STEM Class & Textbook Returns

8th Grade STEM Class…Now Accepting Applications!

STEM is a mindset and an ongoing collaboration with students and teachers who are enthusiastic about science, technology, engineering, and math.  As a STEM team member, you will go beyond the traditional standards of science and language arts by participating in STEM challenges and activities.  Student attendance and academic performance will be considered in addition to this application.  The application link is:


All textbooks should be returned by Thursday, May 17th. Please drop it off to Ms. Minnie in ISS. All LIBRARY BOOKS were due May 3rd!!! Please understand that if textbooks are not returned, your final report card will be held and only released once payment for the textbook (or library book) is received.

Last week of 7th grade!

Weekly Agenda:


*Evolution Summative Test
4 out of 5 class periods had an A AVERAGE!!! Woohoo!!

* Some students will be completing a Ch. 7 remediation assignment (those who didn’t do well on test yesterday OR whose grades are borderline between two letters A/B, B/C, C/D, etc.)
* Write final copy of Thank You notes to donors for iPod devices
* Use Google goggles & iPods for Expeditions

Coming soon

Week of May 14


Evolution QUIZIZZ Code for reviewing for test next Monday932277

Additional Evolution QUIZIZZ Code to review for test! 519305

Graded Assignments Coming Up:

  • Evolution test (covers entire” big” sheet of notes) NEXT MONDAY!

Weekly Agenda:


  • Take notes on back side of big evolution sheet- Evidence of Evolution evidence for evolution notes
  • Pass out graded papers to use when studying (Evolution 10 Question Vocab Quiz)

HW: Read note below about what to bring for Olympics tomorrow! Study for Evolution test next Monday!! Your big sheet is an AWESOME study guide!!


OLYMPICS outside! Bring SUNSCREEN, deodorant, hat/sunglasses, WATER BOTTLE to refill, or $1 to purchase waters or Gatorades!!
(*I’m going to try to go to store and purchase a case of waters tonight for my HR kids!)

Wednesday:  (Sub today)

  • Complete Ch. 7 Virtual Investigation organizer using  (online textbook- under “E-Activities”)
  • Username and password are located on your student sheet you received in class today!


  • Discuss Peppered Moths Peppered Moths
  • Review for Evolution Test on Monday:  2 Evolution Quizizz Games listed above under “Resources”


  • CULTURAL EXTENSION DAY! Bring a pencil/pen & your agenda and lunch! 🙂 No book bags needed.

Week of May 7 (SLO REVIEW)

**All standards will be covered in the review this week!

* If you lose your SLO Review Packet, you must download and print your own at home! 7_grade_SLO_review_packet
(Skillman’s 2nd period group- please email Mrs. Skillman for your packet to review)

Science SLO Test will be this FRIDAY!! (Yes, it’s a summative grade- 30 questions)

(QUIZIZZ: Use your first name & last initial! Top scores win rewards in each class! Play as many times as needed to get a 100%!)

QUIZIZZ Game for Ecology, Cells, & Human Body- 621668   
QUIZIZZ Game for Classification, Evolution, & Genetics- 729630
QUIZIZZ Game for Food Webs686863


  • Mindstretcher reviewing the phases of MITOSIS
  • Work on pages 2 thru 5 in class today (page 1 is the title page!)

HW: Finish thru page 5 tonight! Study these pages! We will be adding on more topics each day! PACE YOURSELF!



  • Discuss answers to pages 6-9 and half of page 10 on Evolution topics not covered yet ANSWER KEY pages 6_10 evolution
  • Finish packet after writing a few key notes throughout:
    • On page 12 somewhere write: “ARROWS point to who GETS the ENERGY!”
    • On page 13 write:
      • SYMBIOSIS- Mutualism (2 happy faces); Commensalism (draw one happy face & one straight face); Parasitism (draw one happy face: PARASITE & one sad face: HOST)
    • On last page write:
      * Rainfall- BAR Graph     Temperature- LINE Graph
      * CELSIUS Riddle:

      • 30s WARM
      • 20s NICE
      • 10s COLD
      • 0s   ICE  (freezing point)

HW: Finish up packet and STUDY!! Quizizz Games added under Resources above! Tutoring tomorrow at 8AM!!


SLO TEST IS TOMORROW!!! Play Quizizz Review Games above until you get an A!!!
Here is the remainder of the review packet. TURN IN PACKET TOMORROW before you take the test on laptops!
ANSWER KEY pages 9_14