New Reading Log Option

Thank you for a successful Book Fair!  I hope everyone enjoyed browsing and shopping for their books. To accompany those news books I am introducing some new reading logs.  I have posted an online reading log option for Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade students.  These are provided through Google Forms and will be submitted directly to Mrs. Crosby. To access the logs, click on the Reading Program page above. Paper-based versions are still available in the Library Media Center for all grade levels.  Keep reading and working on those logs!

Book Fair – October 21-25

Book Fair Fall 2013

Book Fair Fall 2013

The Book Fair opens Monday the 21st and will be open through Friday the 25th. I encourage parents to visit before or after their child’s conference.  Come and shop WITH your student and help them pick out the perfect books for their home library! Scholastic has provided a fantastic variety of titles that will appeal to all interests and reading levels.  Come check it out!

Location, location, location….

Locating books and other materials in the library can be a challenge. But with a few lessons and practice, our students can find anything! This is what second and third graders have been working on in the library over the past couple of weeks: Where do I find items in the Library Media Center? We begin by understanding the different sections of the library such as the Everybody section (picture books), Fiction section, Biography section, and Nonfiction. We then move one section at a time to discover how the books are organized. The picture books, fiction books, and biographies are in alphabetical order while the nonfiction books follow the Dewey Decimal system. The students use the Destiny library catalog to obtain the call number of a book and then locate the item on the shelf. Locating items in a library may be a challenge but this helps us practice our problem-solving skills. And that is what we essentially want our students to be able to do: solve a problem step-by-step and then transfer that skill set to other challenges. Whether our patrons are searching for books in our library, or searching materials at another location such as the public library, they will have the problem-solving skills to find the materials they need.