Pumpkin Seed Contest!

Guess how many seeds are in the Great Pumpkin!

Students wrote their guesses and put them in a basket.  On October 30, the pumpkin was carved and the seeds were counted.

On October 31, 4 winners were announced on the news.  Each winner chose a poster from the recent book fair as a prize!

Here’s how we did it!

1. Cut off the top of the pumpkin.






2. Remove the seeds.








3. Rinse the seeds.








4. Count the seeds.

There were 486 seeds in the pumpkin!

Congratulations to our winning students!

Jentry, Jayden, Javion, and




5. Carve the pumpkin.

Some Sanders students are published authors!

Last year, Sanders students had an opportunity to enter a poetry contest with Young American Poetry Digest. Many students’ poems were chosen to be published in the 2017 digest!  We have a copy in the library! Please visit the library and ask to see if your name and poem are in print in the book.

Look at this cute display!

Our media paraprofessional, Mrs. Walters, made this adorable old-fashioned display from an “antique” desk and some other school themed items. Mrs. Walters and I can remember having desks just like this one when we were in school! See if you know anyone else who can remember it!