Feb. 12th -16th

We are combining History Standard 7 and 11 this week with the Civil Rights Menu.

Civil-Rights-Menu-Project (1)-1fjlbcw

6th period:  menu broken down 2017-18u17q5

Monday: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th: Civil Rights menu

6th: Written response summative  and starting on Appetizer for Menu


Tuesday:  All classes will be working on the Civil War Menu.

6th period: will finish Appetizer and start working on Entrée. Appetizers will be due on Wednesday.


Wednesday: All students will be working on the Civil Rights menu.

6th period: Students should be well into their entrée.


Thursday: This day will be used to learn about the elements addressed in Standard 7.


Friday: Students will again be working on the Civil Rights menu.

6th period: entree’s should be finished and students will start on Sides and Desserts.


All items must be posted to the One-Note by the end of class on Monday Feb. 26th. We will start presenting either on Monday the 26th or Tuesday the 27th depending on the class.

Feb 5th- Feb 9th

We are moving quickly through the remainder of the history standards so make sure you are staying on top of your learning.

The information learned on the Civil Rights field experience days are all content in our 20th century standards. So I hope you learned a lot from these days.

Monday: Civil Rights day: Some students on trip other students watched the Eye’s on the Prize videos.

“The Keys to the Kingdom” (link for the video) https://vimeo.com/65530064

“No Easy Walk” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YYaaEffMFk


Tuesday: Finish student presentations

Reconstruction plans


Wednesday: Formative assessment on vocabulary for the unit

3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th      Finish Reconstruction content

6th period: Sherman’s march recap



Thursday:  6th period: reconstruction

3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th:  review all material for unit and  start Unit 7-

Remediation Years- organizers


Civil Rights formative assignment due. See post title Civil Right assignment for details.

3rd, 4th, 5th 7th:

Summative assessment on Civil War and Reconstruction. This will be a written response assessment.

Civil War and Reconstruction Constructive Response Study Guide-23q7fcy


6th: GIST on Reconstruction  and review all content for unit.

6th period will take the summative on Monday.

Jan. 29th – Feb. 2nd

We are into the Civil War/Reconstruction standards. This week you will be creating a presentation on the topic that you chose on Friday.

You will have Monday and Tuesday to create your presentations. Wednesday we will submit and start presenting.


Monday: In Media Center creating presentation

Tuesday: In Media Center creating presentation

Wednesday: Finalize and submit to One-Note start presentation

Thursday: High School Registration

Battles and Sherman’s Campaign and March   Map Directions-xk4w1w

Friday: Presentations


Notes organizer for Presentations: Standard organizer civil war and reconstruction-w5g8le


There will be a formative assessment the week of Feb. 5th.

Retakes for Antebellum Summative will on Friday Feb. 2nd. Below is the remediation for this assessment. You need to come in with both completed.

study guide-remedation Antebellum-1oi737d

Antebellum Summative Assessment Study Guide 2018-14kpy4z


Jan. 22nd- 25th

Well it is crunch time for all you classes so make sure you stay on top of your work and learning.

I pushed the formative until Tuesday of this week so that you could get back in the swing of learning before you had to take it. See the below schedule for grades being taken this week.


Monday: Election of 1860 discussion and videos

GIST Federal vs. State:  formative grade – should have been completed in class and turned in.  Federal vs State GIST-1aqacfs

GIST Election of 1860: formative grade- if you didn’t finish this GIST it is due tomorrow when you walk through the door.

GIST – The Presidential Election of 1860-1brq7ab


Tuesday: Formative assessment on the events leading to the Civil War- Compromises, North vs. South, Vocabulary, and technology


Wednesday: Summative on Antebellum


Thursday: Civil Rights day: if you are not attending the trip on this day you need to realize that we will have a grade taken over the information taught in class.


Friday: Civil War- Order of session- border states- vocabulary



Field experience

Balance sheets for Savannah were given out today.  The forms that need to be turned in can be found under Field Experience tab under pages.


There are also additional point field experiences posted for the 3rd 9 weeks.



Snow Days so work and assessments pushed

Due to the weather days we will be pushing the formative and summative assessments. The formative will no be on Monday 1-22 and the Summative will be on Wednesday 1-24.

All students will be doing something with civil rights on Friday 1-19 and Thursday 1-25. If you are not attending the trip you need to make sure you are in class because you will be responsible for the work that is being done in class that day. There will be a grade taken on civil right and will be due on Monday 1-29. This will allow those who are going to experience the trip before the task is due.

I hope you have enjoyed your days but I look forward to a getting back in the groove again.




Jan. 16th -19th

We are finishing Antebellum concepts this week.

I am attaching one of the activities for Wednesday just in case we have a inclement weather day. If we do have a day off please take the time to analyze the cartoons.


Tuesday: Georgia Plat form and State’s Rights. states rights -13qyga6

Wednesday Election of 1860  election of 1860 through cartoons-stf2eh

Thursday: Formative assessment Antebellum concepts

Friday: Civil Rights Museum/Eyes on the Prize- Maynard Jackson


We will be taking the summative for Antebellum and moving onto Civil War content next week.