Week of 4/23 – QUIZ ON FRIDAY, Check for Homework

Homework due on Tuesday – Read the article you were given in class, “Haunting Asia, a brown cloud blots out the sun” and underline the causes of air pollution in red and the effects of air pollution in blue.  Look for indicator words and phrases – “result”, “because of this…”, “leading to”.  I have attached a copy of the article if you need it.  china_brown_cloud-2dhayd3

QUIZ on Friday – Physical Features.  Use your maps on pages 28A and 28B.  Also use the information from the “Geography of Asia” sheet I passed out in class as well as the “Introduction to Asia” reading we did in class on Friday of last week.

This week we will also be looking at religions of South and East Asia and begin looking at the history of the region.


Week of 4/16 – Milestones, Political Geography Test, Climates of Asia, and KONA ICE

This week is the Milestones for 7th grade.  ELA on Monday and Tuesday.  Math on Wednesday and Thursday.  Rest up each night.  No homework this week.

Friday – Kona Ice during an extended Fresh Air Friday!  Bring $ if you want to get the treat!

Friday – Climate & Population of South & East Asia.  How does the climate affect where people live?

IF YOU WERE ABSENT FRIDAY, April 13, you will be taking the political map test of South & East Asia on MONDAY, 4/23.

FIELD DAY INFO – Please read – Get your t-shirts!



May 7th–6th Grade

May 9th–7th Grade

May 11–8th Grade

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Week of 3/26 – Make-up Test, Make-up Quiz, and Government & Economic Systems

If you were absent on Friday, you will be taking the Historical Understandings test on Monday.  People who missed the notebook quiz will also be making it up on Monday as well.

This week we will focus on the governments and economies of three African nations – Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.  Our studies will look at citizen participation in government, economic freedoms and regulations, and how instability in these areas can affect people’s standard of living.


Complete the webquest on South Africa and the closed notes on Kenya and Nigeria.  You need these for the test on Friday.

The Historical Understandings of Africa test is scheduled for this Friday, 3/23.  It has been on the board since March 5.  The study guide was handed out last week.  Make sure you are reviewing it.

Study Session – FRIDAY, 3/23.  8:15 a.m.  Come prepared.  This should not be the first time you look at your notes.

Week of 3/5 – Homework – Conquest & Colonization of Africa

TEST CORRECTIONS – You can come to class before school starts to work on test corrections.  My name will be on the board in the cafeteria.  I will also look for time during class throughout the week, but if you have a lot of corrections, I recommend you come to school early.

HOMEWORK due on Monday, 3/5 – Finish marking up, reading, and answer the three questions on the reading we did Friday – “Europe’s Conquest of Africa”.  The answers for the first question can be found in paragraphs 1 thru 5.  For question 3, you need to support the statement “the colonization of Africa was going to happen no matter what” using the information from the article.

THIS WEEK:  Monday thru Wednesday – we will complete the reading of the essays and document analysis of the colonization of Africa.  Thursday and Friday you will write your body paragraph


Week of 2/12 – News & Notes – Pictures on Feb 16


2/16 – SPRING PICTURE DAY.  If they weren’t sick, students received a packet with information and pricing.

2/16 – Ethnic Groups test

Last week we finished our studies of Africa’s Environmental Issues.  Our focus for this week is on select ethnic groups of Africa.  We will be looking at the Ashanti, Bantu, Swahili, and Arab cultures within Africa – their history, language, location, and religions.

TEST MAKE-UP:  If you were sick and missed the Geographical Understandings test last week, YOU need to schedule a time to make-up the test.  I will be available in the mornings starting at 8:15.