We love to have students in the library!

Now that all students have completed their library orientation class and had the opportunity to check out a book or two,  we hope that they will continue to visit the library regularly!  Students may visit the library all during the school day if they have permission from their teacher.  Each teacher may send 2-3 students at a time. Everyone should be reading!

Library Media Center Orientation for all students

This week, students will visit the library for orientation.  Students are meeting the librarians, Mrs. Thach and Ms. Simmons.  All students are learning the library rules, expected behavior, proper care of books and other materials, and checkout procedures.  All students will have an opportunity to check out library books.  Yay!

Kindergarten –Monday 8/11

1st–Tuesday, 8/12

2nd–Wednesday, 8/13

3rd–Thursday, 8/14

4th–Friday, 8/15

5th–Monday, 8/18