Tutoring Info & Request for “old” Devices

 PARENTS & any of your friends or family members-

* I am super excited about the new Google Cardboard Goggles I now have for my classroom, but I am unable to fully integrate them into daily lessons because of a lack of devices. If, and only if, you are already planning on upgrading your phones this holiday season, PLEASE consider donating your old smartphones AND/OR an iPod Touch (and charger if available) to my classroom. My mom already gave me her old iPhone 5 so we at least have 1 to share at all times!  🙂 The kids are SUPER excited and some have already experienced the bacteria cells up close, explored inside an animal cell, and even climbed Mt. Everest! They ask me everyday if we can use the goggles and I want to say yes, yes, yes!  If you have any old phones and chargers laying around the house or in junk drawers, please help me get my students more connected to their learning and donate them! Email me if you need help on resetting the old phone back to factory settings. I will be more than happy to help and figure it out for you. Thank you so much! 

~Mrs. Wise

**UPDATE- I’ve learned that the iPod Touch will do exactly what we need as well…without the extra cost of an iPhone. If you have any laying around or know someone with connections as Apple, put in a good word for our science class! 🙂 This is a great option to add to your child’s Santa Wish List, too…for those parents who want all the thrills of technology without the need for an actual phone service/data plan!
(New 32 GB=$199, 128 GB=$299) I’ll be adding it to my wish list as well!

Lovinggood Learning- Tutoring Info
I am participating in the new school wide tutoring program this year and will be offering tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8:00AM.  If you need extra help with any of the concepts we are learning in class, need extra help with vocabulary, or even help setting  up your phone to experience virtual lessons you can come to Science tutoring on Tuesday or Thursday mornings.  You do not have to be a student in my class to come on these days. No pass is needed! I hope to see you soon!

Week of Nov. 13

**Android Users– We learned today that the County is blocking all android devices from downloading anything while on school Wi-Fi. Those of you trying to experience the Google Goggles with me, please download “Google Cardboard” app & the “Expeditions” app at home. Then it should work when you are in class! 🙂

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S7L2. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to describe how cell structures, cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems interact to maintain the basic needs of organisms.
a. Develop a model and construct an explanation of how cell structures (specifically the nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane, cell wall, chloroplasts, lysosome, and mitochondria) contribute to the function of the cell as a system in obtaining nutrients in order to grow, reproduce, make needed materials, and process waste.

*Ticket out the Door- Anytime this week on cell organelles
* Possible Cell Organelle Quiz…most likely Thursday! Study!


Prezi with Cell Analogies representing the functions of the different organelles:

Monday 11/13-
Students read, annotated, and answered questions on a NEWSELA article about cells. Students began their cell booklet with functions and analogies about cell organelles (cell membrane & cytoplasm) as well as their take home notes page. Notes Organizer  *Click on the slides below to ENLARGE them!

HW: Ch. 3-2 Directed reading HW due tomorrow!! You should have completed this in class Friday!

Take notes on a few more cell organelles on the organizer provided yesterday (and linked above) *Click on slides below to enlarge them!
* Create 5 flashcards and STUDY them tonight for a quiz tomorrow or Thursday! Directions posted on slide below.


* Take notes on Endoplasmic Reticulum, Golgi body, Vacuole, Lysosome, Chloroplast, Cell Wall


HW: STUDY cell organelles and their functions (jobs) using your flashcards, notes, virtual flashcards, etc.! Quiz tomorrow!

*Cell Rap
* 5 question quiz over the first 5 organelles on your notes sheet. (Tuesday’s organelles above)
– Those who didn’t do well on this mini quiz were immediately given a sheet with the organelles they got wrong on the quiz. They need to write the correct function (from their notes or Ch. 3) three times each on the organizer.
* Work on Ch. 3 crossword
HW: STUDY STUDY STUDY Ch. 3 material. You have EVERYTHING you need to get a 100% on the upcoming Summative after the break (Fri). You now simply need to STUDY/Memorize it!

Cultural Extension Day
HW: Study and have a Happy Thanksgiving! (Quiz over all organelles when you return from break Monday-practice your flashcards)

Week of Nov. 6

If you are a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent and would like to give time assisting Lovinggood Middle School students with science fair, please come to the informational meeting TOMORROW morning, 11/9/17, at 8am in Mrs. Slaton’s classroom, 611


* Differentiated Activities based on Friday’s microscope quizzes

* No School for Students

* Takes note on Prokaryotes & Eukaryotes on organizer provided; eukaryotic-vs.-prokaryotic Watch brief video clips; Complete Ticket out the Door before leaving class 2016-pro-euk-notes-organizer
HW: STUDY your notes from today! Download the FREE app called “Expeditions if you have a cell phone you are able to use at school!! There are some really neat virtual reality cell explorations I’d like to try with our new Google Goggles!!

* Differentiated activities based on your prokaryote v. eukaryote ticket out the door from yesterday
* Legends of Learning games to preview cell parts & functions (Ch. 3-2)
* Some worked with me with the new Google Cardboard Goggles to explore bacterial cells using the Expeditions app!

* Read Ch. 3-2 and complete directed reading organizer provided.
* When finished, pickup two slides (1 animal cell/1 plant cell) and explore the 4 specimens located on each slide using the microscope. No organizer needed…just practice viewing microscopic life!
HW: 3-2 HW due Tuesday

Week of Oct. 30

BIOME RETAKE: Tomorrow morning 8:10 (Also MONDAY 8:10)…bring reflection sheet filled out & signed by parent and ALL Ch. 20 HW. Biomes TEST REFLECTION


  • S7L4 d. Ask questions to gather and synthesize information from multiple sources to differentiate between Earth’s major terrestrial biomes. 


  • Test on land and aquatic biomes (Ch. 20) on Tuesday


PLAY Quizizz Game to REVIEW for TEST!!!

1. Open https://join.quizizz.com in your browser
2. Enter the 6-digit game code 799160 , and click “Proceed”
3. Now enter your name and click “Join Game!”
4. You will get an avatar, and then see a “Start Game” button. Click it to begin!

Print and sort these key characteristics under each of the biomes: (some of you did this activity last Friday!)
biome sorting test review   biome sorting student sheet poster size

Biome Smack down Review Game (Point to answer on poster if playing at home to review for test! No flyswatters needed!)
Vocab Smackdown Biome poster    Biome vocab smack-down with opening and closings  (Questions)



* Biome Smack down Review Game (using flyswatters)   Vocab Smackdown Biome poster    Biome vocab smack-down with opening and closings  (Questions)
* HW: Keep studying for your Biome Test tomorrow!! Resources found above…in addition to your notes, etc. found in your notebook!

* Biome Test
* Cells Pretest
* Read Ch. 3-1 and complete directed reading sheet (due Thursday)


  • Edhelper: How Microscopes Work
  • Finish Directed reading for Ch. 3-1 (you started this yesterday after the Cells pretest) Due Friday.
  • Once completed with class work…study these terms from Ch. 3-1!


1. Open https://join.quizizz.com in your browser
2. Enter the 6-digit game code 238513 , and click “Proceed”
3. Now enter your name and click “Join Game!”
4. You will get an avatar, and then see a “Start Game” button. Click it to begin!

* Microscope notes on organizer provided using PPT in class 2017 microscope basics      Microscope Labeling
HW: Study microscope parts & functions notes and play review games (listed above under Tuesday)  QUIZ over it tomorrow!!! 

* Check Ch. 3-1 HW using key provided (Record scores 3, 2, 1 or 0)
* Take microscope quiz (labeling parts & identifying what those parts do)
80% or higher: Complete microscope coloring challenge activity
Less than an 80%: Complete Microscope Basics review sheet using your notes!!! STUDY this info this weekend! You will have the chance to retake the microscope quiz during class on Monday.