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  • READING: ELAGSE3RL3-We are learning to describe characters in a story, ELAGSE3RL5- refer to parts of stories when writing and speaking, and ELAGSE3Rl4-┬ádetermine the meaning of words and phrases, both┬áliteral and nonliteral language, as they are used in the text.
  • WRITING: ELACC3W3-Writes narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, descriptive details, and clear event sequences.
  • GRAMMAR: ELAGSE3.L.1.c.- use abstract nouns (for example: childhood), ELAGSE3.L.1c.-use commas and quotation marks in dialogue, and ELAGSE3.L.2a-capitalize appropriate words in titles.
  • MATH: MGSE.OA.8 Solves 2step word problems with addition and subtraction (this is on-going). 3.OA.1 Interpret products of multiplication (equal groups). 3.OA.2 Interpret whole number quotients (fair shares).

We will also continue 3.NB.2 add/subtract within 1000 with/ without regrouping (on-going). Subtraction with regrouping has proven to be a challenge; please review and help your child at home with this skill.

  • SOCIAL STUDIES: We are wrapping up our lessons on major rivers and mountain ranges in the US. We will begin our Native American unit this week. SS3H1a.b.c- Describe early American Indian cultures and their development in north America. Locate the regions where American Indians settled in North America: Arctic, Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, Southeast, and the Plains. Discuss how American Indians continue to contribute to American life (arts/literature). Students will also learn how they used their environment to obtain food, clothing, and shelter.
  • SCIENCE: S3E1- We have completed our unit on identifying the difference between Rocks and Minerals.
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