Week of 1/15/16 – Climate & Physical Features

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Dr. Carole Brink

Principal, Dickerson Middle School

CLIMATE & PHYSICAL FEATURES OF AFRICA – how does WHERE you live affect HOW you live?

This week we will be doing independent research on Africa’s climate and physical features.  This will set the stage for environmental issues which we will start next week.

Week of 1/8 – Africa’s physical features, climate, and TEST ON FRIDAY

This week we will examining how physical features and climate affects population and trade across Africa.  WE HAVE OUR PHYSICAL FEATURES TEST ON FRIDAY.  Be sure to review page 2B in your notebook.  Know where all the features on the list are located.  You will have a word bank and a map – just like the political map test.  Here is a link to a quizlet you can practice with.



Political Map of Africa Test – Monday, 12/18 – quizlet and sheppardsoftware

Your political map is due Thursday at the beginning of class – labeled and colored.  Make adjacent countries are colored differently.

Do not forget about the upcoming test!  It is the last mark for the grading period.  Use your professional map and country list to study.  I recommend you “chunk” the regions of Africa, just like we did on the professional map.  Practice using the web app Sheppard Software (link below).  Start with level 1 in the middle column and work your way up.


Below is a quizlet you can use as well.


The rest of this week we will be working on the Physical Geography of Africa.

New Notebook Instructions & Updated Test Date

For those that did not bring their notebooks, the attached file has the instructions telling you how to set up your new notebook.   If the pages you remove from your old notebook tear get ruined, I have other copies you use.

New Notebook Instructions-142elil

UPDATED TEST DATE:  The POLITICAL MAP test has been moved back to Monday, December 18.  It is replacing the physical map test.  You do NOT have a test on Tuesday, December 12.  The POLITICAL MAP test is now on December 18.  The PHYSICAL MAP TEST will be in JANUARY.  Final date TBD.

Have a great weekend!

11/29 – Economic Systems & Factors of Trade

Today we researched economic systems.  Complete the chart by the beginning of class on Thursday.  See below for the link to the PowerPoint as well as the one for Factors of Trade which we will do on Thursday.  I have also included quizlets for government and economic terms.

factors_voluntary_trade R2-tf1ajs

Economics Quizlet:  https://quizlet.com/_43aj2o

Government Quizlet (same one as previous post):  https://quizlet.com/_42z0zv



Happy Thanksgiving! – UPCOMING QUIZ & TEST DATES – check back for a quizlet

I hope everyone is enjoying time with their families this week.  Before reading about the upcoming quizzes and tests, here are some quick updates:

  1. On Friday we sent home your student’s IOWA results. They should arrive to you in a sealed envelope. Thank you, 7th Grade Teachers and Mr. Perry.
  2. Parents should check Parentvue and view their children’s current grades.  Please sign the sticker in your child’s agenda to confirm this was done.  Homeroom teachers are checking this.

While there is no homework due when we get back, we do have some upcoming quizzes and tests.  Students have been told they can take 15 minutes a day to review a section of their notebook.  Here are the dates:

Friday, December 1 (this is the week after Thanksgiving) – Quiz on economics and governments (systems and types).  I will have a quizlet posted by Tuesday, 12/21.

Tuesday, December 5 – TEST – Middle East Unit.  This is on everything since the beginning of the year.  Study guide will be handed out the Monday after Thanksgiving, but students can use the study guides from the previous two tests if they want to start reviewing.

Tuesday, December 12 – TEST – Political map of Africa.

Monday, December 18 – TEST – Physical features map of Africa.

As you can see, there is a lot coming up.  I will have study sessions before each of the test for those that are interested.


Standard of Living link

Click on the link below.

There is a drop down box on the right side of the page.  Select the country you need data on.

Scroll down to the middle of the page.  You will see multiple subjects about that country.

For GDP per CAPITA – you will select the “Economy” tab.

For the other data, you will select the “People and Society” tab.