Sept. 30th

Math: Today we paired shared the your Bell Questions and then worked several as a class. We 2nd and 3rd completed a skills check.  1st period will complete it tomorrow after testing if there is time.

Bell Questions:

›1. Thomas buys school lunch every day of the week for $2.30. He also buys a drink each day. Using distributive write an expression and simplify.

››2.) s-6/(-4) if   s = 22

Social Studies: We completed the graphic organizer for notes on the Ottoman Empire. We used all of our pervious notes as well as two new sources to complete the organizer. You can find these resources and organizer under pages.

There will be a grade taken on the Ottoman Empire tomorrow.

Bell Question: Israel was created in the country formerly known as _________.



Sept. 29th

Math: We continued to work with simplifying and combining expressions by learning and using the distributive property.

Hwk: Try These numbers 6-8 and Combining Like Terms   distriputive and simplifying practice

Bell Questions:

›1. number 35 page 170

›2.) e2 – 2/3   if e = 2/3

Social Studies: We continued to learn about the Ottoman Empire and how it rise and fall impact the region. We did so by completing the analysis of the maps and notes. See attached ottoman-empire-maps ottoman-empire-map-questions-for-pp

Bell Questions: What city was the center of the ottoman government?

Sept. 28th

I hope that you all enjoyed your break. For me it was good to see you all and be back in a routine today.

Math: We started combining like terms. We took notes and then worked examples. You are to complete numbers 1-5 on Try These ws.  Combining Like Terms notes the previous link includes both notes and the Try these problems.

You also took Computation challenge #13.

Bell question:

›1. The door width is 3 feet less then the height if the height is 7 feet 5 inches how wide is the door?

›2.     3(7.2) – 2 + 3.6

Social Studies: We continued to discuss the Ottoman Empire by making inferences about the Ottoman seal. We also analyzed the maps of the Ottoman Empire. We then did the Breaking Up is Hard Simulation to discuss what happened to the Ottoman Empire and the ethnic groups that were a part of the Empire.

Bell Question: What two countries took control of the land that was formerly the ottoman empire after WWI?


Sept. 17th – Constitution Day!

I hope that you all have learned something about our the document that is the basis of our government the Constitution. It is the supreme law of our land is one of the reasons we are a great country. I enjoyed seeing all the red white and blue today!

Math: We continued to work on translating and evaluating expressions. We will take a grade tomorrow on these concepts.

hwk: Evaluating practice: evaluating practice 1-10

Bell Question:

›1. If w/30 is used to find the number of quarts of blood in a person’s body. Where w is the person’s weight, how many quarts of blood does a 210 pound person have?

›2.) -3 squared minus 4


Social Studies:

6th: We watched an interview with President Obama on Constitution day. We then had a good discussion about the Constitution and our government.

7th period: You worked on your KIM chart for the Middle East using Mr. Rhodes’ Quizlet. rrhode10

We will have our discussion on the Constitution and our government tomorrow.

Bell Question: The Ottoman Empire grew fast helping to spread which religion?


Sept. 16th

Tomorrow is Patriotic day! I look forward to seeing everyone in red, white, and blue.

Math: Today we continued to work with translating expressions. Then we started evaluating expressions. Remember your first step is to substitute the value of the variable for the variable.

Hwk: page 167-168

Bell Question:

›1. David wants to buy a watch that cost $150. He already saved $25 and plans to save an additional $10 each week. Write an expression that represents the total amount of money David has saved after any number of weeks.

› 2.) 3 2/6 divided by – 1/3 =

The first grade for unit 2 will be on Friday over translating and evaluating.


Social Studies: We were in the computer lab today completing the Career Cruising activities. Have a discussion with your parents about what you learned about yourself!



Tuesday 9-15

Tomorrow is Tie Die day!!! Keep the spirit going!!!

Math: Today we started really working with unit 2 content. We glued organizers into our composition books so that you have notes to refer back to while you are working. We then discussed and took notes on the difference between numerical expressions and algebraic expressions. We then started translating words into expressions.

Hwk: Finish the translation sheet. translating algrebraic expression guided notes with power point

Bell Questions:

›1. It cost $20 per day to rent a car. If the total cost of the car was

›$140. Write and solve the algebraic expression for this situation.

› 2.)   -4/5 divided by 5/6 =


Social Studies: We learned about the Ottoman Empire today their videos and maps. We discussed and took notes on what we learned from the videos. You can find links to these videos under the  pages section.

Bell Question: Turkey was the country where the ___________ Empire began.


Monday 9-14

Spirit week is this week. I loved seeing all the red in 7th grade. Tomorrow is twin day. If you don’t have a twin some of us are dressing minion t-shirts jeans and black shoes if you want to have there be minions all over the building!


Math: We finished unit 1 last week and are starting unit 2. Today we reviewed the computation challenge #9 and took comp challenge #11. You then took the pre-test for unit 2. Unit two is about expressions and equations. We will continue to use integers so you can’t not learn and dump what you learned in the last unit.

Bell Question:

›1. It is about 460 miles to drive to Walt Disney World by car. If Susan and Samantha are 2/3 of the way there how far have they traveled?

› 2.)   5/3 + 3 ¼ =


Social Studies: Friday you watched a video about artifacts found in the debris of the Twin Towers after the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. I it helped you realize the significance of the day. Today we watched a video in which a U.S. report goes into Arab areas to learn the Arab viewpoint behind the attacks. There are always two sides to historical events. How history is told is usually from one of the viewpoints and rarely takes on the account of both viewpoints.

Bell Question: Radical _______ were responsible for the attack on __________ on September 11, 2001.


Wednesday Sept. 8th

Math: We revisited the unit 1 assessment today. Those of you that did not score an 80 or higher received a re-practice sheet. You will take a second assessment tomorrow Thursday. The practice sheet is a grade so make sure you have it to turn in tomorrow.    Remediation Packer (Unit # 1) 2015

Those who earn an 80 or higher has a choice of whether or not you want to take the second assessment. If you are not taking the second assessment you will be working on a weather task that will be a grade.

Social Studies: We reviewed the geography of the Middle East information by completing the gallery walk questions. You took the Bell Question assessment. The final assessment for geography is tomorrow. SouthwestAsiasGeographyGalleryWalkTaskCards



Tuesday Sept. 8th

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.

Math: Today you entered your answers into I-respond for the unit 1 multiple choice assessment. You were able to go back in once you saw your score to revisit the problems. You also continued to work on the constructive responses. Both of these will be for a grade.


Social Studies: We continued to review today by either working on the Gallery walk questions or the GPS organizer.

Bell questions assessment is Wednesday 9-9

Final assessment for Geography is Thursday 9-10.

Bell Question: The majority of the people in SWA are members of which ethnic group?



Sept. 2nd

Math: We pair shared out Bell questions again today.  unit 1 integers  We have now done this 3 times with 3 different people. We then reviewed the converting fractions to decimals homework Repeater vs. Terminator.

You were given time in class to work on your study guide for unit 1.

Bell Question assessment will be tomorrow.

Unit 1 final assessment will be Friday.

Bell Question:

  • 1. Tonia’s dog gained 6 lbs one month, lost 3 lbs, consecutively for the next 3 months. Write an expression to show his weight gain and loss. How many pounds did the dog lose or gain?
  • 2.)   3 ¾ + 5 ½=

Social studies: We paired shared our bell questions to make sure you had them all and that they were correct.  You then used different resources to complete the ethnic group organizer learning about the Arabs, Kurds, and Persians. You will find power-points under the Middle East resources and then ethnic groups.

The bell question assessment will be Tuesday 9-8.

The final assessment for Geography of the Middle East will be Wednesday 9-9.

Bell Question: What kind of economic activity do the Bedouins do to make a living?