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News the Week of 9/17/18


Science: The Solar System study guide is in your child’s hw folder (on pink paper). The test will be on Thursday. Help your child to study a little each night; waiting until Wednesday night would not be a good idea. I’ve attached the link in case your child has misplaced their guide.

Space Study Guide-12t742v

Field trip: Upcoming trip information can be found in your child’s Monday folder today. The deadline to return the signed form (front/back) along with the $18 will be on Oct. 12.

Absences: If your child is absent, you have 3 days to submit an excuse note. After the 3 days, it becomes an unexcused absence.

ParentVue: Please be sure to obtain your username and password from the front office. ParentVue allows you to view your child’s grades and current averages in all subject areas. You should be accessing this information weekly. Being aware of your child’s current averages will help you to avoid surprises when progress reports/report cards are given.

Remind Text Alerts: Please, Please, Please sign up to receive my text messages. Many parents haven’t signed up and I would love 100% participation. Many of your questions can be answered if you are taking advantage of the text messages and reading our class blog. Click on the link on the orange sticky note to the right of this page and join. It is super easy and free!

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Up Coming Field Trips and Other News


Happy Friday to all! The boys and girls are very excited about working on their 1st quarter book project (Cereal Box Project). Information, guidelines, and rubrics for this project were sent home on Sept. 5th. Please make sure that your child does not wait until the last minute to begin their project. They must read the entire chapter book that was chosen. It is Due on October 8th.

See the source image

Fall Break Sept. 24th-28th

See the source image

  • Sept. 17th- Trip information will be sent home in Monday folders
  • Oct. 29th- Cobb Youth Museum $15.00
  • Nov. 1st-  Willy Wonka performance @ South Cobb HS $3.00
  • Oct. 12th- DEADLINE for permission slip (signed front/back) and the total $18.00 fee
  • See the source image See the source image

Cobb Youth Museum reenactment of the American Revolution


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CEREAL BOX BOOK REPORT is due on Monday, Oct. 8th


Students will be responsible for reading a chapter book on their level in order to complete the Cereal Box Book Report. I will send home the directions and rubrics for the Cereal Box and for the Oral Presentation this week. Your child will earn two summative grades for this project (oral report – ELA & completed cereal box – reading). This project isn’t optional. It is due on Monday, Oct. 8th. Late projects will be deducted 10pts. for each day it is late.

***Please note:

  1. Do not choose books that have been made into a movie.
  2. Do not choose graphic novels (comic book type novels).
  3. Do not choose books that I have read aloud to the class.

Image result for cereal box book report

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What We’re Learning…


Math: Add/Subtract fluently multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.

Reading: Students will envision, predict and make inferences about characters in books they’ve read. They will also use specific details to describe a setting, character, or event in a story. I’ll be using the book entitled: The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo during our mini lessons to engage, model, and activate student thinking.

Image result for tiger rising

Writing: Students will continue to write narratives detailing real or imagined experiences.

Science: Students will be learning the following for the next 3 weeks:

  • planets in our solar system
  • describe how the Earth and its moon interact
  • Moon Phases

Related image

Social Studies: Causes of the American Revolution

Image result for important dates

9/5/18  Progress Reports went home today; please sign/return.

9/7/18   Grandparents Day Ice-Cream Social 1-1:30 pm (only RSVP’s may enter)

9/24-9/28  FALL BREAK


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News for the Week of 8/27/18


Related image

  • 8/29/18    EARLY RELEASE
  • 9/7/18       4th grade T-Shirt order form & $6 fee are due
  • 9/7/18       Grandparents Day Ice-Cream Social @ 1:00pm; cash only $1 per ice-cream (don’t forget to send in your slip to RSVP)
  • 10/2/18     Reflections: Heroes Around Me info. and entry forms are due to the Media Center

Homework Reminder:

Please remember to complete homework daily. Several students are not completing it. We go over the hw the next day and discuss any challenges they may have experienced the night before. Also, please keep reading logs in the hw folder. I do a log check every Friday.


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News for the Week of 8/20/18


Image result for picture day clipart

Wednesday, August 22nd is Picture Day! This picture will be used for our yearbook!

Related imageHOMEWORK:

Every Monday through Thursday, your child will have the following for homework:

  1. Read for 20 minutes and complete the reading log (logs will be checked on Fridays).
  2. Study your spelling words daily. Please click on the Spelling Word List tab to the right for the lists & test dates. Our first spelling test is this Friday.
  3. Math practice sheet on Mon., Tues., and Wednesday….please complete and return in homework folder. We will go over the homework the following day.

If your child did not pass the compass rose quiz, please have them to study for their make up quiz on Thursday. They must know the cardinal (North, South, East, West) and intermediate directions (NE, SE, NW, SW).

***Your child will have graded work in their Monday folder every week (please empty/return folder the following day).

ParentVue: If you haven’t picked up your ParentVue username and password from the front office, please do so sometime soon. They will only give this information to the parent/guardian that registered the child. It is very important that everyone has this information. It will allow you to view your child’s grades and current averages 24/7. Having access to ParentVue will help you to avoid any surprises when your child’s progress report / report card is distributed. 


What we’re learning:

Math: Uses a number line to round and estimate numbers

Reading: Uses text evidence (specific details) from the story to describe a character and the setting in depth

Writing: Writes narratives detailing real or imagined experiences

Social Studies: Read and use maps to understand the world; identify and locate important physical land features in the US

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What We’re Learning…


Image result for what we're learning clipart

Reading: Describe and identify the character, setting, and events in a text with evidence

Writing: Writes narratives detailing real or imagined experiences

Math: Identify a digit and how it is used in place value; represent the value of numbers in multiple forms such as: standard form, expanded form, word form, and base ten form.

Social Studies: Locate important physical man-made features in the U.S.

Homework News: Your child will have homework written in their agenda starting today. Please read through their assignments and sign for each day. They are to read for 20 minutes and study spelling words each day. I have stapled their pretest to their agenda. Please use it to help them practice the correct spelling of each word. You can click on the Spelling Tab on the right side of this webpage to view spelling lists and test dates. They will have math homework Monday through Wednesday; it is due on Friday. We will go over the math homework every Friday.

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Open House & Other News


See the source image

Hello Parents! Open House will be on Thursday, August 9th.

  • 6:00-6:15 PTSA Meeting
  • 6:20-6:50 Session 1
  • 7:00-7:30 Session 2

I hope that you are able to attend. I will be sharing important information about our classroom expectations and procedures.

See the source image

Dismissal: Please make sure to write a note in your child’s agenda if there is a last minute change in dismissal. Please do not tell them to tell me. We are not allowed to take their word for it (sometimes they don’t tell us until dismissal). Without a note, we are to send them home the way they went home the day before. In addition, sending me an email about a dismissal change isn’t a good idea. Due to instructional time, I am unable to check my email frequently; therefore, I may miss your email about a dismissal change. Call the office if you need to change it and they will inform me over the class intercom.

See the source image

Supplies: Each student will need the following materials:

  1. scissors
  2. glue sticks
  3. pencil case
  4. composition notebooks (4)
  5. crayons or colored pencils
  6. box of tissues (3)
  7. highlighters
  8. pencils / erasers
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Welcome Back My Friends!


Hello to all of my 4th grade friends! My name is Mrs. Rutherford and I’ll be your teacher this school year. I hope to see you all at Sneak-a-Peek! This is also a great time for you to drop off your school supplies. We will take off like busy bees during our first week of school!

To learn more about me, click on the tab entitled: “Who is Mrs. Rutherford?” (see the orange sticky note on the right)


  • Sneak-A-Peek is on Monday, July 30th from 12 pm – 4pm
  • Drop off school supplies if you wish
  • First day of school is Wednesday August 1st
  • School begins promptly @ 7:45 am (you are tardy after that time).
  • Share your child’s method of transportation for dismissal
  • Sign up to receive REMIND text alerts (see orange sticky note on the right)
  • We will have Open house and conference week later in the school year.
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