July 15

Monday Folder/Communication

›Monday Folder

  • ›Goes home the first school day of each week.
  • ›This folder contains tests papers, completed work, and information from the front office.
  • Please empty and return the Monday Folder on the following day.


  • The best way to communicate with me is via email.

›                        desiree.rutherford@cobbk12.org

  • ›Send notes in agenda.
  • Check homework and agenda daily.
  • ›Sign up to receive REMIND text alerts.
  • ›If your phone number changes, please let us know at school as soon as possible.
  • ›Send notes to me in the Agenda with the exception of absent notes; those will go to the office.
  • ›Always send a note to me if there is a change in the way your child is to go home. I can’t accept emails for dismissal changes.