May 3

Procedures for Pick Up of Student Belongings

Paoli Public Schools

Dear Parents and Students,

Due to the lifting of shelter-in-place, teachers will be able to go in their classrooms intermittently to gather students materials to be distributed. Everything in your child’s desk will be bagged, labeled, and placed in alphabetical order for pick-up. Unfortunately, I do not have time to clean out the unnecessary materials.

We will need to cancel our Monday Zoom meetings. I will be at school during that time to gather student materials (this week and next week).

I will send out more information as I receive it.

May 4-15th Library book drop off. A Library box will be out front of the main entrance Monday- Thursday from 9-12pm. Parents can drop off library books daily.

May 18th -19th

Parents will drive into the bus port for pickup at designated times. Pick up Stations will be spread out and marked under the Canopy. No one will be allowed out of their cars or into the building

Pick up for Student Belongings at Station 1.   Student Medicine Pick up at Station 2. Library book drop off at Station 3.  Yearbook pick up at Station 4.

Monday May 18th                                 Tues May 19th

9-10am- Last name A-F                           9-10am- Last name Q-U

10-11am-Last name G-K                         10-11am- Last name V-Z

11-12pm Last name L-P                          11-12pm- Final Pick up , Yearbook Sales,

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