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Animal Research Projects


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I am so excited about tomorrow’s Animal Project presentations. I know that many boys and girls have worked so hard and are ready to share what they have learned. We’ve even had two projects come in early today! Most students completed their final copy of their research writing today. A few people need to finish it for homework. Please check with your child to see if they needed to complete it at home. 

**Note: December reading logs are due next week on the 18th.

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December Dates You Need to Know…


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Here are some important dates that you need to know:

  • Dec. 13thANIMAL PROJECT due!!!
  • Dec. 14th — Holiday Hat Day . Wear your favorite Holiday Hat ( Elf, Santa, Reindeer, etc.)
  • Dec. 15th – Holiday Sweater Day. Wear your favorite Holiday sweater.
  • Dec. 18th – Holiday Character Day. Dress as your favorite Holiday Character from your favorite holiday story, movie, or cartoon.
  • *Dec. 19th – Early Release & 3rd grade Holiday Party. Candy Cane Day- Wear your favorite red & white or striped outfit.
  • *Dec. 20th – Early Release & Holiday Pajama Day. Wear your favorite Holiday Pajamas.

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We’ll have our Holiday party on Dec. 19th from 9:00-10:30 am. Here’s the schedule for that day:


*9:00-10:30-Party (we have 13 students if you wish to send in individually wrapped treats)


*11:05-12:15-Holiday Movie




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Wrapping Up the Month of November…


Here are a few updates as we close out November:

  1. Progress Reports went home on 11/16/17; please sign/return them ASAP.
  2. Reading Logs are due on Thursday, November 30th
  3. Please help out our room mom by donating whatever you can afford towards our class basket. The basket will be raffled off during Dinner with Santa on Dec. 8th. We do not have any donations in order to help her with this task. Please support our class and room mom by making a donation; send in donations tomorrow. (Scroll down to 11/14 to read details about the basket)
  4. Animal Projects are due on Dec. 13th – this is not optional (will be graded).
  5. Remember to check your child’s agenda for assignments and notes from me.
  6. Continue to practice multiplication tables!!!
  7. Please send in tissues and glue sticks.
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Animal Project: Due on December 13th


****Please see your child’s homework folder for the attached information and the animal that they chose.****

Animal Research Project: Due on 12/13/17

Your child has been researching the following animal __________________________________. He/she is in the process of writing a research paper about their animal. To go along with their paper they will need a visual. Please create a visual at home to help your audience get a better image of your animal. You can choose between:
• A Diorama: Your diorama should display your animal in its natural habitat.
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• A Poster: Your poster can display pictures and brief words that your audience can view while you are presenting your project.

Your report and visual will be due on _Wednesday, December 13th.

Step 4: Presentation

Upon completion of your project, you will be asked to give a 2-4 minute presentation on your animal.

You do not have to read your entire report to the class. Instead please just give us a brief idea about your animal.

You may want to include, your animals diet, habitat, characteristics and any other fun facts!
You should be prepared and have thought out what you are going to say when you are up in front of the class.

This is for a writing, listening, and speaking grade. This project IS NOT OPTIONAL. 

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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No School – 11/20-11/24

I wanted to wish you all a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving with your family! Take the time to rest and reflect on what is most important.

When we return on the 27th, we will have lots of work to do including our animal research project. I’ll be sending home more information about that when we return from break.


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A Note from our Room Mom: Dinner with Santa & Raffle Basket…


Dinner with Santa
and Raffle Basket

Hello Mrs. Rutherford’s 3rd Grade Parents,
The 5th Grade Committee will host our annual holiday event, Dinner with Santa on Friday, December 8th, 2017, from 5-8pm. Every classroom will be submitting either a themed basket or large item that will be raffled off that evening.
If you are not familiar with this event, it is fantastic! Santa with be there along with dinner, cocoa, crafts, vendors, performances by Pitner’s own chorus and the Great Gig Dance Co., and of course the raffle!
Our PTSA is asking that you please send in a monetary donation no later than Monday, November 27th. The suggested donation is $10 but contributions in any amount are greatly appreciated! Please send your donation in an envelope marked “Raffle Basket Donation” with the teacher’s name and grade. Our raffle basket theme will be American Girl Doll, if we can get enough monetary donations we will purchase the doll and her accessories to raffle off. If anyone has a connection to help with this please let me know. Please help us raise money for Pitner, and this fun event.
If you have any questions, feel free to email Andrea Kidd Room Mom: [email protected] or call me at 678-300-5700. Thank you so much in advance for your consideration!
Andrea Kidd
Mrs. Rutherford’s Room Mom


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We are on our last box of tissues. If each family would send in 2 boxes, it should get us through the winter season. Thank you in advance for helping out!! 

We’d like to thank Jadia for bringing in glue sticks to share with us. We are now down to two gluesticks. Please send in donations!!  

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November News



Important Dates for November:

  • 11/7/16  Teacher Work Day- NO SCHOOL
  • 11/20-11/24 Thanksgiving Holiday – NO SCHOOL

This is just a gentle reminder to have a discussion with your child about not bringing toys, purses, gadgets, and other distracting items to school. In addition, please support me at home by talking to them about staying on task and not minding the business of others. We have many standards to cover and so much fun and exciting things to learn. I do not want anything to get in the way of us being the BEST we can be!!!

Please add our class to your shopping list this week!! We are totally out of the following items: GLUE STICKS, TISSUES, & HAND SANITIZER. We would appreciate it if you could donate these items. Thank you!

Math: Study multiplication facts daily! We will have a multiplication quiz every Friday. Everyone should know up to their 6 tables by now. Please have your child to practice using flashcards, writing them down, skip counting songs, and playing games on This week, we will continue to review the properties of multiplication. We will begin to multiply one digit whole numbers by multiples of 10 in the 10-90 range for example: 9×80, 5×60 using strategies based on place value and properties of operations.

Reading: Please have your child to read each night and fill out the reading log. They must read nighty in order to increase reading level, fluency and comprehension. For the next two weeks, we will ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to texts as a basis for answers (finding and citing text evidence).

ELA/Writing: We will be researching turkeys and writing an informative/explanatory research paper on the subject. Once that is completed, each student will choose their own animal to research and write a research paper for it as well. Students will learn to research/gather information online, introduce the topic, develop facts, details, definitions, use linking words, categorize ideas, and provide a concluding statement or section. In grammar, we will learn to use and form regular and irregular verbs for example: send/sent, tell/told, drive/drove

Social Studies: This unit will focus on the European exploration of North America. It will include the reasons for exploration and obstacles faced along the way.






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Happy Friday Everyone!!


We had the best morning celebrating the end of Red Ribbon Week! We were entertained by a soulful band that sang about respect and being yourself. It was certainly a treat!!

Students will be able to shop next week at the Book Fair…10/28 through 11/3.

Have you been a super reader this month? October reading logs are due on Tuesday, October 31st! I hope that you are able to earn your free pizza coupon.

On November 2nd, we will have an in school field trip at Pitner from the Bartow County Library. They will be presenting an interactive show related to colonial life and sharing artifacts. The cost to bring this program to Pitner will be $4.00 per student. PLEASE return the permission form and fee by Monday, Oct. 30th. 


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What We’re Learning and Other News…


Related image

This has been a productive conference week! I enjoyed meeting all of you to discuss your child’s accomplishments and our plan to show growth in the weeks to come. With your continued support, we will definitely meet our goals! 


Reading: We have spent the last two weeks working hard on identifying the main idea and details(GSE3RI2) of fiction and nonfiction text. For the next 2 weeks, we will use text features (GSE3RI5) and search tools to locate information relevant to a given topic quickly and efficiently. We’ll also work on (GSE3RI7) Use information gained from illustrations and the words in a text to demonstrate understanding of the text. Continue to read each night and complete the reading log!!

Language Arts and Writing: (GSE3W2)Informational Writing– examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly. We will also continue our lessons on (GSE3RF3a,b,c,) prefixes and suffixes. Students will identify root words and their meaning.

Math: (OA.5) Apply properties of operations as strategies to multiply and divide. Continue to study your math facts in order to pass multiplication quiz on Fridays.

Science/Social Studies: (S3E1) Explain of water and/or wind have made changes to soil and/or rocks over time. (SSE1) Define and give examples of the 4 types of productive resources: natural(land), human(labor), capital(capital goods), and entrepreneurship.

Image result for vulcan rock quarry kennesawOur trip to the Vulcan Rock Quarry will be on Tuesday, Oct. 24th. We’ll leave at 9:45am and return by 1:00pm. Remember: If you checked for your child to bring a sack lunch from home, it must be in a disposable bag. We will not be carrying bags or drinks of any kind during the tour/lesson. Abbi’s dad and Lilian’s aunt will help to chaperone our trip. Thank you!!

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Our School Rocks: Bully & Drug Free                                                                                                                              Mon. 10/23  wear red clothing                                                                                                                                Tues. 10/24  wear favorite team shirt                                                                                                                    Wed. 10/25  canned good drive to make a difference (see flyer for food items needed)                           Thurs. 10/26 wear mismatched or backward clothing                                                                                          Fri. 10/27  wear your favorite or crazy hat



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Parent /Teacher Conference Week is Near!!!



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Welcome back from Fall Break! I hope that you enjoyed your time spent with family and friends. We will have Parent/teacher Conferences this month. I have stapled your scheduled day/time to your child’s agenda. Please sign and return the form. If the scheduled time doesn’t work for you, I’ll try my best to accommodate you.

  • We have Early Release on Thursday, Oct. 12th.
  • Early Release during Conference Week: Oct. 16th-20th
  • Country Western Themed Day Friday, Oct. 13th

Image result for october reading log clip art

Our BOOK IT Reading Incentive Program begins today!!  Please be sure that your child is reading every night for 20 minutes and that you are recording it on the reading log. Please keep the log in your child’s homework folder. The log is due on Oct. 31st.

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We will have a multiplication quiz every Friday; this week it will be on the 3X table. Study facts every night!!
IMPORTANT: We have our Native American test on Wednesday. The American Indian Culture Project and paragraph are due on Thursday.
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