WarImage result for lemonade war. Students will use specific details from the story to describe a character or setting in depth. We’ll also be completing comprehension quizzes, journal entries, and activities along the way.

ELA: W3 We will continue to work on writing personal narratives.

Math: NBT.1 Students will use place value strategies to round and compare numbers.

Social Studies: SS4G1a,b Students will use map skills to locate major geographical features in the U.S. We’ll have our map skills assessment on Friday. Study guides went home on Friday; please help your child to study a little each night. Here’s a copy of the study guide below:


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Don’t Forget:

*Please remember to turn in your child’s Emergency Dismissal form and the T-shirt order form with the $6 fee.

*Picture Day is on Wednesday, August 21st at 10:45 am.


August 17

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Absences: If your child is absent, you have 3 days to submit an excuse note. After the 3 days, it becomes an unexcused absence.

ParentVue: Please be sure to obtain your username and password from the front office. ParentVue allows you to view your child’s grades and current averages in all subject areas. You should be accessing this information weekly. Being aware of your child’s current averages will help you to avoid surprises when progress reports/report cards are given.

Remind Text Alerts: Please, Please, Please sign up to receive my text messages. Many parents haven’t signed up and I would love 100% participation. Many of your questions can be answered if you are taking advantage of the text messages and reading our class blog. Click on the link on the orange sticky note to the right of this page and join. It is super easy and free!

August 5

Week of 8/5/19

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Happy Monday! This week, we will continue to learn and practice our classroom rules and procedures. We are also getting to know one another through class discussions and activities.

Spelling: I’ve added the Spelling List tab/link to the right of this page. Your child also has a spelling list in their HW folder.; please help them to study a little each night. Spelling test will be bi-weekly on Thursdays. The 1st spelling test will be on Thursday, August 15th. 

Math: Students are to study multiplication facts 0-5 for a quiz on Friday (this should be a review for all). We will begin our unit on Place Value. NBT.3- Use place value understanding to round multi-digit whole numbers to any place. NBT.2- Read and write multi-digit whole numbers using base ten numerals, number names, and expanded form. Compare two multi-digit numbers based on meanings of the digits in each place, using <, >, = to record comparisons.

ELA: ELAGSEL1.f- produce complete sentences, recognizing and correcting rhetorically poor fragments and run-ons. ELAGSE4W10, 8, and 3- Write narratives

Social Studies: SS4MG1a-j- Use the following: cardinal/intermediate directions,  a map scale, map key/legend, and latitude/longitude. Define and know the difference between political and physical maps. Identify physical features on a map.

August 1

Please View the Open House PowerPoint

Hello parents! We had an awesome first day back to school! If you were unable to attend Open House, please click on the link below to view our classroom procedures, information about homework, grades, etc. Also please sign up to receive REMIND text alerts; a form was sent home with directions. You can also click on the yellow sticky note ( REMIND text alerts )on the right to sign up.

Click on the link below to view:

Welcome to Open House 2019-20


July 21

Welcome Back My Friends!

Hello to all of my 4th grade friends! My name is Mrs. Rutherford and I’ll be your teacher this school year. I hope to see you all at Open House / Sneak a Peek! This is also a great time for you to drop off your school supplies. We will take off like busy bees during our first week of school!

To learn more about me, click on the tab entitled: “Who is Mrs. Rutherford?” (see the yellow sticky note on the right)


  • Open House / Sneak a Peek is on Tuesday, July 30th from 4 pm – 6:45 pm. There are 3 sessions beginning at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 pm – each session is 45 minutes long.
  • Drop off school supplies if you wish
  • First day of school is Thursday August 1st
  • School begins promptly @ 7:45 am (you are tardy after that time).
  • Share your child’s method of transportation for dismissal
  • Sign up to receive REMIND text alerts (see yellow sticky note on the right)
  • We will have conference week in October.