November 8 2017


  1. Star Wars Battle Review Game – The Empire vs. Rebel Alliance!
  2. You can play the review game at home by clicking here:Revolution Review Game-1qzutck


Now for the good stuff… First, let me say that if you really review the questions from today’s review game, that will help set you up for the multiple choice questions. And so, of course, will the quizlet! Seriously….play it now! Quizlet –

Study session tomorrow at 8:15 if you want some extra help!

As for questions from the previous unit….you’ll need to know why Georgia’s climate attracts businesses and industries; which nation built missions on Georgia’s barrier islands; the main reason the king wanted to create the colony of Georgia; and what was required from the settlers of Georgia!

OK – one more thing – you want some bonus pts for tmrrw’s test? How about 3? If the answer is yes, click the following link and choose 3 videos on the American Revolution to watch. On a sheet of paper, write the title of each video and write at least 3 new, interesting facts you learned while watching the video. 3 facts for 3 videos = 9 facts total. GET A PARENT SIGNATURE & bring in to me tomorrow to turn in before the test. (6th block can give it to my sub) Link –


  1. Career Cruising with Mrs. Crandall
  2. Complete forms survey about what reason MOST lead to WWII 
  3. We will take a discovery ticket over this info if we have time!

HW: none