Nov. 30th

Math: We continued to work with unit rates and real world situations. Completing the Feeding Frenzy and Unit Rate application work.

feedingfrenzy     Applying the Unit Rate Approach

Bell Question:

1. Kroger has a sale on cream cheese 4 for $5. What is the unit price?

2.   3(2.5) + 2x = 22.50

Social Studies: We finished the rotations work on the Governments of the Middle East. You then worked on your comprehension questions.  These will be graded tomorrow. You can find resources under the pages and Governments.

Bell Question: Which type of government (autocracy, oligarchy, or democracy) do Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Israel each have?


Nov. 19th

Math: We worked on Best Buys with unit rates as well as complex fractions  you then took the skill check for unit rates and best buys. Most of you did well on this check!!

Bell Question:

›1.Cokes are on sale three 12 packs for $10. What would be the unit rate for one 12 pack?

›2.   10x -5 = -35


Social Studies: We continued to work on the government station work.

If you did not turn in your “Saudi Arabia Reforms” article summary it is due tomorrow. If you are in 6th period remember to put it in the “in” box sometime tomorrow.

Bell Question:  Which type of government as power is divided between one central and several regional (local) authorities?

Friday 2-5

I posted on Friday, however for some reason it did not update. I am not sure why I continue to have this problem.

Math: We reviewed rates and unit rates today. We then learned about complex fractions. Remember you divide the fractions.

Hwk: page 361-363 1- 9, 25 and 26

Bell Question:

1. ›Tracy has 1400 emails in her account. She can delete 50 emails at a time. How many times will she have to delete before all of her emails are deleted.

›2.   (2/3) divided by 4


Social Studies: We started working in stations today. These stations will help you better understand the governments of Israel, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. If you didn’t finish the station you worked on today you need to finish it for homework. You can find the resources for these stations under pages and governments.

Bell question: What type of government voluntary association of independent states that delegate a few powers to the central authority, usually don’t last long?


Nov. 12th

Math: We finished the placemat problems today that will be a grade. You then started the quiz for inequalities.

Social Studies: You practiced the hand motions for the different types of government relearning how the motion represents type of government.

You then completed the KIM chart for government.

Bell Question: Which type of democracy is the head of the government elected by the people?

Our first all day cultural extension will be next Friday. We are looking for volunteers to help with crafts and serving food. See the sign-up genius below.

Math: We reviewed the homework practice from last night. Reviewing how to set up word problem. You then completed a skills check for inequalities.

I have moved the quiz to Thursday.

Homework: Word problem practice. Problem solving 2 step inequalities worksheet (MH)

Social studies: We took the pre-assessment for governments today.  We then learned about ancient writing and amulets. You created your amulets with clay.

We will be having our first all day cultural extension next Friday. Below is a sign-up genius for volunteers. Ask your mom or dad if they would like to come in to help with our Middle Eastern day.


Nov. 9th

Math: We continued to work with inequalities today. You received another set of notes for two step inequalities as well as writing inequalities from words. We also reviewed computation challenge # 15 and #17.  You completed computation challenge #19.

The quiz on inequalities will be on Wednesday 11-11.


  • Page 327 Real world Link page 331 -333 #5 ,15 and 22
  • practice sheet choose 6 problems

Social Studies: You wrote your responses for the written portion of the History assessment.


Nov. 6th

Math: We continued to discuss inequalities creating a flip book with key words to identify each inequality.

Hwk: choose 5 on each side of the inequality in words practice sheet. writing-simple-inequalities


Social Studies: You took the multiple choice final assessment for the History of the Middle East. You started to work on the written response for the history of the Middle East unit.


Nov. 5th

Math: We continued to work with inequalities today. We do so by determining the how tall fictional people as well as your group members.

Hw: You are to write 5 inequality statements about the basketball players from the activity.

Bell Question:

›1. Write the following as a numerical expression:

›The bus can seat at most 58 people.

›2.)       6 – 2/3 =

Social Studies: We reviewed today by completing the Where in the Hall review (002).

You were also given the study guide for unit 2. You had about 20 minutes in class to work on these study guides. Unit 2 Middle East History Study Guide


Written Response Question Hint for Unit 2 Final Assessment:

You will have to write a response to one of the following questions

1) How has the creation of the modern country of Israel caused additional conflict in the Middle East?

2) Explain how the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire has created a lot of the conflict we see in the Middle East today.

3) How is religion related to some of the modern conflict in the Middle East.

Nov. 4th

Math: We watched a Brain Pop on solving and graphing inequalities. We then took notes on how to solve two step inequalities. You were also given a notes sheet on solving two step inequalities. This page can be found under Unit 2 resources.

Bell Question:

1. Mr. Rhodes wants to have a canvas print made for his new house. He wants a picture split into 3 equal parts. The original picture is 10 ½ feet long. How long will each section be?

2. -6x + 3 = 26


Social Studies: You took the Bell Question assessment today. 7th period also finished the graded questions from yesterday.

100 point assessment for unit 2 History will be on Friday.


Nov. 3rd

Math:  You took the 100 pt. assessment on 2 step equations today. We will start inequalities tomorrow

Social Studies: You paired shared the bell questions for unit 2 today, making sure you had the correct answers to the questions. We then completed the graded questions for conflict in the middle east.

Bell question assessment Wednesday 11-4

Final assessment history Friday 11-6

Bell Question: Why was the PLO formed?