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End Of Year Theme Days AND Important Information!


Dear Parents,

The last weeks of school are almost here!  The 3rd Grade teachers and students will be spending our last days together with excitement-filled and academically enriching theme day activities.  Below is a list of specific dates and optional participation items your child may bring to school on these days.  Bus riders may only bring items that fit inside their backpacks.  Students may leave an item at school for use during the theme days that follow if it pertains to more than one theme. On P.E. Days, please bring Tennis Shoes.

Beach Day (Monday, May 14th)–  Dress in beach themed clothes that are appropriate for school, Hawaiian shirts, swim shorts and shirt, flip flops, sunglasses, tropical destination shirts, sun hat, beach ball, beach towel.

Camping Day (Tuesday, May 15th) – summer camp T-shirt, cub/girl scout uniforms, khaki or camouflage, hiking boots, sleeping bag, small blanket, pillow, flashlight, stuffed animal, thermos for water, etc.

Carnival Day/ End of Year Party (Wednesday May 16th) – Our party will be from 10:30 – 11:30a.m. – Dress in class t-shirt for outdoor activities (parents are welcome to attend!). We will also have our Funny Money Reward Carnival in the afternoon where students can spend their earned money on awesome activities and rewards!  See blog posts for more details.

Hollywood Day (Thursday, May 17th) – Dress for the Red Carpet, costume jewelry, dresses, suits, ties, and sunglasses. Students will receive classroom awards this day.


***** Please, only bring items that your child can independently carry to the classroom. *****


The end of the year is approaching and we are gearing up for our End of the Year Party!  This year, we will have a Carnival theme.  We hope to see you there!  Please read the details below carefully.

Class Party – 10:30 – 11:30a.m. On the bus parking lot.  All parents are welcome to come!

Funny Money Reward Carnival – 12:45-1:45 in classrooms.   Students have been working hard all year to earn funny money for good behavior!  Students will get the opportunity to spend their money on a variety of different carnival themed experiences, including:

*a photo booth

*a cupcake walk

*a “sock hop” dance party

*a hula hoop extravaganza

*a movie and popcorn

Students will choose which experience they will want to spend their money on, and some may choose to do more than one activity!  We will also have a discount store with all items that are leftover from past funny money shopping days, where students can use their money to buy items.

Please look out for communication from your room moms about how you can help us with these awesome events! The students have worked so hard this year and we look forward to giving them an awesome day!


End of Year Reminders:

Students may not bring any thing home on the buses on Tuesday the 22nd and Wednesday the 23rd.  Please do not send backpacks on those days. Make sure lunches are sent in disposable containers.

May 22nd and 23rd are also Early Release Days… we are dismissed at 12:30!


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Memorial Day Outreach for Military-uqld47

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May Is Here! End of Year News!

Happy May to Everyone!

Milestones have passed us and we continue to work hard to cover all of our fourth quarter standards!  I want to say a special thank you to Mrs. Vreeland and Mrs. Brock for sending in testing treats each day for the kids! They really enjoyed receiving those every day! Also thank you to those families who supported our Sports-A-Thon last week! The students had a lot of fun while raising money for our Science and Technology initiatives!!


There will be an Advanced Content Informational Meeting for parents of students who will be in 4th and 5th grades next year, 2018-2019.  This meeting is for all parents who would like more information about the program and how students qualify for Advanced Content English Language Arts and/or Advanced Content Math for 4th and 5th grades.  The meeting will be May 10, 2018 at 8:00am in the Learning Commons.

What we are learning:

Reading: We are discussing all the story elements of a book such as characters, setting, plot, main idea and theme.  The kids are comparing and contrasting stories, focusing on the differences in these elements of a story, especially the theme.

Writing:  Fairy Tales have been our focus the past two weeks.  We have read some of the classics and the students are working on “adapting” the classic to come up with their own version of the fairy tale.  They have been very creative with their pieces focusing on all the important aspects of narrative writing.

Math:  In math, we completed our geometry unit on quadrilaterals and polygons and all the shapes that fall into these categories based on their characteristics.  We will be spending the rest of the year reviewing 3rd grade math concepts and re-teaching and enriching any concepts that need addressing.

Science:  We finished up our final Science unit on Heat last week. We have a culminating activity this Friday, May 4th for our final school wide STEM Day…May the Fourth Be With You! Students will be coming up with a structure to protect their astronaut from the sun!

Social Studies:  We have started our final unit on Government this week.  We are studying the three branches of government as who is responsible for each branch and what their responsibilities are within each branch and how they work together.

HOMEWORK:  Please continue to read nightly and record on your reading log.  Complete each math sheet that is sent home. Then return all three sheet together stapled on Monday.  Thank you for your help with this!


Stay tuned for a letter coming home about our end of the year theme days. We have some fun and educational days planned for our third graders!  Mark your calendars for May 16th from 10:30-11:30 for our End of the Year Party…parents are welcome!!

Thank you for all your support! I am enjoying teaching your children!

Mrs. Carlson


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Hello Parents!

Here is some information on our upcoming Sports-A-Thon!

2018 Field Day + Sports-A-Thon!

Field Day is coming April 25 & 27!  For Field Day 2018 we are incorporating a Sports-A-Thon to raise funds and help “close the gap” for Foundation.  As many of you are aware, the Foundation has a $30,000 gap in funds this year. These funds are critical for paying for our Science Lab and Technology Lab Teachers’ Salaries.

To assist in closing this gap, we have partnered with the National Academy of Athletics to have a Sports-A-Thon on Field Day!  Sports-A-Thon is a school-wide event for students where they practice their goal-kicking skills and raise some money in the process.

Students will rotate through fun Field Day water stations and wacky sports-themed stations. At the soccer goal station, students will have 8 attempts to kick goals and each goal made will count toward their Sports-A-Thon pledge.  All students will participate in all stations.

Dates to Remember:

  • Wednesday, April 18 – Sports-A-Thon Pep Rally @ 1-1:30pm
  • Friday, April 20 – Your student(s) bring in their Fan/Sponsor Pledge Forms to their Homeroom Teacher. Please have all pledge forms turned into Homeroom Teachers by Tuesday, April 24.
  • Wednesday, April 25 – 3rd-5th Grade Field Day/Sports-A-Thon 🚩
  • Friday, April 27 – PreK-2nd Grade Field Day/Sports-A-Thon 🚩
  • Monday, April 30 – Sponsors receive an email from [email protected] with their PayPal invoice from Sports-A-Thon.
  • Friday, May 4 – Final date to make payment for Sports-A-Thon pledges and donations. ALL payments must be received by this date for your student(s) to be eligible for the All-Star Party.
  • Thursday, May 10 – All Star Party for students who raise a minimum of $50 (payments must be received for eligibility); Prizes based on pledges/donations will be distributed!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Water activities are happening! 💦 Please have your student wear his/her class t-shirt, bring a towel, a change of clothes and shoes, and their water bottle on their Field Day/Sports-A-Thon. Please put sunscreen on your student BEFORE coming to school.
  • Lost your pledge form or need more?  Click HERE and look for the download link under the FAQ section.
  • Ms. Janas needs 6 sprinklers, hoses and hose splitters. 💦 If you have any of these items you’d be willing to lend for the Field Days/Sports-A-Thon, please EMAIL her.
  • Parent Volunteers are needed!  Please click HERE to signup and join the FUN! 😄

Thank you in advance for your support, and we look forward to seeing all the students have a fun, active day!

For more information and questions click HERE.  Look for more communications to come through your student’s folder, PawPrints newsletter, Room Rep emails, and on our Mountain View PTA & Foundation Facebook Page.

Thank you for being a part of this great experience. Please visit mtnviewfoundation.org/sports-a-thon for additional details or any questions.

Thank you,
Mountain View Foundation Board Members

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Milestone Schedule and Information


Please note that our schedule will change during Milestones.  These changes will be effective April 10th – 17th.

Specials  10:55 – 11:25

Lunch  11:51 – 12:21

Also, on testing days, the building will be closed to all visitors until testing is complete each day.

Please see the Milestone Parent Letter posted below for the daily testing schedule and additional information.

Milestones Parent Letter

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Mid-April Update

Dear Parents and Students,

Spring is here, and it’s nearly time for Spring Break!  Please remember that Milestone testing will begin right after Spring Break.  More information will be posted!

Third quarter report cards come home today.  Please sign the white envelope, and return it along with a self-addressed, stamped (2 stamps) envelope so we are able to mail home the fourth quarter report cards.  The contents of the white envelope (report card, data sheet) are yours to keep.

Fourth quarter standards are posted below!

Students will be practicing for Milestones.  We have done a practice test online, which was helpful for students to see the format of the test, as well as practice writing constructed and extended responses to questions.  We will be discussing test taking strategies, and will work on applying them while we read and respond to texts.  This week, we are comparing and contrasting two similar texts.

After scoring the opinion writing assessment, I am so impressed with how much progress the students have made in writing this year!  They took their opinion pre-assessment back in August, and the elaboration, grammar, and organization of their writing has come so far!  We will be practicing constructed and extended responses prior to Milestones, and then will return to narrative writing.

The students have created some excellent Tiny Houses using their knowledge of area and perimeter!  It was a big project, full of following directions, working diligently, and applying their knowledge.  We have moved on to elapsed time.  Please encourage students to practice elapsed time at home.  Asking them questions such as, “If we leave at 3:20, and we arrive at 5:30, how long did it take us to get there?” and “We ate dinner at 6:45, and dinner took 45 minutes to cook, what time did I start cooking?”  I am very impressed that most students know how to tell time to the minute, although many still get caught on where the hour hand goes when it’s close to the next hour (i.e. 7:52).

This week, students presented their projects on their Colonial region, and did a fabulous job!  They worked well in their groups on their posters, and practiced their presentations.  We will be discussing the perspectives of some groups of colonial people, such as large land owners, indentured servants, artisans, and farmers.  Students will be creating a game to play, and then we will be doing a Readers Theater.

Here are some upcoming dates to note:

Today through Friday, March 23rd:  Book Fair

Thursday, March 22nd:  International Night

Tuesday, March 27:  In-House Field Trip

Monday, April 2nd – Friday, April 6th:  Spring Break

Tuesday, April 10th, Wednesday, April 11th, Thursday, April 12th, Monday, April 16th and Tuesday, April 17th:  Milestone Testing

Thank you for all you do to help with your child’s success!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank You,

Sarah Brown ([email protected])

Quarter 4 Standards

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Typing Contest

Third grade students are participating in a typing contest!  Information was sent home today.  Students will need to fill out a log of their typing practice.  We will be deciding as a class what prizes we would like to earn if we are the top third grade class, as well as for our individual classroom winner.  The flyer and log are attached.

Typing Contest Flier

Typing Log

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Milestones Information

Information is coming home today regarding Milestone testing.  There is also a schedule included.  Just in case, I’m attaching the letter below for your reference.


Milestones Parent Letter

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Social Studies Practice

Here are two websites to practice information about colonization:

Education Galaxy


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March Update

Dear Parents and Students,

March is here, and spring is in the air!  The beautiful weather has been a wonderful *hopefully* end to our snowy winter!  Here’s what we have going on in our classroom in the next few weeks:

Milestones are just weeks away!  Shortly, we will begin reviewing for the test, which we will be taking on the computers this year.

The students loved the ending of Peter Pan!  As I’m sure you’ve noticed, third grade standards go above simply reading and literal comprehension of texts.  The students did an excellent job analyzing the text, locating non-literal language, and locating evidence within the text.  We are moving back to informational writing, and will be using the text, One Well: The Story of Water on Earth.

In writing, the students have been working on opinion pieces about whether or not zoos are good.  We have watched some videos, including TED Talks, and read some articles.  The students are working hard coming up with reasons and supporting evidence for their opinion.  Next, students will examine the pros and cons of driverless cars.

We have also started learning cursive!  The students have been anxiously anticipating beginning cursive, and have begun writing some beautiful i’s and t’s!  We are also working on comparative and superlative forms of adjectives and adverbs.

In math, the students are learning about area and perimeter.  While we work in whole group and small group, students will also be creating tiny houses.  They will be determining the area and perimeter of their house, as well as furniture in their house.  Please continue to work on multiplication facts at home!  Students seem to fall into one of two categories – mastered facts and struggling with facts.  I can’t stress enough how important knowing and memorizing these facts will be for the remainder of third grade, and especially in fourth and fifth grade.

Students have begun learning about the three colonial regions:  New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern, and have been comparing and contrasting their religious beliefs, education, and economies.  We will also look at the roles of various groups, including Native Americans, artisans, and large farm owners.

Here are some upcoming dates to note:

Wednesday, March 7th:  Spring Picture Day

Wednesday, March 14th:  Early Release Day, STEM Day, End of 3rd 9 Weeks

Thank you for all you do to help with your child’s success!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank You,

Sarah Brown ([email protected])

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