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This Week’s NEWS!!!


We are moving right along and have learned so much during this first quarter of school. Due to the 2 inclement weather days last week, we have IOWA testing today and tomorrow.

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Social Studies: Our Native American summative assessment will be on Oct. 4th.

Last week, your child was assigned a Native American project that will be due on Oct. 5th. This project is not optional and will be graded. Please scroll down to September 13th to read the requirements and rubric used to grade their presentation.

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Math: We have been learning about multiplication and how it relates to addition. Last week, we took our 0, 1, and 10’s multiplication quizzes. As an incentive, your child will earn an ice-cream sundae once they have mastered all 12 X facts. We are charting our individual progress on our class graph. In addition, your child earns a piece of their sundae each time they earn a 100% on a quiz. We will have a multiplication quiz every Friday. This week it will be the 2x table and the 10x table for anyone that didn’t pass that quiz last week. We will begin division  this week, too.

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Reading: Monthly Reading Logs will begin in October with our Book It Reading Program. Students will earn a Pizza Hut coupon at the end of each month if their reading goal has been met. Students will chart their individual progress on our class chart. Remember that reading for 20 minutes each evening is a part of the homework.

Image result for fall break clipartFALL BREAK….No school 9/25-9/29

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American Indian Culture Project: Due Oct 5th, 2017


American Indian Culture Project

Student Name: _____________________ Presentation Day: Thurs., October 5th, 2017

Region: ______________________ Cultural Item: ___________________


We have been studying the different regions of Native Americans that occupied the United States for the past month in Social Studies. These regions include: The Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, Plains, and Arctic Regions. We have studied what those Native Americans ate, wore, and what they used for shelter. We have also discussed some of the ways their culture has, and continues to influence the United States today through music, art, fashion, and more! Your child has been assigned a cultural item from a specific region. They are in charge of creating a replica artifact to present and share with the class. Accompanied with their artifact, students must write a paragraph that they will read to the class that explains which region created their item, why, and how it was used. The artifact can be a 3D model, an “imitation” model (for example, using Popsicle sticks or cardboard instead of wood), or drawn. We encourage creativity and look forward to seeing some great artifacts!! But, please keep in mind that your child is in charge of carrying their project back and forth from school.


Attached is some brief information about their assigned artifact as well as the rubric for how students will be graded.

American Indian Culture Project Rubric

Student Name: __________________ Presentation Day: ___________

Region: __________________ Cultural Item: _____________________

  3 2 1 Comments
Cultural Item Representation The work shows great effort into being an accurate representation of the item given. The work shows some effort into being an accurate representation of the item given. The work shows little effort into being an accurate representation of the item given.  
Written Information The information presented was all correct and written in a complete paragraph. Some information presented was correct and written in a complete paragraph. Little to no information presented was correct. Or it was not written in a complete paragraph.  
Presentation/ Communication Presenter was prepared and spoke clearly. The presenter was somewhat prepared. Or it was difficult to hear/understand presenter. The presenter had little prepared. Or it was difficult to hear/understand them when speaking.  


Student’s model was not only accurate, but used materials in a creative way. Students’ model was accurate and somewhat creative. Student’s model showed little creativity and effort.  


Total Score ___________________________________



Southwest- Kachina Dolls

info to provide students:

Northwest- Basket Weaving

info to provide students:

Plains- Quillwork (embroidery and jewelry)

          info to provide students:

Northeast- Wampum Belts

          info to provide students:

Southeast- Rattles

          info to provide students:

Arctic- Drum

          info to provide students:

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Progress Reports & Other News


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Progress Reports are coming home today; please sign and return the stapled sheets by Thursday. Keep the additional copy for your records.


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The Cherrydale fundraiser packets went home yesterday… SELL,SELL, SELL!!!!

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  • CogAT Testing – Wednesday, 9/6 – Friday, 9/8 – 1st and 3rd Grade
  • Iowa Testing – Monday, 9/11 – Thursday, 9/14 – 3rd and 5th Grade

Note: A letter about these tests went home last week.


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Absences & Dismissal Changes


Just a reminder about excuse notes:

Emails are not accepted as excuse notes.  It’s fine for parents to email me to let me know that your child will be out.  However, when your child returns to school, they need to bring in a hand written note with the reason absent stated.  Also, an official doctor’s note is acceptable.

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Dismissal Changes:

Please remember that I am unable to accept dismissal changes via email. make a note of dismissal changes in your child’s agenda or write a note. Without a note, your child will be sent home their usual way. Call the office with any last minute changes and they’ll buzz our classroom.

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Our Hat Day fundraiser for the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts raised $1,040.00 last week. It was donated to the American Red Cross. Thank you for your donations!

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Here’s What We’re Learning…


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  • READING: ELAGSE3RL3-We are learning to describe characters in a story, ELAGSE3RL5- refer to parts of stories when writing and speaking, and ELAGSE3Rl4- determine the meaning of words and phrases, both literal and nonliteral language, as they are used in the text.
  • WRITING: ELACC3W3-Writes narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, descriptive details, and clear event sequences.
  • GRAMMAR: ELAGSE3.L.1.c.- use abstract nouns (for example: childhood), ELAGSE3.L.1c.-use commas and quotation marks in dialogue, and ELAGSE3.L.2a-capitalize appropriate words in titles.
  • MATH: MGSE.OA.8 Solves 2step word problems with addition and subtraction (this is on-going). 3.OA.1 Interpret products of multiplication (equal groups). 3.OA.2 Interpret whole number quotients (fair shares).

We will also continue 3.NB.2 add/subtract within 1000 with/ without regrouping (on-going). Subtraction with regrouping has proven to be a challenge; please review and help your child at home with this skill.

  • SOCIAL STUDIES: We are wrapping up our lessons on major rivers and mountain ranges in the US. We will begin our Native American unit this week. SS3H1a.b.c- Describe early American Indian cultures and their development in north America. Locate the regions where American Indians settled in North America: Arctic, Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, Southeast, and the Plains. Discuss how American Indians continue to contribute to American life (arts/literature). Students will also learn how they used their environment to obtain food, clothing, and shelter.
  • SCIENCE: S3E1- We have completed our unit on identifying the difference between Rocks and Minerals.
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Dates to Remember…


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Wednesday, 8/30   EARLY RELEASE  12:30pm

Friday, 9/1                College Football Spirit Day

Monday, 9/4             Labor Day-NO SCHOOL


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August Dates….Mark Your Calendars!!


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8/18     80’s Decade School Spirit Day (dress like the 80s)

8/21     Solar Eclipse – school will dismiss 45 minutes later

8/23     School Picture Day grades 3 to 5

8/25     3rd Grade T-Shirt Order form and $6.00 due (t-shirt will be worn on field trips and field day)



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We will dismiss 45 minutes later than usual due to the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st.  Permission slips will be sent home today. Please sign and return your child’s permission slip; special glasses will be provided. Permission slips are due on Friday, August 18th.

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What We’re Learning for the next 4 weeks…


We had a great start to our 3rd grade school year! Everyone got the chance to meet one another and share a little bit about themselves. We learned about the rules of our class and school.

**Open House is Thursday, Aug. 10th from 6-7:30 pm. Hope to see you soon!!!

**Homework will be given starting this week. Be sure to review your child’s agenda with them daily.

**Monday Folders will come home starting this week. Please empty and return the folder on the following day.

**We’ll be working on the following standards for the next 4 weeks:

Math- Rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100, adding/subtracting within 1000, and solving 2 step word problems with addition and subtraction

ELA & Writing– identify and use nouns, pronouns, regular/irregular plural nouns, abstract nouns, and engage in narrative writing

Reading- reads with sufficient fluency and accuracy to support comprehension, describes characters in a story, and ask/answers questions of a narrative text

Science- explains the difference between rocks and minerals

Please be sure that your child has the following in school:

  1. a pencil box
  2. 3 composition notebooks
  3. 2 packs of loose leaf paper
  4. crayons or colored pencils
  5. scissors
  6. glue sticks
  7. 3 plastic folders with pockets (any color)
  8. 3 boxes of tissues

Thanks to those that have already sent in the needed items.


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