August 31

Well we have made to the end of August.

Math: We worked with converting decimals and fractions today. Remember the numerator go in the house when dividing.

Hwk: page 83-84

Bell Questions:

  • 1. A submarine descends at a rate of 30 feet each minute. How long will it take it to descend to a depth of 300 feet below the surface?
  • 2.)   (-6)(1/6)=

The final assessment for unit 1 will be Friday 9-4.

Social Studies: We learned the difference between Sunni and Shi’a in the Islamic faith. We then to the characteristics of all three religions to create a venn diagram.

Hw: Finish your venn diagrams  religion list

There will be a grade taken tomorrow on religions.

August 28th

I am not sure why the post for Wednesday and Thursday didn’t post. I will try and figure it out for the future.

Math: This we practiced multiplying and dividing integers this week and took the quiz on these concepts today.

Bell Questions:

8-26 :

  • 1. Travis’ watch is water resistant up to -20 feet. Dustin’s watch is water resistant up to 5 times the depth of Travis’ watch. Dustin’s watch is water resistant to what maximum depth?
  • 2.)   5/7 – 2/3 =


  • 1. A skydiver descends at a rate of 12 feet each second. How far away from the starting drop point will the sky diver be after 7 seconds?
  • 2.)   (7) (-1/14) =
  • 8-28
  • 1. The temperature decreased 3 degrees per hour for 6 hours. What was the change in temperature?
  • 2.)   -6 (3.2)+ (-2) =

Social Studies: We have been discussing religions of the Middle East this week. You used different resources to complete the graphic organizer on religions.

Bell Questions:

8-26:  What is monotheism?

8-27: Jesus is the son of God is a main belief that distinguishes the _______ faith from ______ and ______.

8-28: What kind of economic activity do the Bedouins do to make a living?

August 25th

Math: We finished the computation challenges. We checked page 52 using I-respond and then your homework was based on your score. The class activity was the Traffic Analysis.

Most of you had time to finish the Traffic Analysis and start on your homework.

Hwk: page 53-54  numbers are based on your guided practice.

There will be a graded questions on Multiplication tomorrow Wednesday 8-26.

There will be a quiz on Multiplication and division Friday 8-28.

Bell Questions:

  • 1. Sheldon was doing a science experiment about temperature. He first measured the temperature of some water and found it was 17°C. Then he put the water in the freezer and recorded the temperature two hours later. It had fallen to -11°C. What was the change in temperature in two hours?
  • 2.)   5(3.5) – 27.8 =

Social Studies: We entered the graded questions into I-respond so that you could see your results. We watched a video clip on the Saudi Arabia oil rig. Following with a discussion using information from the article Oil a Curse or a Blessing.

The video clip on the Saudi Arabia oil can be found on the Middle East resources page.

Bell Question:  How does OPEC control the price of oil in the world market?

Monday August 24th

Math: We started discussing multiplying and dividing integers today. We did so by investigating the real world links on pages 49 and 59. We determined the rule and completed the graphic organizer that should be in your composition book. You can find the organizer under the pages to the side.

We then reviewed last weeks skills challenge #5 and took this weeks challenge #7.

Hwk: page 52 and 62 guided practice.

Bell Question:

  • 1. At a game last season, Sonny ran the ball for an 85 yard touchdown. There was a penalty on the 20 yard line bringing the ball back. The penalty was a loss of 10 yards. How many total yards did the penalty cost the team? (the loss of yards is from the penalty spot not the line of scrimmage.)
  • 2. (8/15) – (1/6) =

Social Studies: We started to day by completing follow up questions to the Oil Distribution map activity. You completed these on your own and the we discussed the answers. You then took the water and oil quiz.

Bell Question: Which countries are a part of the organization OPEC?

August 21st

Math: We reviewed our Bell Questions today with partners to make sure you had the correct answers. We then discussed any problems you were still unclear about. We then completed page 44 Mid-Chapter check for a grade.

Hwk: page 49 and 59 Real Work links.

Bell Questions:

  • 1. Wendy borrows $80 from her mother so she can buy some new clothes. She babysits twice the next week and earns $22 each time. She is then given $15 as a gift. Does she have enough money to pay her mother back. How much does she have left or does she still owe?
  • 2. (-12) – 3=

Social Studies:  We finished the 3-d oil distribution maps. We will analyze these maps on Monday. We pushed the graded questions on oil and water until Monday as well. The maps took longer than I projected and I wanted you to finish these without having to rush through the map or the graded questions.

Hwk: Article on  Oil: A Blessing and a Curse for the Middle East. You are to read the article, create a t-chart on the pros and cons of having oil, and then write a claim statement. The claim statement should be your stand on whether oil is a blessing or a curse. You need to be able to support your claim.

Bell Question: Why does the organization of OPEC play a powerful role in the world economy today?


Thursday August 20th

As I listen to parents leaving the building. I would like to say that I enjoyed seeing all that I saw this evening. I hope they now have insight into our class and can help you have a successful year.

Math: We continued to work with adding and subtracting integers today by completing the “Problem Trail”

We will be taking a grade on adding and subtracting tomorrow. We will also starting multiplying and dividing integers tomorrow.

Bell Questions:

  • 1. The Falcons lose 3 yards on one play and then lose 6 yards on the next play. Use integer addition to find the team’s total yardage.
  • 2.   2 ¾   + 2/5 =

Social Studies: We continued to work on our Oil Distribution tasks today. Once you finished your research you started creating your 3-d maps. You can find this task under the Middle East Resources under pages on the side. We will finish these maps tomorrow.

Bell Question: Those countries with ________ are much richer than those countries that have not found _________ in their territory.

August 19th

Don’t forget open house for 7th and 8th grade is Thursday starting at 6pm.


Math: You should have finished your subtraction triangle puzzle. If you did not you need to make sure you come with it finished for tomorrow.

Homework: Odds for the subtraction practice sheet. Subtracting Integers practice

There will be a grade taken on adding and subtracting on Friday 8-21.

Bell Questions:

  • 1. The temperature decreased 15°F in 6 hours. The final temperature was -10°F. Use integer addition to find the starting temperature.
  • 2.   4(10.6) – 54.7

Social Studies: In your assigned pairs you researched oil reserves, production and consummation. You will find this activity sheet under Middle East resources under pages. Some of you were able to start the second task for this activity. Everyone will work on task two tomorrow.

Bell Question: Which countries in the region are the most oil rich? Give the top 5 

There will be a grade taken on water and oil on Friday 8-21.

Tuesday August 18th

Math: We continued to work with subtracting integers. We reviewed the homework from last night and clarified any struggles. We then worked on the triangle puzzle for subtraction. We will finish these puzzles tomorrow.

There will be a grade taken on Thursday over adding and subtracting integers.

Bell Questions:

  • 1. A scuba diver is 65 feet below sea level while a helicopter is 100 feet above sea level. How far above the scuba diver is the helicopter?
  • 2.       3(5.2) – 20.7=

If you are still struggling with the skills challenges you need to make sure you are practicing your skills. There are webpages under the “Math Resources” link on the side.

Social Studies: We started discussing oil today. We did so by first discussing and learning what and where crude oil comes from.

We then read and completed a notes graphic organizer you will find this organizer under Middle East resources on the side.

Bell Question: The largest source of oil in the world is the region bordering what body of water?

Remember there will be a bell question assessment at the end of the unit so you want to make sure you are writing them down and finding the answer everyday.

Monday August 17th

Open house for 7th grade is Thursday 8-20 starting at 6pm. I hope to see your parents!

Math: Today we completed the Guided practice on page 34 for subtracting integers. Your score determined your homework for today. We then reviewed Skills Challenge #3 again our focus is on improving your ability to use fractions and decimals. We completed Skills Challenge #5 today.

Hw:    Page 35-36 based on your score from the guided practice page 34.

5 correct: 14-21

3-4 correct: 1-13 odd 14-19, 21

Less than 3: 1-13, 15, 17-19, 21

Bell Questions: 

  • 1. The temperatures during a 5-day period in winter were   4°F, -2°F, 2°F, -7°F, and 13°F. What was the average (mean) temperature over the five day period?
  • 2.) (2/9)(3/4)

Social Studies: We continued to discuss water today. Attached you will find the discussion questions for today. You used your notes on water to complete these questions. Then you discussed in small groups and as a large class. We also watched video news clips on water in the region. You can find these clips under Social Studies Resources on the side.

Bell Question: Tigris and Euphrates deposit fertile silt when they flood enriching the soil in which two countries?

There will be a help session in the morning Tuesday 8-18  starting at 8:05 to review the map assessment and relearn the information. If you did not do well on the map assessment I would recommend that you come in for additional help.


Happy Fun Friday!

We had our first Hawk time today. It was a nice way to end week two, I hope you enjoyed it.

Math: Today in class we discovered the rule for subtracting integers we then practiced subtracting integers. We will continue to work with subtraction Monday.  We will then practice adding and subtraction. Next week we will learn multiplying and dividing integers as well.

Bell Questions:

  • 1. Chris borrowed $80 from his brother after working for his father 2 times he earned $15 each time. He was then given $10 as a gift. Does Chris have enough money to pay back his brother? If not how much does he still owe?
  • 2.) 8/22 – 4/11

Social Studies: We finished discussing and taking notes on the articles for water. The articles are attached in case you need to go back and review the information. MOVING IT AROUND    Water war1      WATER WARS

We will continue to discuss environmental issues next. We will finish water and learn how oil impacts the region.

Bell Question: The Gaza Strip is within which country?