10/12 – Homework due on Monday, QUIZ on TUESDAY

HOMEWORK DUE ON MONDAY:  Ethnic group flip charts.  Complete the project we began working on this week.  Here is the slide with the religious symbols we used in class.

Religious Symbols-2ljf3iz

QUIZ ON TUESDAY:  Ethnic Groups (Persians, Arabs, and Kurds), along with the information on pages 7B (ethnic / religious groups) and 9B (Sunni / Shia split).  Make sure you study!  Use the worksheet we did on Friday along with your articles.  THE HOMEWORK APPLIES TO THIS QUIZ!!!

This week we focused on the differences between Arabs, Persians, and Kurds.  Next week we begin the history part of this unit.  This is where we see how everything we have studied so far – geography, climate, environment, resources, religion, and ethnicity – has shaped the past and current events of the Middle East.

Test tomorrow (FRIDAY, 10/5) – Quizizz and Quizlet links

Today we reviewed for the test.  Below are links to the Quizizz we used today along with some past quizlets.

For the Quizizz, use the code next to the link:

Geography, Climate, Land Use, Oil and Water, ethnic / religious groups:  https://join.quizizz.com  Code 392967

Religion:  https://join.quizizz.com     code 711656


Oil and Water:  https://quizlet.com/_3jiopc

Physical Features:  https://quizlet.com/307730752/sw-asia-physical-features-flash-cards/

Political Features:  https://quizlet.com/146129782/political-features-southwest-asia-middle-east-flash-cards/


Homework due Wednesday & Thursday, Test on Friday, 10/5

Welcome back.  I hope everyone enjoyed the break.  A lot going on this week.  We wrap up religions, start ethnic groups, and take a test.  Here are the details for this week:

DUE WEDNESDAY, 10/3 – PAGE 3A clozed notes – Physical Features.  Use page 3B to fill in the blanks on page 3A.  USE THIS TO HELP YOU STUDY FOR THE TEST!  Read it once to complete the homework.  Read it a second time to study.  Another suggestion is to highlight the words on page 3B that were missing on page 3A while you are reading.

DUE THURSDAY, 10/4 – Religions webquest.  The links to the three web pages are below if you need them.  Remember – the last part is the compare OR contrast paragraph.  ONLY ONE PARAGRAPH.  I changed the assignment in class.  Using the comparison chart, write 5- 7 sentences in one paragraph talking about the similarities among the three religions OR one paragraph that explains the differences among all three.

Judaism page:  http://www.uri.org/kids/world-religions/jewish-beliefs

Christianity page:  http://www.uri.org/kids/world-religions/christian-beliefs

Islam page:  http://www.uri.org/kids/world-religions/muslim-beliefs

In case you need them, the powerpoint pages are posted here as well.   Webquest – powerpoint pages-uc0261

TEST ON FRIDAY, 10/5 (after the break) – Geographical understandings.  PAGES 1A thru 9B in your notebook!  USE THE STUDY GUIDE, ESPECIALLY FOR THE POLITICAL AND PHYSICAL FEATURES.  JUST THE ONES LISTED ON THE STUDY GUIDE.  All information starting at the beginning of the year thru religions of the Middle East.

9/19 – Homework due Friday 9/21, TEST on Friday, 10/5

During testing week, we discussed the differences between ethnic and religious groups.  We are now learning about the origins and characteristics of the three main monotheistic religions in the Middle East (also known as the Abrahamic Religions) – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

HOMEWORK DUE ON FRIDAY, 9/21 – STUDY GUIDE.  This was given to you on Wednesday.  The guide contains multiple bullet points stating which concepts the students should know for the test.  You  are to identify which page or pages from your notebook contains the information and then write that page number next to the bullet point on the study guide.

TEST ON FRIDAY, 10/5 (after the break) – Geographical understandings.  USE THE STUDY GUIDE, ESPECIALLY FOR THE POLITICAL AND PHYSICAL FEATURES.  JUST THE ONES LISTED ON THE STUDY GUIDE.  All information starting at the beginning of the year thru religions of the Middle East.

9/4 – Project due Wednesday, Quiz on Friday

WATER WINDOW PANE PROJECT – Due at the BEGINNING OF CLASS on WEDNESDAY.  Students began working on these in class last Thursday.

QUIZ ON FRIDAY, 9/7 – You were informed of this quiz last Tuesday and it has been on the board each day since.  Topics you should know have been on the board as well:  Population density, Climate, Resources, Land Use (pages 4A & 4B), Environment (Water – pages 5A & 5B) and Oil which we started today (pages 6A & 6B).

COGAT and Iowa Testing starts next week on Wednesday!

REMINDER – TEST ON FRIDAY – Physical Features Map

USE THE THREE MAPS WE HIGHLIGHTED IN CLASS TO STUDY.  Friday’s test format is the same as last week’s – you will get a map with numbers pointing to locations on the map.  Using a word bank, you will identify what physical feature matches that number.  You will write out the name of the feature.  MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING THE LIST SO YOU LEARN THEM ALL.

STUDY STRATEGIES (we have gone over these in class):

  • Use the DIGI (parents – DIGI stands for “Did I Get It”.  It is a review question the students answer at the beginning of each class).  The questions are worded in a way to help you organize the features.
  • Chunk the features – learn all the water features, then all the mountains, then the deserts.
  • Print or write out the names on strips of paper and then lay them on a blank map like puzzle pieces.
  • Print out a bunch of blank maps (see my previous posts on where to get them) and label them over and over.

Quizlet – The test is on paper, so you should learn the features that way, but here is the link to the quizlet we used on Monday in class.  It is SUPPLEMENTAL.  It does NOT have all the features.



Milestones scores:  Be sure to give your parents the Milestone Scores that were sent home on Friday.  They were given to you at the end of the day, right after you came back from the lockers.

HOMEWORK DUE ON MONDAY:  Complete YOUR physical features map – labeled AND colored.  Be sure to color it using the directions on Roman Numeral page IV of your notebook.  We reviewed them in class (brown for mountains, yellow for deserts, etc.).  USE THE MAPS WE HIGHLIGHTED IN CLASS to find the locations.


You need to be studying 5 to 10 minutes each night!  There is a lot to remember.  FREQUENCY!  Like the Political Map test we just took, you will be given a word bank for this test which you will use to identify the locations indicated on the map.



Use the following link to practice.  Click on the link, then click “Outline Map of the Middle East”.  ONLY PRINT PAGE 18.  Don’t print all the pages.



TEST ON FRIDAY – 8/17 – Political Map of the Middle East

Study your map EACH DAY.  Five to ten minutes each day will go a long way.  Remember what I said about frequency or ask me about it in class.  You will have a word bank, just like on page 1B of your interactive notebook.  The test will be just like the map labeling exercise you did on Tuesday.


This link will take you to a file on NASA’s website that has several maps.  Click on the “Outline Map of the Middle East”.  Print JUST THAT PAGE (page 18) and use it to practice.


QUIZLET LINK:  https://quizlet.com/_2f02gm

Sheppardsoftware.com also has some games you can play to practice, but there are some limitations.  Be aware of the following:

  • It does NOT include any of the countries in North Africa that you need to know – Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.  They are on your word bank, so you need to know them.
  • The Gaza Strip and West Bank are combined under the name “Palestinian Territories” in Sheppard Software.  You need to know them as the Gaza Strip and West Bank.
  • There are two locations Sheppard Software includes that you do NOT need to know.  You do NOT need to know Cyprus or Golan Heights.  YOU ONLY NEED TO KNOW THE NAMES ON YOUR WORD BANK.