What’s happening?

The library is busy, as usual!  Stay tuned to this page to learn the latest about what students are up in the library!

1.  We have a new reading program:  Accelerated Reader!  Everyone is on board!

2.  All students have had library orientation.

3.  Students are learning how to search the Destiny catalog for books that are just right for them (on their reading level and of personal interest to them.)

4.  Students are learning to locate books in the library:  They know the different sections of books we have, and they are learning to use the Dewey Decimal System for nonfiction books and the alphabet to find the fiction and biography books.

5.  Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders are visiting the library weekly or bi-weekly to listen to a book being read aloud. The book always relates to something they are learning in class.

6.  Students can visit the library with their entire class or anytime throughout the day with their teachers’ permission to return and check out books and magazines.

6.  Most students have checked out at least 2 books from the library so far this school year.  Students have already read 6,678 books in 7 weeks!