November 9 2017


  1. Take test over American Revolution
  2. Read and annotate teacher notes
  3. Begin working on guided questions

HW: None

**Homework Check 1 over guided questions- Tuesday 11/14
**Vocab Quiz- Friday 11/17
**Homework Check 2 over guided questions- Monday 11/20


1st Block

  1. Thrash it out
  2. Create our thesis
  3. Discuss writing process

5th Block

  1. Complete forms survey about what reason MOST lead to WWII 
  2. Work on study guide for test next week (3-5 sentence summary per topic)
  3. Play quizizz to review

HW: Bring your device tomorrow!

Hi guys! Here are two quizizz games for you to start practicing for your test next Tuesday! There are two games so make sure you play them both!

1. Open  your browser
2. Enter the 6-digit game code 887111 for part 1 or 167977 for part 2 and click “Proceed”
3. Now enter your name and click “Join Game!”
4. You will get an avatar, and then see a “Start Game” button. Click it to begin!