Quiz this week! Government & Economic Systems Charts – Check against yours

A reminder we have a Government & Economic Systems quiz this week on Wednesday and the notebook check on Friday for pages 27A thru the end of your book.  For the QUIZ, you need to know:

The definitions on the half sheet I handed out in class.  38B.

The SYSTEMS (SCUF) of government and how power is distributed in each.

The TYPES of government of the five countries – check your chart against mine which is posted below.

The level of citizen participation.

Who runs the country?  The citizens or and individual / group of people.

The ECONOMIC systems of the five countries.

Who controls the economy?  The role of entrepreneurship, the role of education, and the weaknesses of the systems.

Here are the government and economics charts you can use to check against your own.  The government PowerPoint is attached for those who did not finish the closed notes on Friday.

Econ Chart of SE Asia – KEY-1hetina

Govt Chart Key-1dv1kdx

Governments of SE Asia-qhszcq


LAST TWO WEEKS – QUIZ & TEST Schedule, What you missed on Friday

The end of the year is upon us, but there is still a lot to do!  In case you were absent Friday, we watched a 30 minute video about the Harlem Globetrotters in North Korea.  See the link.  It’s not your typical documentary.  The majority of your fellow students enjoyed it.  On a half sheet of paper, write down three facts you learned while watching it and turn it in.



WEDNESDAY, 5/9 – QUIZ – History and Religion of South & East Asia – the two religions and two philosophies we learned about, Gandhi and India’s Nationalist movement, China and Mao Zedong’s communist movement, Rebuilding Japan, and foreign involvement in Korea and Vietnam.

TUESDAY, 5/15 – QUIZ – Government and Economic systems of Japan, China, India, North and South Korea.

FRIDAY, 5/18 – TEST – Unit Test on South and East Asia.  Everything we’ve done since we started the unit which means everything I listed for the quizes PLUS geography, population, climate, and the environmental issues (flooding, water pollution, air pollution).

Stay focused!  We’re almost there!

Thursday, 4/26 – Quiz and Homework due tomorrow

Quiz tomorrow is on the physical features and population of South and East Asia.  Know your map on page 28B and your terms from page 29A.

Homework – Religions and Philosophies.  Complete the identifier worksheet (see attached) using the chart that was handed out in class and that is also posted.  The PowerPoint for notes is also posted.

Religions of S and E Asia – identify-y866u0

Religions of S and E Asia (post)-vhmejh

Asia Religions & Philosophies-1fqeeq5


Week of 4/23 – QUIZ ON FRIDAY, Check for Homework

Homework due on Tuesday – Read the article you were given in class, “Haunting Asia, a brown cloud blots out the sun” and underline the causes of air pollution in red and the effects of air pollution in blue.  Look for indicator words and phrases – “result”, “because of this…”, “leading to”.  I have attached a copy of the article if you need it.  china_brown_cloud-2dhayd3

QUIZ on Friday – Physical Features.  Use your maps on pages 28A and 28B.  Also use the information from the “Geography of Asia” sheet I passed out in class as well as the “Introduction to Asia” reading we did in class on Friday of last week.

This week we will also be looking at religions of South and East Asia and begin looking at the history of the region.


Week of 4/16 – Milestones, Political Geography Test, Climates of Asia, and KONA ICE

This week is the Milestones for 7th grade.  ELA on Monday and Tuesday.  Math on Wednesday and Thursday.  Rest up each night.  No homework this week.

Friday – Kona Ice during an extended Fresh Air Friday!  Bring $ if you want to get the treat!

Friday – Climate & Population of South & East Asia.  How does the climate affect where people live?

IF YOU WERE ABSENT FRIDAY, April 13, you will be taking the political map test of South & East Asia on MONDAY, 4/23.