Monday 12-14

Math: You were supposed to turn in your shopping spree. These will be graded. If you did not turn it in you need to make sure it is turned in tomorrow.

We then discussed simple interest formula and scale drawings (factor) proportions.

Hw.: interest practice and page 524 and 525 for scale factors.

There will be a grade taken on percentages tomorrow Tuesday 12-15.

The final assessment for unit 3 will be on Thursday 12-17.

Bell Questions:

›1. Some of the science classes conducted an experiment with gummy bears. The original height was 2 cm. Alexis gummy bear would grow to 5 cm. What was the percent change of Alexis’s gummy bear.

›2. (2000)(3)(3.5%) =


Social Studies: We started by watching “Child of Africa” video on Felix who lives in Cameroon. You then completed the “What’s it like in Africa?” pros and cons organizer.

Bell Question:  Which country is located in the rainforest?

HW: finish “What’s it like in Africa” ws.

Hump Day!!

We have made it over the hump!

Math: We went to dinner with our friends today. You had to pick your dinners and determine the total cost of the bill with tax and tips.

Don’t forget you will need your current grades for class tomorrow.

Bell Questions:

›A book that costs $28 is on sale for 15% off. What is the sale price?

›2. (1000)(5)(.04) =


Social Studies: We started learning specifics about the Geography of Africa today. We watched an overview video and then you started working on your giant Africa maps. You will have an assessment on the political features on Friday 12-11, the physical features Tuesday 12-15, and the biomes Wednesday 12-16.

Bell Question: Lake _________ forms part of the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo?


Friday! 12-11

Math: You continued to work on your shopping spree. These are due on Monday when you walk through the door. You also had practice problems for Percentages. percentage word practice

There will be a skills check on Monday for percentages.

The final assessment for unit 3 will be Thursday 12-17.


Social Studies: You took the political features of Africa check. You then had time to work on your maps and the physical features questions.  Africa physical map questions

There will be a physical features check on Tuesday and a biome check on Wednesday of next week.



Thursday 12-10

Math: We started shopping today. We will continue to do this task for the next few days. You can find the instructions and resources under pages and unit 3 resources.

Bell Questions:

›A gaming system is on discounted 30%. If the tax rate is 6%, how much will a $400 gaming system cost?

›2.   ½ of $300 =


Social Studies: You continued to work on your maps of Africa. There will be a grade taken on tomorrow on the political features tomorrow.

Bell Questions:  Which river starts at Lake Victoria and flows into the Mediterranean?


In our final two weeks of the semester

We are almost finished with this semester. Keep working strong. These two weeks can hurt you if you shut down and don’t keep working.

Math: We were in the media center today taking the SMI assessment.  This score will give us  another indicator of your math level.

We will be moving into percentages and working on them for the remainder of the week.


Social Studies: You all took your quiz on economics. 7th period you reentered your Economic understanding questions.

We will be starting Africa tomorrow!!!!


Math: We continued to learn how to use graphs, equations and charts to find if the proportional relationships. You will find the notes for these pages under resources.

You are to complete the Ratios and Proportional Relationships worksheet for homework. GO – Constant of Proportionality


Social Studies: We discussed the different types of economies. You then entered your questions from yesterday onto a scantron to be graded. Once finished with the Economic Understanding questions you analyzed the economies of the Freedom reports for the countries in the Middle East. These as well as the grid on the economies need to be completed for Monday. You will have graded  questions on Monday.

As always see the tab under pages for resources.

Bell Question:  What is the barter systems?



Math: We continued to work with solving proportion.  Completing the guided reading on page 398. Your homework is based on how well you did on the guided reading. We discussed the different ways to solve number 4.

We then worked through how to graph proportions and set up equations. unit rate problem with equation graph and table

Hwk: page 399-400 based on your correct answers from guided practice.


Bell Questions:

›A medicine bottle indicates that the medicine should be administered ½ teaspoon for every 45 lbs. How much should be given for a 120 lb person.

›2.   (.25) 200 =


Social Studies: We started by playing Kahoot to determine what we know and what we still need to learn about economy.

You then finished making government quiz corrections or started working on the economies of the M.E. graphic organizer. You will continue to work on these Thursday and Friday.  We will have a grade on the economies on Monday.

Bell Question: : What is economics?